Fish Tank 43
Interview with Imai Hisashi
Translation: Lola

How was "The Day in Question" 2006?
It was good. Well, I think it went smoothly.

In the previous interview you said you had trouble putting in songs for the live so how did you end up doing it?
I did what I could. So it's something like...more than just being able to perform well, it's about picking appropriate songs that have a degree of power. Well, generally.

You also had many old songs but you met with some resistance, were there problems with any song?
Which was it again...'Sex for You'...

So even though 'Sex for You' was on the set list you figured it wouldn't work and took it off?

So you keep taking songs off until the final set list remains?
Even if I always say it *smiles*. It's like, occasionally I like to be challenged you know.

Then why did you reject songs this time?
Hm? Because even if I have just a little bit of *tilts his head* hm? hm? then I don't put it in. The live itself doesn't have a particular theme but it has to be different from the others.

So I have to think it's good.

Next, I was surprised by the opening song.
Ah, that yeah. It's been many since we did it and we've never used it.

Whose idea was it to use 'Fragile Article'?
It was Sakurai-san's.

Sakurai-san's *smiles*? When you first heard it, what did you think?
Well at first I just thought that wow, it's been a long time. I can't believe how many years it's been.

What's wrong with that?
I'm not old!

*smiles* You've just become soft then?
Yes *smiles*.

How did the live itself go?
It's interesting every time. The mood was easy going because of the song line up so it was also a pretty relaxed performance. So I feel it went well.

How was your New Years Eve?
Pretty much the same as usual. I prepared end of the year food, people came over...Well people kept coming over until the 2nd or 3rd actually.

In the previous interview, because you were in the midst of writing songs you said you wouldn't have a New Years holiday but in the end were you able to have a restful holiday?
Well I wouldn't call it restful. But I was able to drink for about...three or four days.

What did you make this New Years?
Potato salad and chicken in...something like Nam plaa sauce.... It's kinda sour tasting.

That's Thai food?
Yes. Everything was Thai oriented. Well, maybe the food I made isn't a part of real Thai food *smiles*, actually.

You've really been addicted to Thai food recently haven't you?
Because I've really loved Thai food for a long time. Even when I go out to eat my first thought is, is there Thai food? But then I think ok, no, not today. I may have a great deal of choices for good Thai food but I have to think of what I can eat too.

Did you return to Gunma for New Years?
To my parent's home? No I didn't. I stayed home the who~le time.

Did you go to the shrine?
Shrine.....? Huh???

Uh, did you forget to go to the shrine for the New Year?
No, no no *laughs*. I the shrine but....

But what you were drunk?
No no. ....ah, yes yes. I went, I went.

Did you dream your first dream of the New Year?
My first dream? That, ah what was it again, I've forgotten now. But I remember thinking, 'Ah, so is this my first dream of the New Year?'.

You're usually the type of person to really pay attention to that sort of thing aren't you?
Pay attention yeah, well...I think about it, after I've had the dream. Like, oh yeah what I dreamt today was my first dream of the New Year. But then I end up forgetting what it is *laughs*.

So when did you begin work after New Years?
Work? January 7th, 8th....10th....

Wha? *laughs*
Roughly I think, I'm not sure *smiles*.

You said you didn't really have a New Years so did you find your break too short?
Yeah I was barely getting started.

Your friends came to drink for about three days and that was it?
Yeah, about three or four days. Four...maybe about five days.

It keeps stretching *smiles*.
Not if you compare to previous years.

Oh, yes, right.
But, really you know, I'm not trying to boast or anything but until 3 or 4 years ago I'd celebrate with people for the whole month of January.

You can go back to it because you're not actually boasting right?
Yeah *smiles*.

So you basically got back to work around the tenth then.
I was getting impatient. During the simulation, well, I thought the 7th was already late and I was already working on stuff on my computer in my work room at home. On the 7th I thought 'oh no, a week has passed already' then on the 10th I was freaking out over the two digit date like 'what? it's the second week? What the hell? The days are going too fast!' *smiles*. I think I was exhausted.

