Fish Tank 45
Interview with Yagami Toll
Translation: Lola

You'll be doing the Rising Sun Fest soon but what have you done today?
Today....? I'm doing this interview. That's...about it *laughs*. Recently I've been doing a lot of private rehearsals so I won't forget the new songs during the live. Of course when I'm recording I have the score with me so I don't need to remember it then. In the end with the flow of work, recording was done rather quickly. So, now I have to work on remembering the new songs.

What kind of songs will you do for the Rising Sun Fest?
Of course we'll be playing what we've been doing during the 'PARADE' tour.

Have all five of you begun rehearsing together for the Rising Sun Fest?
Yeah. I'm already right on the mark *smiles* since I've been practicing on my own.

Won't that musician you like, Yazawa Eikichi-san, be there too?
Yes. I was surprised. It's unusual for him to come out for an event like that. But I guess he's the kind of person who will come if he's interested.

Well he's coming in the end.
When new artists get together with older artists and play together I think it can be a really stimulating and fun thing. I mean he's a veteran in the industry, he's been around for 35 years.

How do you feel about it Yagami-san?
I can't wait for this event! Because the event isn't just about us, for once we get to see fans of other artists for the first time and that makes for a good live. We'll have to try to leave a good impression.

Just before you were talking about remembering new songs...what new song will you play for the Rising Sun Fest?
Yeah. We'll play 'Alice in Wonder Underground', it came out the 8th of August.

The Rising Sun Fest is in Hokkaido.
Hokkaido is also one of my favourite places, because of the sea. So many delicious things from it, I want to go back and eat fresh fish and crab. You just can't get better than that. It's so delicious!

That's the one thing you're looking forward to.
I think I'll go crazy if I don't get to eat it *laughs*. Let me eat it!

Yes. I'll be sure to tell your manager.
Of course it has to be seafood you know. There's just no point in going to Hokkaido if I can't eat seafood *laughs*.

You had a meeting about the Buck-Tick Fest, what's the current situation with that?
Basically we just really want to have a good live, that's the whole major premise right, but we haven't done rehearsals for it since we've been rehearsing for the Rising Sun Fest so we'll see what happens.

The B-T fest is a bit different from the other events up till now...
Yeah. We're hosting it. It's so amazing to have everyone who is participating doing this for us, I really want to thank them, I'm grateful. I think what will also make it a good performance is that these people aren't doing it because they owe us anything, they're just doing it because they want to. I really want to thank everyone who made this event possible, it's a big turning point after 20 years, I'm just so grateful.

Before the fest you had the Buck-Tick tour 'PARADE' where Runaway Boys (kyo and nackie-san) played with on the first day at Yokohama Blitz.
Yeah. I've known kyo from a long time ago...around the time of D'erlanger, as usual he was trying to do his best. I think it's been a good 17 or 18 years since his debut too. Sadly he was really busy that day so he had to leave right away after. So I didn't get to talk to him very much. But before that when I had gone to see D'erlanger I got to speak with him about all sorts of things.

After that there was J-san in Sendai...
J was also busy that day so after he had to return to Tokyo. But he was backstage the whole time so we got to talk then for a long time. He's liked Buck-Tick since he was in senior high school you know, he listened to us because he felt alone. I remember around the time of his debut how he'd come to drink at Imai's often, that was so long ago wasn't it? And then I got to watch him that day in Sendai and I couldn't help but notice how the drummer had improved, he was so amazing! He's really worked hard at it. I could tell because I was watching right from the side.

It was Hide-san's birthday at the Sendai live.
Yes, you know the live left such a powerful impression so I was glad it ended with celebrating Hide's birthday after.

In Fukuoka you had your great sempai Endo Michirou-san there.
I was so happy he came.

Imai-san got to play with him.
Yeah I saw, Imai really seemed to be happy too. I was watching from the second floor. Of course, from the start before I was even a member of Buck-Tick they were a copy band of the Stalin. It really was like the master and pupil playing together. Maybe that's also why Michirou-san seemed to be smiling *smiles*.

That's the impression you get from pictures of the live too.
But that's unusual. For him to be smiling on stage like that. You know he's punk, he's supposed to look angry *laughs*.

