Part of what makes Yagami Toll!!
Translation: Lola

About The Beatles, [LET IT BE].
It was the first album I ordered in advance when I was in grade two. See, I was actually around when The Beatles' last album was released. And because I pre-ordered my copy, it came with a poster. I think it left a great impression on me for that reason, I was around when it came out.
I really want to show you the inside of the CD jacket. It's interesting, see the photo was taken from above the recording studio. Yoko Ono's sitting beside John Lennon. Even in the recording studio.

When did you first hear it?
I heard it on the radio. The 'LET IT BE' single. I knew I had to have it. It was the first record I bought for myself. The first record I ever bought since I was born was the album [LET IT BE]. It was my big brother watching from above influencing me you know.
I got into The Beatle's during their later years so I had no idea they were once considered to be really rock 'n roll in the beginning. So I kind of got into them backwards. Well, anyway, that was the early beginnings of Yagami Toll or rather, it was from then that my life as Yagami Toll began.