Fish Tank 45: Q1


You got lost in the forest and happened across some animals. Which animal would you ask to be your guide?

A. baby monkey
B. wildcat
C. rabbit
D. bear

Sakurai: A goat (yagi)!! * Everyone: *burst out laughing*
Higuchi: I think Hide will choose the bear. Imai-kun and Anii the rabbit. And Acchan will choose the wildcat.
FT: Well, and what about you, Yuuta-san...? *laugh*

Sakurai: B   Imai: A   Hoshino: D   Higuchi: A   Yagami: A   Yagi: C

Imai: But I'm hesitating over the bear....
Sakurai: He's saying he gives up *laughs*.
Imai: Not true, I'm not!!


Depending on which animal you asked to be your guide we can guess what your ideal married life consists of.

A. The person who chose a baby don't want to be tied up at home! You're the single type.

FT: Well, you should've answered bear.
Imai: But wasn't it supposed to be a guide!?
FT: Hey, you're rereading the question, aren't you? Alright, ne~xt.
Imai: Tch! Listen to me!!

B. The person who chose a don't interfere in other people's affairs and greatly value your own privacy.
C. The person who chose a'll make a good wife or husband, you're the type who wishes for stability.
D. The person who chose a want to build a home that will have a relaxed atmosphere.

Hoshino: Something like that......that's my dream.

* Yagi does in fact mean goat...but it is also the name of a staff member doing the quiz with them. :p

Fish Tank 45: Q2


There are 8 cards, each with one hiragana character written on it. Please make a 4-character word using 4 of these cards.

SU   N   KA   RE
RI   I   A   U

Hoshino: Hm? 4 characters? I could make "suika" with three but......That's too bad. *smiles*
Yagami: Really, can you make even one word with these?
FT: What?! Yagami-san???
Yagami: ......See, I'm just that bad. I guess because my brain age is 62, according to that DS. *laughs*
Higuchi: This is hard~. I don't see it.......Am I the only one who's taking this long? (We've been waiting for over a minute...)
FT: 5...4...3...
Higuchi: Wait, waaa~it! I have a word but it's only 3 characters. Oh man, I suck....Is this really feasible? Oooh, what about..."risukau", that one ok? To have a squirrel. Risukau!

Sakurai: reikan (inspiration)
Imai: suiren (water lily)
Hoshino: ren'ai (love)
Higuchi: risukau (to have a squirrel) (1)
Yagami: sunkai (will you do) (2)
Yagi: inkare (intercollegiate)


This is a test to check how trustworthy you are. Do you have a big mouth? Let us check!

A. Rinkai (seaside)......Amazing! You came up with such a serious word. Without question, you're a closemouthed person. Whether or not you promise not to tell, all secrets are safe with you.

B. Kaiun (good luck)......The word you came up with seems serious at first, but then bit by bit it starts to remind us of old women. And you're just like our impression of this word, in reality you adore gossip. You keep saying "you're the only one I'm telling" and then sharing other people's secrets with everyone. You need to stop doing that.

C. Suiren (water lily)......You're very determined to protect the secrets you've been entrusted with. No matter what secret we confide in you, you'll keep it to yourself.

Imai: What? Hey, you didn't say anything bad?
FT: I know.
Imai: Yesss!!!

D. Ren'ai (love)......To be honest, you're very curious about love. You can keep your mouth shut about everything except romance. We won't be trusting you with any secret love tales!

E. Airisu (Iris)...... So you came up with the name of a flower. It happens that from time to time you let things slip. You pester your friends to share things with you but you should be careful not to let them slip out in a careless moment.

F. Others......Quite often you'll make a big story out of nothing by sharing not only what you heard but also your personal impressions. Be careful, or sooner or later you'll be labelled irresponsible.

Yagami: Well isn't this great, that's just what I want to be. *laughs*

1. Uta's word is made up of two. :p "Risu", which means "squirrel", and "kau", "to raise, to keep an animal".
2. "Sun kai" is boy speech for "suru ka". By itself, it translates as "will you do X".

Fish Tank 45: Q3


You were wandering around a hot springs area and came upon a shooting range. You instantly take up the challenge. There are 3 prizes, ranging from easily winnable to very difficult to win. Which prize will you shoot for?

A. The little, easy to win prize (example: a box of caramels)
B. The standard, medium difficulty prize (example: a ZIPPO)
C. The big prize, very difficult to win (example: a porcelain beckoning cat decoration)

Sakurai: C   Imai: C   Hoshino: B   Higuchi: A   Yagami: B   Yagi: B


The shooting range's gun you're using is a symbol of your masculinity. The prize symbolizes a woman. The shooting range symbolizes sex. The prize you choose shows us the strength of your sexual desire. They say that if you aim for the difficult prize it means you are filled with lust.

A. If you chose the easy're a simple person, it doesn't take much to satisfy you.
Higuchi: Fufufu.... Hey...? But I'm a beast *laugh*.
B. If you chose the standard prize......your sexual desire is neither strong nor weak, you're the common type.
Hoshino: *laugh* I'm perfectly normal.
Yagami: But why even aim for the cat? Your bullet is made of cork, right. Wouldn't A or B be easier?!!
C. If you chose the big're like a beast, you like very passionate sex.
Imai: Tch. *laugh* Wouldn't you just want to smash that cat?!!

Translated by: W_B