Fish Tank 45
Interview with Hoshino Hidehiko
Translation: Lola

What's going on in the studio now...?
I came to do rehearsals for the 'Rising Sun' fest. Today is the first day of rehearsals.

Is there a difference to you between being an invited guest at the 'Rising Sun' and being sponsored for the fest?
No, well, I think they're basically the same... But being sponsored for the fest, and having people come just for us, it' makes me feel very important *smiles*.

What's on the menu for the 'Rising Sun'?
A couple new songs, like the ones we played during the 'PARADE' tour plus the 'Alice~' single.

How are things moving along for the B-T fest? I know they're already working on the goods.
The members are...meeting to talk about the stage plan.

I know you're worried about the heat given that it'll be outdoors but have you thought of anything to help?
We're worried about the time.... Since people will be there from afternoon until evening, that's a long time to be in the heat. Especially since recently you keep seeing people having heatstroke on the news, so we'll have be sure to stay hydrated.

Before the B-T fest, you had the 'PARADE' tour during June and July. Did you get to see the guests perform live?
The lives...well I watched their rehearsals. During the actual performances we had to prepare but there was a monitor in the dressing room that let us watch the show.

On June 16th there was a big cake prepared for you in Sendai.
Yes *smiles*.

So how was your birthday this year?

Wasn't it the first time you blew out candles on stage?
Yes it was, it was the first time a cake was brought out for me.

And how did you find the cake?
What like the picture on it? *smiles* It really...looked like me. Don't you find? *smiles* Well I thought it was a masterpiece anyway.

Sakurai-san drew it beforehand.
It looked like something he'd draw.

Did you eat the cake?
I did. It was delicious.

During the encore when everyone was singing 'Happy Birthday~' the people all held their lighters up.
Yeah. Weren't those J's fans in the front? It seemed like something they'd do. It was pretty.

But then on stage...
Hm? *smiles*

You disappeared from the stage...
It was an illusion~. As reappearance *smiles*.

You did it intentionally?
Intentionally? Since both times were an illusion. Then both times were intentional *smiles*.

Ooooooooh...... I...get it *smiles*.
The first time it looked like an illusion to those who were on the left side of the stage so then I thought ok, I have to do another illusion now for the right side to see. Yes.

You also said you fell from the stage and hurt your foot?
Because it's so high, I even felt it in my back...I didn't realize it was so high.

It's been a long time *smiles*
Mm. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Everyone gave you their well wishes after.
They did. Thank you everyone.

In Osaka, Buck-Tick shared the stage with BALZAC's vocalist for one song and there seemed to be some nervousness.
Yes, I guess there was...some nervousness in that situation. It was certainly a humbling situation. But I wasn't especially caught up with nerves myself.

You rehearsed together too right?
Yeah. He seemed nervous then too when he came out to sing. Well in the end, it was fun, it felt new.

Then in Tokyo there was Tsuchiya Masami-san and Nishikawa-san...
I watched almost all of Tsuchiya-san's rehearsal. Even though Tsuchiya-san and Endo-san are our great sempai they still performed on stage with us, that made me so happy.

Didn't Nishikawa-san have to leave after his live because he had other work to do?
Ah yes, he ran away *smiles*.

I'm saying he ran away but he just had stuff to do *smiles*.

So then recently when you had that chat with Nishikawa-san in the magazine 'CD Data' did you talk about how he ran away?
How he ran away? Yeah but I don't think it ended up being in the magazine *smiles*.

Did you go into it a lot?
No, well not really. He just said next time he'd go more slowly.

I think you scared him. *laughs* And so that brings us to that last show of 'PARADE'...
Mm, Okinawa. That was regrettable. But there was a typhoon so what can you do?

But Buck-Tick never had to postpone due to bad weather before.
We didn't, true. This is the first time.

So all of a sudden it jumped from midsummer in Okinawa to winter in Okinawa.
Well you know, no matter how we looked at our schedule that was the only time we could in the end...that's just how things go. But we were adamant about wanting to go there to finish 'PARADE' properly.

'Alice~' came out in August but how did you feel when you watched the completed PV?
Mm, it was the first time working with that director but he had told us of the various filming techniques he had in mind beforehand. So when I saw it after, mm, I thought it turned out really interesting. He had made us watch a certain artist's PVs from overseas to show us the techniques he wanted to use and so when it was complete I could see how he used them.

You had a bunny head on.
Ah, I did yeah. I think that's the first time I had a headdress.

Well all the members had one...right?
We've had costumes before. Like in 'Uta'.... I was dressed up as Lenny Kravitz in 'Uta' *laughs*.

Well so you see I've had that sort of thing before but this was the first time I had a headdress like that. It was quite suffocating.

The album 'Tenshi no Revolver' comes out in September so do you have anything to say about its release?
Yeah, the songs are simple but they also feel complete to me.

After the B-T fest you'll be on tour until the end of the year so do you feel like with rehearsals and everything that you don't have time to take a breather?
Well.......Yeah, I guess...I feel like I absolutely can't forget the new songs.'s not like I can prepare much ahead of time *smiles*.

It's like having homework *smiles*.
Yeah it's like having homework over the summer holidays. Well it feels like things are little by little moving towards the tour. The fest ends and it's right into the tour and rehearsals.

Do you have anything to say about the tour and how the style of the album will affect the lives?
The music itself will be splendid live and since we have a lot of songs...of that type I want it to come off straight and honest.

We have a question that the fans would like to ask of you, what do you call the other members?
Ah, they want to know what names I call them? Sakurai-san I think, Imai-san I think, Yuuta-san I think and Yagami-san.

That's what I call them.

That's what you really call them?
Yeah. I do, I do.

Somehow I doubt it...but it's ok. Moving on...
No no, it's true. Because we're only classmates, that's why I call him 'Yuuta-san' *smiles*.

This year has been a turning point for B-T with lives, being invited to do shows and then going on to do an album tour for half the year.
People say it's because it's our 20th anniversary.

Other people say? It doesn't matter to you?
Well, it does but when people say things like that, it makes me glad for all the various things we've done over the years.

So now you're just planning for the long tour ahead...
Yeah, since we want it to go well.

The whole company is full of people actually working .
It's a big production *smiles*.

I know you're still working on plans this report it's been announced that you'll be having a show in Budoukan at the end of the year. Would you say a word about that?
Well, I'll try my best not to break my body!

Yes you really must be careful. Now it's the heat and the heatstroke, after the tour ends it'll be cold in Okinawa so you'll have to take precautions against influenza...
Yes. It can be bad if you're not careful. So, I think it'll be a good tour so I want everyone to try to come and have fun.