Fish Tank 44
Interview with Yagami Toll
Translation: Lola

So what's going on in recording right now?
Right now...we're on our last song, I think after we tape that we won't have much left! My drum parts, and Yuuta's bass parts...along with the rest of the rhythm section was finished just the other day.

After that you're just going to wait for the trackdown?!
Yeah. I am. ...I'd rather not see my drum set for awhile. I really overdid it *laughs*.

What kind of album will this be?
I'd say it's rock. So, when compared to like '13 kai' it's completely different you know. Once again Imai has done something new, even in regards to the way he's composing. He's using a pattern that he never has until now. The rhythm parts are like the hard rock of the 70s. So because of that, it has this amazing...rock feeling.

Since you had plenty of time to rehearse each song, did the recording go smoothly?
There was a lot of time to rehearse but basically until now I'd record the drums with the bass and do one song per day. This time I did two songs per day and I think with the bass only about three times.

You'd have to keep to a tight schedule for that...
...yeah, our manager Chiba kept telling me to wind it up *smiles*. But that didn't seem to stop other people from taking their sweet time, that's for sure.

*laughs* How did you decide on the previous single 'Rendezvous~'?
Everyone pretty much agreed. We wanted something pop, something that we did in the early days around the time of our debut but back then the sound wasn't hard, it was like there was a gap... So in part it was about going back to that original Buck-Tick pop feeling but what came out now is amazing. The songs have evolved, the drum pattern has changed...rhythmically it reminds me of 'Just One More Kiss'. I tried various different patterns on the drums. know, until it was good enough.

Were you worried about pairing it with 'My Eyes & Your Eyes'? How did you guys decide on that?
'My Eyes~' has always ranked highly amidst the fans. But the old arrangement felt too young, even for Imai so when that happened we rearranged it so we could play it live.

You guys seem pretty at ease with it even now.
That's because see, Buck-Tick has really improved a great deal over the years *smiles*, when I listen to our first take of that song and compare it with now...I can really see that.

It's the grown up version of 'My Eyes~'. What were your thoughts when recording it a second time?
Of course when I was playing it, it brought the old days back to life for me. We were so busy back then...

Even though it's an old song, when you play it, it sounds new.
In the end I think Imai wants to rearrange it and change the pick up even now. So that basically it feels good and is something fun. But I don't know if that necessarily makes it anything new, I mean the song's melody is the same still. So even though the arrangement changed, you'll still recognize the melody. We just changed the stuff around it so that it's easier to hear. So that's pretty amazing isn't it? I was in a good mood when we finished recording it.

Didn't you just finish it now?
Yeah and I already feel like I'm on vacation.

*laughs* A few days ago you filmed the PV for 'Rendezvous~' and had to get up really early in the morning to be on the set, were you ok getting up that early?
Well at that time things were already pretty crazy, I was going to various lives and watching friends and kouhai perform. And it was after that...that I had to film so you can imagine. I think I only had about 2 or 3 hours of sleep! On top of that I had been recording everyday and playing the drums *smiles*. But I was running out of steam. I think our manager Chiba was worried about me. Even though I only had about 2 or 3 hours sleep when it was time to start filming I just told myself 'ok, time to work!'.

Yagami-san you're alllll~ways running around.
Yeah. I'm always performing. Even when I have no more energy *laughs*. And after that we ended up doing it...five or six times *smiles*.

But after filming the PV didn't you all have an interview for a magazine scheduled...?
Yeah so that's why when the filming was over and we finished the interview I fell asleep in the dressing room. My batteries died *laughs*.

During the filming of the PV, you had the most beautiful drum set Yagami-san...
I bought that set to add to my vintage collection. I think it's already been about 15 years since I bought it! Maybe I shouldn't have used it for that PV. I always love having my transparent orange set. But this time I used the yellow one. But during the 'Glamorous' PV I used the orange one.

What does that have to do with the one you used for this PV?
Naturally since the we could see outside and everything around us was transparent, I thought that it'd be best to use one of my transparent drum sets.

How did you feel when the guest list was announced for the B-T fest?
I was worried there were too many people listed but since they've all accepted to be guests...then that's what they'll be.

What did you think when you first began talking about this event...?
Of course I thought it'd be fun. It's been a long time since we've done a fun event like this with other artists. Since we worked with Pig maybe. I'll probably still be in shock when it's over!

Is there anything you'd like to say now about the live?
Not yet. I'm finished recording the rhythm but other members are still recording in the studio right now. So they're still finishing up.

How did you come to meet some of the people who will be appearing at the fest?
I met J at a sempai's wedding party. He sat next to me and said 'Hi, I'm J, nice to meet you'. It was pretty much the same when I met Kyo after going to see a D'erlanger show. But really a lot of people just say what an honor it is to be able to play with us and how they have such amazing respect for us... Of course I also respect my sempai and there are those who I consider it an honor to play with too. Endo Michirou-san, Tsuchiya Masami-san to name a couple. I mean these are people who I've respected since my amateur days. Originally, when Buck-Tick was still Hinan Go-Go, before I joined, they were actually a copy band for the Stalin.

That's true.
It's really something isn't it? I mean to have this great opportunity given to us, I'm very grateful you know. It makes me really glad we stuck together for twenty years *smiles*.

Finally, would you say a few words for those waiting for the tour and the B-T fest?
Sure, I'm very excited about the guests we're having at the fest, it's going to be fun. Buck-Tick fans will have the chance to see artists that might not have seen and they're all so wonderful. I'd love for everyone to enjoy themselves even more.