Fish Tank 44
Interview with Hoshino Hidehiko
Translation: Lola

First off, I'd like to ask you about the current situation.
Mm...we're in the last steps of the TD. During recording...

Until when were you recording guitar parts Hide-san?
The dubbing was...ah, yes for guitar I actually finished rather quickly.

Were there any problems during recording?
During recording?! ...I wonder why you'd ask that, no there weren't *smiles*. It's too bad.

How was it recording while doing lives for half the year?
It felt like we were moving around a lot.

Did you find playing lives at the same time kept your song writing fresh?
A little I guess. It was good since there were a lot of songs that we got to see if they were good I yes, I guess.

Did you notice anything different during recording since you had to continue to wait for such a prolonged period of time?
...because we took a long time? No, not especially but because we didn't have to go to the studio everyday there wasn't that strained feeling, the mood was relaxed.

Would you tell us roughly how long it took? I thought you only had two songs by the end of the year Hide-san.
Yes, two songs were finished by then so early in the year I already had one song to record again.

When were you recording the many guitar parts?
Guitar recording?! It was pretty spaced out but well, I guess some time in February and March.

Your latest single 'Rendezvous~' was decided on rather easily.
Yeah, it was. Well I think that's good no? To be decided in one shot instead of many days. We wanted that pop feel...since it's that guitar sound that will be at the core of the album...this time.

What was your impression when talk arose about coupling it with 'My Eyes & Your Eyes' and you knew you would record it again?
I thought it'd be really interesting. Doing something like a self cover.

How was re-recording it after 20 years?
I didn't really feel like it had been 20 years you know. I don't really feel that way, well, ok, occasionally I do during lives but I don't really feel it's old or anything.

It's like you hadn't noticed it's been 20 years.
Yeah. ....I guess not.

Aside from 'My Eyes~' have you recorded new versions for any songs from other periods?
Yeah...there's that too...I feel like when people listen to the song during lives it'll seem like a new song again to them too.

A few days ago you had to film the PV for the single 'Rendezvous~' and you had to meet quite early in the morning for it.
Mm. That wasn't a problem. I'm used to it.

Do you have any lasting impressions about the filming of the PV?
Our time was limited.

Have you seen the completed PV?
Yeah. I've seen it. Since they added stuff. Like the helicopter shots. I think it was rather good after, it felt new.

You released your dropz album on April 4th but did you get any other members' thoughts on it?
I didn't *smiles*. I didn't because I hadn't spoken to them about it since then. Even during recording we were we only talked about recording. So because of that, they didn't really tell me anything. Well, I think that's why anyway...

But mail has poured in from fans about what they thought of it, have you seen?
I did, all of it.

I was glad. Everyone said they liked it. They wrote things like it was 'stylish' and 'cool' *smiles*. So I was really glad I did it.

You also released goods for dropz.
At the end I wanted to have candy but we didn't have time to make it.

Really? Have you met with cube-san since dropz came out?
Yeah we've met up a few times. Well, for news coverage and things.

There was a piece about it this week in the paper.
What? I didn't know.

It was in the Asahi newspaper...
Yeah, that's the one I get but...I didn't see anything.

Please read it again.
Ugh but I already put it in recycling.

In the section about new music and records, there's a bit about dropz and it has mail from the fans.
Really?! How come I didn't see that? Ah, here...that's amazing *smiles*. Thank you for making sure I saw this article *smiles*.

So you're touring in June, then it's the Buck-Tick fest in September but how do you think the live will go with all the different guests?
We're trying out something new. So I have the feeling it will be fun. The Tribute was too, so I'm happy those people will be participating. This way I can cheer on everyone who will be there for us.

How do you think the outdoor stage will be?
The outdoor stage?! Well we've done a few things outdoors before.

Since Buck-Tick's sound works well outdoors.
It does?! Yes I guess so.

That's why the Fest is outside...
Yeah, and we've done it before in South Korea right.

In the pouring rain...
Yeah in the pouring rain. There's nothing you can really do...about that sort of thing though. It happens when you're outside.

Did you bring the rain with you?(1)
No, I don't think I did anyway. But J said I did. ...well, what can you do, it rained. You just have to take the proper safety precautions and it's all good.

You've also decided to perform in Hokkaido for the 'Rising Sun' Rock Fest. Are you familiar with it?
Yeah. Well I've heard of it before but I've never gone to see it.

It's a different feeling than Summer Sonic I guess.
Yeah. That's true since it's only with Japanese people.

So you have the June tour, then the 'Rising Sun', after that it's the B-T fest and then you've announced that after all that will be the album tour.
Yes. We seem to be addicted to lives the latter half of this year.

Finally, will you please say a word or two for all those awaiting the lives and the release of the album?
Sure. We've released a single and I think starting in June for the tour and the Fest we'll probably play a few new songs from the album so please wait to listen to them.

(1)The interviewer asks if Hide is an '雨男'. Literally, a 'rain man'. This is used in Japan as an expression for those for whom rain seems to follow them. They have the same thing for those who seem to bring the sun everywhere with them.