So when did you end up completing the first song for this year?
There were a lot of songs from last year that were in progress, so I finished those since they were already half done. I continued with those...because well, I could do them right away, so I did. Well I did what I could's all tentative at first because I'd forgotten if I had the go ahead for it or not. Like what I'm supposed to play on guitar. It's not like I can do the arrangement for all the parts without confirmation.

It's not good if I don't know that from the start.

Huh, are you saying you started all over then?
Yes *smiles*. You're probably thinking but that'd take so much time, right? But it didn't.

So you started doing the songs from square one again?
Yes. That's the excuse I'm always using now.

*smiles*. So about how many songs do you have done now?
Hm? One, two....*counting on his fingers*

*pulls out the demo tape to look*
You have it!

Well I have to have it if I'm going to interview you about it.
Uh, right right, show me *smiles*? *while checking it out* That's it, yeah. There are seven songs of mine. But that's only about half of them.

What? Half? *smiles* You're doing more?
Well, I get impatient.

When you were recording songs last year, you ended up changing the arrangement by New Years. I heard the re-recorded song but...
Aaah. Yes.

What happened?
My opinion of it changed after some time passed when I listened to it. I thought I could put a little more passion into it. You know it has to still be good enough when I listen to it now.

So if it's good now, then it's ok. *smiles*.
Yes. But even so when it comes to the drums...I'm not allowed to change anything even if it needs fixing.

At this point in time, with Hide-san's songs included, what kind of album do you think it will be?
If I had to say it in one word, Rock 'N Roll.

With a lot of variety.
Well, yeah...there is a lot of variation within it.

So how many songs are left to do roughly?
About five or six I guess.

You just surprised all the staff around us *smiles*. So it looks like the album will be completed soon.
Does it?

Won't it? Ok, well then when the album comes out, what kind of tour do you think it will be?
Hm? I don't know yet. Bu~t, because the mood is will be very different when compared to the previous tour for '13 kai'. It will definitely be a contrasting tour... That's the image I have anyway. If '13 kai~' was abstract then this tour will be concrete. So, it will be completely different.

Well, the songs are all completely different after all.

Ah.... The other day, when I was interviewing Sakurai-san he gave me the impression that you'd write lyrics.

Did something make you want to write lyrics?
Yes. I had given him a song and about only two days had passed. Then I started to think about the image I wanted for the lyrics and Acchan hadn't written them anyway yet so I thought maybe I should. So, I wrote them and emailed him to tell him and he answered, 'Ok'. Then after a little bit wrote again saying, 'Well actually I've already written lyrics're going to?'. So there was a bit of confusion right.

So Sakurai-san told you he had written lyrics?

Then, whose lyrics are used in the end?
Uh, mine. I thought it'd be best to try mine. Because then if I didn't write them, then maybe it wouldn't fit.

Were you aware that this year is the 20th anniversary of your major debut?
Huh? It's our 20th anniversary again?

In 2004, it was the 20th anniversary of the forming of B-T, this year is the 20th anniversary of your major debut.
But do you have to say it all the time? 20th anniversary. It feels like I've been hearing that for five or six years.

No no, I haven't been saying it for that long *laughs*.
But no, I wasn't aware of it. Why?

But it doesn't seem like you're that busy this year.
I'm doing a lot!

Well you haven't spoken about what you're busy doing yet so how am I supposed to know?
Ah ah ah, there is stuff you know. Ok, first people will be a little surprised by the songs but...because we have a good plan, I think those who would be happy with it normally are going to be extremely delighted with it. Well, it's quite a surprising concept you know. I think it's ok for me to say that now.

No, see you still haven't said anything really *smiles*.
But it's what I'm not saying that's interesting isn't it? I wonder when I'll say something. I'm always leaving things unsaid *smiles*.

Well, we're looking forward to what will come. So, finally will you say something to those who are awaiting the next album and tour?
Buck-Tick is in the process of working on a rock 'n roll album so, I want you all to have great expectations.