Fish Tank 43
Interview with Hoshino Hidehiko
Translation: Lola

How was "The Day in Question" this year?
It was good to be able to go to Sendai and Kobe this time.

Do any memories stand out from Sendai?
There was no trouble, but there wasn't any for Kobe or Budoukan either.

Was it cold in Sendai?
Was it cold? I didn't think so.

How was the concert hall in Sendai? Yuuta-san said it was like a mini Budoukan.
Yes, yes. It's been a long time since we've played there but it had the same feeling as a small Budoukan would. But it was fun playing there.

How was the sound?
The sound was a little tough. There was quite a bit of echo *bitter smile*.

Everyone was rather surprised with the opening this time, how did you find it? What was it like for you hearing the song in a large venue like that?
I'm not sure, it made me feel nostalgic for the past.

How was Kobe?
I think...Kobe went pretty well didn't it?

And Budoukan?
Budoukan too. Well there was...a bit of a problem with Budoukan but it wasn't that big a deal...

We're talking about the end of the year concerts today so you should probably say something about it...*bitter smile*
You're right I guess I should *laughs*.

How did you find the set list? Given that there were a lot of old songs...
Yes, there was.... There were old songs like 'J' and 'Sex for You'.

Did any song leave an impression on you?
I think because we played most of the old songs during the first half of the concert that's what sticks with me the most, seeing everyone's reaction to them.

Did you ever think that because it had been such a long time since you'd played them that it would be too hard to do and that you'd have to try to change the arrangements?
Yes I with 'J' I thought it'd really be too tough to do but then during rehearsals it went perfectly smoothly so I figured it's ok as it is.

'J' is all the way back from the time of 'TaBoo'...
It doesn't feel like it's been that long. It's been what...10 years since we played it? Or actually no, it's closer to 20 isn't it, how did that happen?! I have absolutely no memory of playing it before.

*smiles* My memories regarding 'J' are rather vague as well...
I don't think we played it actually. In Budoukan, you made use of the ceiling during the show...
It was pretty using images like that and since it was close I could see them.

Yes it was. You were able to see them well?
I saw them while I played.

I want to ask you what you did for your New Years Holiday but first, how did you celebrate the year's end?
How? Same as usual really.

What did you do for New Year's Eve?
New Year's Eve...? I watched the downtown TV for the countdown *smiles*.

Did you visit the shrine for the New Year?
I went to the shrine to ward off evil.

Ward off evil...did you have a bad year?

I see. So did you get your fortune for the New Year?
I did, I got something like...slightly good luck *smiles*. Could be worse.

Until when were you on vacation?
Basically just for New Years because we were working on songs since the beginning of the New Year so well, I don't know if it's considered vacation or not.

But if you hadn't decided to work on songs then you would have just stayed home as usual right? Is that why you decided may as well work then?
Yes yes. Well, and I had since I had songs done.

Since I'm covering what's going on during recording in the studio, what's on the schedule for today?
Today we're working on the vocal recording of...

One of your songs?
Yes that's right. That's what's up for today.

When you're recording, when the time comes for one of your songs are you very set on how you want it to be?
Yeah. Well, like I check the melody and then I try to see if the mood is right.

Since your songs were put on the demo without Sakurai-san's voice initially, when his voice is recorded for the song the difference must be extreme.

But since your voice is different on the demo than Sakurai-san's do you ever feel like he completely changed the image of the song?
You're asking if his voice changes the song where mine doesn't?

But I imagine Acchan's voice from the very beginning in the song so it doesn't matter, of course his voice changes it but it's ...not a big deal. I know his voice will make it sound different so it's really ok.

Except for the song being done today, most songs that were written last year have all been recorded right?
The songs that were ok'ed last year are done. The guitar parts are already finished too. It's just the vocals we have left.

At this point in time, what do you think the album will be like once you combine your songs with Imai-san's?
I wonder how the total picture will be! Well, I think it'll be simple, with an emphasis on band sound.

This album has many different images at play within it. When it comes out, what will the tour be like?
I think the tour will be very fun. That's the feeling the album gives me. Once again it will be something completely different from '13kai'. I think it's a fun album.

But there's still a while to wait isn't there?
Still awhile yes.

It's a little after the fact but let's talk about 'dropz'.
It's not that long after. It's only a year.

Yes but you've been speaking of it since the end of 2005...
I have?!

Last year, in 2006, sometime around New Years you said you had begun recording.
Oh. That's right I had gotten the ok to record at the beginning of the year. Then sometime around April I think? Kelli came.

And then it still took a year after recording.
It took a year after recording yeah *smiles*.

How do you feel about it now?
I'm glad it's finally done. I knew it would get done but still, I'm happy it did.

One year passed and even now I still listen to it in the car. Well, I think it's because conceptually it's not something I could get tired of listening to, that's why I wanted to do it, maybe I'll still be listening to it in ten years.

I know you said it's difficult to do a live with 'dropz' at this point in time but what are your plans for your next endeavour?
Next?! Nothing *smiles*. Nothing for now.

Lastly, for all those waiting for the new album this year will you please say a word or two.
I'm relieved to finally have finished dropz but I know it seems like a long wait until Buck-Tick's tour so we all have to try our best. Well, since we have a lot of things planned, it looks like it's shaping up to be a fun year.