Fish Tank 43
Interview with Higuchi Yutaka
Translation: Lola

How was "The Day in Question" this year?
It was fun. We had a lot of ballad like songs this time so once again it was a different show.

When that old song first played for the opening with the 'Lan la la laan~' everyone was so surprised.
Uh huh.

So how was it that you came to use 'Fragile Article' for the opening?
Mm, well we thought it'd be fun you know. Since usually we just use the same song every year. (1)

B-T's theme.
Yeah. And that's good, I thought we'd use it again this year but using 'Fragile Article' turned out to be fun too.

Did you use the original version of the song?
Mm, yes. But we changed the scale.

Really? I guess to hear it on a grander scale.
It's better that way *smiles*.

You never really played that song in the past either did you?
Huh? Didn't we play it during the 'Seventh Heaven Tour'? I can't remember....

My memory's a little vague from that time...
Mine's not great either *laughs*.

What memories are you left with after the show in Sendai?
It had been such a long time you know, since we played in the Sun Plaza. It felt like a small Budoukan.

Is the structure similar?
Yeah. They're both circular. But I think the sound is better in Sendai.

How did the fans react?
I wondered how they'd like it since we were doing a lot of ballads but in the end everyone was happy so I'm glad.

How was Kobe?
Kobe was also really amazing. It felt great to be there.

It had been a long time since you'd performed there so did you have any technical difficulties with any of the songs?
Hmm? Not really, no. But we did have problems when we were in Budoukan. Like trying to play 'Check-Up' after so many years.

'J' and 'Sex for You' also sounded a little off...
But 'Sex for You' was really good I think.

No, it wasn't done right.

During rehearsals it was on the list but then when you were still in the rehearsal stage it was rejected among many others(2).
Ah, I see, that's what you mean.

How was the live in Budoukan?
Budoukan was all about using a lot of images.

You can only really do that sort of thing in Budoukan right.

Did something leave an impression?
This time we had many encores. Since we didn't have many lives this year, I thought it was something new we should do and it was fun too.

After the show at Budoukan, how did you spend the end of the year?
I was on vacation I think. But since we still had recording rehearsals to do I didn't really feel like I was on vacation.

Were you able to get any rest? From the year's end to its beginning?
Yeah. Even though I didn't return home. Actually maybe it was a little restless in the end.

What did you do New Year's Eve?
Every year for New Year's Eve I go to a party at a friend's house. And I eat New Year's food.

Did you go to a shrine?
I didn't go to the shrine either. I didn't go last year either so I didn't think it mattered. In the past I used to go with a lot of friends to the Meiji Shrine. But I'd never get to the place where you offer money...and prayers because on the way there the space is filled with food carts so I'd stay there and drink sake then go home *laughs*.

Going all the way to the shrine and not even paying homage when you're there looks kinda bad doesn't it *laughs*.
Yes exactly *laughs*.

Until when were you on vacation for New Year's?
Until the seventh I think. It was peaceful until then.

Did you do anything traditionally New Years-ish?
Hm? I didn't, no *smiles*. I went to a get together for a friend's birthday though. That was a bit difficult. Because when I went to go buy the birthday gift there was a sale going on so the stores were crowded.

Ah, the New Years sales yeah. So, were you able to buy anything?
Yeah, but I had to act fast *laughs*. I was wondering why there were so many people in the stores. I really thought that since it was New Years the stores would be empty.

I'd think the same *laughs*.
I went by car but at first I couldn't even get parking because the parking lot was full even though it's really wide.

It's difficult to imagine having to get up so early for New Years just to get parking.
Yes, exactly.

What did you do when you began work in the new year?
We were in rehearsal *bitter smile*.

*smiles* Sorry, I know you told me already. In regards to the recording, what is the main thing you have to do?
But it's always the same thing. You have to remember the song, then you have to play with the arrangement a little, things like that.

When you began songs in the new year, there were already some songs done. What new songs were you given on the demo tape?
Yeah, I was given a tape with three new songs.

How many hours do you rehearse in one day?
About four hours I think. Anii and Asami (a roadie) and I work together. Then, the recording begins. This time we had to re-record one song though because the arrangement changed.

It was a song that was recorded last year and then was changed over New Year's?

How were you informed of this?
Yesterday Imai-kun came up to me and said 'it sucks' *laughs*. But up till now he's never done anything like that so it's ok.

What feeling are you getting for the next album?
Amazingly simple. And melodious.

I know you're still in the first half of recording but what do you think the tour will be like for this album?
I have the feeling that it will be really easy to blend our old songs with the new for this one. It's still a bit early to say but I think it'll be a fun tour.

Since you began recording for this album last year, do you think you could maybe give us a little hint as to...when it's coming out...?
You want to know when it'll be done? Uh...when indeed? I want to know too! *laughs*

So lastly, will you please give a message for all those who await the new album and tour?
I think it will be very different from how we approached '13 kai~' but it will be fun to listen to so please wait with great anticipation.

(1) I had no idea they used the same song every year for the DiQ opening. ._. Of course I have no way of knowing as I've only been to one and I honestly can't remember what the opening was. I only know the first song was 'Iconoclasm'. I'd say maybe I'm making a mistake but the sentence is really simple, Uta says "ほ ら, 毎回ね 同じ 曲 だったから゜" So...yeah. ._. *laughs* You know I always panic during translation when I have no way of checking information.
(2)This makes me laugh. It wasn't done properly because they performed it even though they took it off the list? *laughs* Ok...