Fish Tank 43
Interview with Yagami Toll
Translation: Lola

How was "The Day in Question" this year?
My shadow looked pretty cool since I'd been practicing in secret *smiles*.

And that means?
That I practiced in secret.

Aaaah! I get it you're talking about your physical form? From around when were you practicing?
About the end of November.

Did it have results?
I only did it a little bit so it's not like it was completely different *laughs*. But it was good enough.

So you felt the result during the live?

Was what you were practicing a secret?
Hm? Well, I did a little running. See, if I run of course the result will be different after. After all I'm over forty, so I can't do lives like I used to and during the last one I was straining you know. It was like my body was slipping but it wasn't like that this time around. I still had energy at the end.

That's great.

So do you think you'll continue doing that?
No, because nowadays we're always in rehearsals so I can't. So now that I can't train I'm a little uneasy for the next shows *smiles*.

But it's a good habit to have.
Yeah it is.

Were there any songs that you hadn't played in a long time that gave you trouble for the live?
Of course, but we don't play those...

For example, which ones didn't you play for that reason?
Schiz.o Gensou, Misshitsu, Check up...those ones.

What about 'J' and 'Sex For You'?
Um those, it's funny but even though they're old I remember them really well. But the problem was that we wanted more recent songs for the set list...

A little more recent...?
Yes yes yes, like ones that were maybe five or six years old so because of that we didn't put the older ones *smiles*.

During the Budoukan live a lot of images were used for the show but were you able to see them?
Ah, yeah I could see the ones on the ceiling a little.

During the performance of 'Jupiter' there were flames, was it hot?
Ah, yeah. But it's ok.

For the opening this time 'Fragile Article' played, when you heard it playing what was your impression?
We've never done that song before, I didn't even hear it during rehearsals. So when I heard it, I remembered when I was doing the sound recording for 'Seventh Heaven'. I was busy around then, oddly. And during 'Seventh Heaven' I was working with Soft Ballet's Morioka-chan.

He was our manipulator and he also played keyboard for us.

Huh? Is that so?
Yes. Soft Ballet hadn't formed yet. So he was still a studio musician around then.

Yes. So for 'Fragile Article', Morioka-chan did the chorus with me. You know the 'Lan la la laan~' part *smiles*.

Are you saying Morioka-san's also singing those La la la parts?
Yes. He is *smiles*. At the time he was Tanaka's, the director of Victor, most prized prodigy, he was praised as the best manipulator and that's how Morioka-chan came to work with us.

Is that so. So you've known him since then.
Yeah yeah. So that's what it made me think of.

How was the live itself?
There was no trouble really but I didn't really like...the sound of the monitor in Budoukan you know.

But you play every year in haven't gotten used to it?
I have but maybe it's just not the best place for monitoring.

How did you spend the end of the year?
After Budoukan I'm usually on vacation. So I go home.

Did you return to your parent's home?
For New Years yeah. I was there for one night, two days *smiles*. Well really like two nights I guess. But only one night where I don't really spend time with friends.

How was your New Year's Eve?
I didn't really do anything, just ate soba *smiles*.

Did you go to the shrine?
I didn't.

Don't you usually go every year?
Recently I haven't been. But I used to go often in previous years.

Until when were you on vacation?
Until the 7th. Because we started rehearsals on the 8th.

You had already started recording last year but now how do you feel about it?
Even though we recorded in November we had to redo one song.

I was told that was Imai-san's song.
Yes, Imai...was convinced the arrangement of the song wasn't right so that's why we had to re-record it *smiles*.

How's the recording going?
Quite good......but I also feel that maybe we concentrated too much on the rehearsals *smiles*.

Rehearsals can take up a lot of time.
I think it takes too much.

That said, recording is going pretty smoothly.
No, it doesn't seem that way does it? *laughs* Because the circumstances are different for rehearsals and recording how can I say that. The sound is different, the sound quality is better....but it's hard, for the drums *smiles*. Well, now when I listen to the songs, I find they have an amazing rock feel to them so they're different from '13 kai~'. Because of that I can feel the tension rising in the music you know, like an adrenaline rush *smiles*.

At this point in time, what kind of album do you think it will be?
Mm. I haven't listened to the songs with Acchan's vocals yet so it's hard to say. But I think Imai's going for a rock concept. So we won't be dubbed as goths anymore *laughs*.

Certainly. I know you don't have the album in hand yet but what do you think it will be like for the tour?
We'll be in high spirits!!

Ok, lastly could you give a message to all those waiting for the next album and tour?
Right now we're busy with recording and rehearsals. But once we're done I think the live will be something different from '13 kai's~' atmosphere, it'll be a happy live so by all means please do your best to come see us.