Then there was BALZAC-san in Osaka. The vocalist performing with you...
Yes he was there. That was fun. It felt like he was really happy too. Around when he was a senior high school student he had a Buck-Tick copy band.

But you've been on a stage with him before, how was that?
Ah that time was fun too. Wasn't that almost about 10 years ago? When Issay-kun from Der Zibet participated too.

Ah yes when he performed 'Itoshii no Rockstar' with you in Budoukan.
Yes yes, that's the time I mean. That was fun.

And then the next day you were with Kiyoharu-san in Nagoya. Kiyoharu-san was...
I didn't know him that well you know. Even though there were time when we've met, this was the first time we've actually been able to speak properly. But he's another guy who has great respect for Buck-Tick, he's a good guy.

Then you had another great sempai in Tokyo, Tsuchiya Masami-san...
I'm grateful, it was a moment of great happiness. I spoke with Tsuchiya-san after but we know each other well. Acchan was a guest vocalist on one of Tsuchiya-san's solo albums and since then they've been quite good friends so he often comes to our end of the year shows at Budoukan. He's always praising Buck-Tick saying 'you're such a good band, such a good band' *smiles*.

He was so gentle-mannered when you were talking backstage.
Yes, he's such a gentleman. But I feel like I have to watch everything I say around him.

Then abingdon boys school came as secret guests...
Nishikawa-kun. I've spoken to Nishikawa-kun often but that's because we've been in the same office for a long time *smiles*. He's been around awhile too and done various things, so now to see him doing well, it makes me happy you know.

It's like parental affection.
Parental...well more like the love of an older brother *smiles*.

How did you feel about doing that chat with him in the magazine 'CD Data'?
Of course what I'm giving is my impression. I was really glad we did that. I'm glad that we've gone on without quitting to reach this point so that we could do this together. the music industry there are so many bands who say they want to make a name for themselves. And then they end up retiring not long after their debut, that's so boring.

Winding down the 'PARADE' tour, due to a typhoon, the show in Okinawa regrettably ended up being postponed.
We couldn't transport all the equipment. Actually if we'd gone about a week before it would have been fine but in the end we couldn't go.

But even so you would have had to wait for the equipment right?
Well we decided to go to Okinawa next year. Hasn't it been something like 4 years since Buck-Tick's been to Okinawa? So once in awhile we feel like we should give a performance for the Okinawan fans. Since we actually have a lot of fans there.

How's the morale with the 'PARADE' tour and then the B-T Fest in September?
Since we've already announced it will be our best performance I want to try to my absolute best!

During August you released the second single 'Alice~', would you tell us a little about the filming of the PV?
Well we were working with a new director. We all decided on working with him after watching promotion videos. His looked the most interesting so we wanted to work with him.

How did you feel about the PV when you watched the completed version for the first time?
I thought parts of it were funny. Like us wearing the rabbit heads *laughs*.

Were you ok? Performing in that head piece?
It was difficult *laughs*. My eyes were in shadow so I couldn't see. I had no field of vision. So now I know how people part of a squadron feel or people who have to dress up in monster or cartoon character costumes *laughs*. It's so annoying. We're lucky we only had to wear the piece on our head, I can't imagine how bad a full bodied outfit would be *laughs*.

The new album is coming out in September, how are things with that...?
I've known how I've felt about it since the track down. I think that once again we're coming out with something new.

Right after the B-T fest in September you're starting the album tour.
Since we're already close to September I need to practice the new songs for the tour then. You know since the manager told me too *laughs*.

Now I have a question from the fans, they'd like do know...what you call each member, so if you could please tell us.
Hide, Imai, Acchan. And I call my little brother 'Yuutan' *smiles*. That hasn't changed, it's what I called them in the past, it's what I call them now. It's been that way since I met them. And everyone calls me 'Anii'.

Since you'll be concentrating on lives during the latter half of the year you'll have to be careful to keep in shape...
Leave it to me! Of course I'm careful *smiles*.

Finally, will you say a word for everyone who is looking forward to the tour?
We're going to be running through the next four months and putting all our energy into it so you must all go to the concert hall closest to you and come have fun with us.