Fish Tank 43: Q1


You are a circus ringmaster. There are many different animals in the circus: which animal would you choose not to show in the ring and why?

Sakurai: Lions......because the males are lazy and the females restless.
Imai: Squirrels......cause they're small, you let them go and they'll run everywhere, they'll be impossible to catch.
Hoshino: Elephants......because they eat too much.
Higuchi: A sloth......cause it doesn't really do anything.
Yagami: Crows......they're inauspicious, don't like people and lay waste to your garbage.
Yokoyama: Mice......they're tiny, twitchy and fast.


This test will uncover what kind of image you think that you have.

Sakurai: That's right!! I~ am the entertainment here *laugh*.
Higuchi: I never do anything, me? *laugh* Really!?
Yagami: Me, a crow!? Then it's because that was my nickname in senior high *laugh*!
Imai & Yokoyama: *burst out laughing* No way~.
Imai: I don't get it. Where would I run to? *laugh*
Yokoyama: I was told this a lot as a kid. You're twitchy. I had it written on my report card.
Imai: But Yoko-chan, you don't have a twitchy image.
Yokoyama: That's cause I was straightened out good.
FT: By the way, Hide-san answered 'elephant'.
Imai: Oh, this time I had a feeling Hide might say that.
FT: And what's more, his reason was that they eat too much.
Imai: Aa, Hide, that's cause he'll eat twice as many bento as everyone else you know *laugh*.

Fish Tank 43: Q2


You get a phone call in the middle of the night. It's midnight, the dead of the night when suddenly the phone rings. Who is it that's calling?

A. Your lover
B. Your party buddy
C. A stalker

Yokoyama: Imai-san!!......Imai-san, what are you? Perhaps B? Or maybe a stalker?
Imai: A stalker *laugh*.
FT: What???
Yokoyama: Imai-san has my phone bugged *laugh*. He's always calling me in the middle of the night.
Imai: And I give him weird plushes *laugh*.

Sakurai: C   Imai: B   Hoshino: A   Higuchi: B   Yagami: B   Yokoyama: B


This quiz will uncover what it is you are currently lacking.

A. If you chose "your lover" the thing you are lacking Even if you have a lover you still feel unsatisfied and insecure, don't you. You seem to be seeking a true love that will fill the gaps in your heart.
Hoshino: Huh? That's not the case~ *laugh*
B. If you chose "your party buddy" the thing you are lacking is......thrills. Even though you think that it's thoughtless to call someone in the middle of the night to invite them out, you'll still find it a bit exciting, won't you. Looks like deep in your heart you've always felt that you were seeking a thrill and someone to party with at night.
Higuchi: Huuuh. This is acceptable....
Yagami: Ah, thrills....... Well, right now we're both recording and rehearsing so I can't be drinking heavily and I can't really accept my friends' invitations to go drinking. So parts of this might be accurate.
C. If you chose "a stalker" the thing you are lacking is......attraction. Even though you're scared of being followed by stalker, you keep wondering if there are people who think of you that much. However, you seem to doubt your own attractiveness.
Sakurai: Hmmm. Yes, I am not attractive. Aaa, that's right!!
FT: *laugh*

Fish Tank 43: Q3


You decided to catch a cab and so now you're standing in the street. After a while a taxi finally comes and you signal to the driver to stop. However, the taxi simply drives past you, even though you saw it had a "vacant" sign. So go ahead, say a word to the leaving taxi.

Sakurai: Loser!! Baldie! I'll call the taxi center!!
Imai: The hell... See ya.
Hoshino: Good grief. (to himself) Which center was it from...? (tries to recall the center)
Higuchi: I wouldn't say anything, just give him the finger. Because saying anything would be unpleasant.
Yagami: I'll call the taxi consumer center and get him fired!! Bastard~
Yokoyama: (clicks his tongue) that's how it is.


This was a test to uncover you reaction to the loss of someone precious. It's the word you'd utter if your lover was leaving you.

Sakurai: *bursts out laughing* I'd call them baldie *laugh*.
Higuchi: No way~. I'd give them the finger!? That's horrible.
Yagami: I'd tell them I'll get them fired!? *laughs* Eh, that's because it was a taxi *laugh*.
Imai: This from a taxi? That's completely different you know.
Yokoyama: I'm all cool.
Imai: Just admit it, you anticipated the answer before giving yours.
Yokoyama: No, not at all.
Imai: " that's how it is," what's that about? Huh huh huh?
Imai & Yokoyama: *laugh*

Translated by: W_B