Fish Tank 46
Interview with Imai Hisashi
Translation: Lola

How has the tour been up till now?
I think since the album is easy to understand, it's easy to get into least people seem to be having fun.

Have you had any trouble on stage?
Some small things but they were easily far it's gone smoothly I think.

You celebrated your birthday in Kagoshima, will you tell us about that?
Acchan came out singing 'Love Me Tender' *smiles*.

Huh? *laughs* Didn't he sing 'Happy Birthday'?! Or are you just talking about the tone of his voice?
Yeah. I thought it was 'Love Me Tender' *smiles*.

And how was your birthday this year?
Huh? Oh well it was the same as Hide's I guess. Well...

Didn't you say something into the mic Imai-san?
Oh, that. Before the encore where I did 'Sid~' I did say a little something.

And that was?
Hm? You weren't there?

Oh well, guess you'll never know then *smiles*.

No no no, come on, tell us something about it *smiles*.
I don't wanna.

Poo.... Other than that was there any concert hall that left a deep impression?
Hmmmmm, a place that left a deep impression.....? Where was it?

I'm asking you *smiles*. ....well, if I say no place left a deep impression it sounds rather horrible....doesn't it? Everywhere where people seemed to be having fun was good in my opinion.

Since you love to eat Imai-san, did you get to eat delicious things in every area?
Yup. I ate miso nabe which I hadn't had in a long time. In Kyushu. That miso was so delicious.

Is that the kind without soy sauce in it?
Yes, yes. When I had it the first, it was delicious. The northeast is really good at...ah, making clams and sea bass. They didn't have any perch though, they were completely sold out. Right, that was in Morioka. And then I ate udon in Shikoku.

You're not having a 'Day in Question' show at the end of the year but you're still having additional tour performances?
I don't know what we were thinking *smiles*. But, well I guess we'll change the contents again.

Have you decided roughly what you'll do?
Sort of......Well it's coming along gradually. Like song order, and which old songs we'll replace, ideas are progressing bit by bit.

Looking back at 2007, it's been a very busy year but how do you feel about it Imai-san?
This year...we had the fest too you know. Well, it feels complete to me...I'm glad we had the fest.

Since the B-T fest was sponsored for you, you had said you felt pressured to do well but did you enjoy it?
Of course the fest itself was fun....but I was a little tipsy.

That's right *smiles*. You were the first one Imai-san.
When Endo Michirou-san (M.J.Q), Asaki-chan, and Kacchan (Age of Punk) were on. I was already quite drunk but I still went well.

Were you just drinking during every spare moment on the boat?
No! When I went to the boat my sister came up to me and asked me 'What are you doing?' so I told her to leave me some light cocktails and beer. But since they were there, I drank them *smiles*.

It was hot, you must have been thirsty.
Yeah *smiles*.

That's because you spent the whole time in the sun again.
But I wanted to see the show!

Now that the fest is over, was it everything you imagined it would be?
I couldn't really imagine anything about it...since it was the first time we did something like that. Even though we've done things like Summer Sonic, it's completely different. I was really just going with the flow of things. Well I think it went successfully.

Would you want to do another B-T fest?
Yeah, I think...I think I would's a lot of work you know. But I'd like to do it again I think.

Did you deepen your relationship with all those who performed at the fest?
Yeah, that day we all drank from morning until it ended. Then, we went back to my house...

Did a lot of people go to your house Imai-san?
Yeah, but J ran away *laughs*. J escaped. So, there was Nishikawa-kun and Teru-kun and Hisashi-kun from Glay and...I think Kacchan was there, and Yoko-chan was there too *smiles*. And Asaki-chan.

Right, well you always spend time with each person so how was it for the first timers?
Yes, Rally and......uh? What's the name of Nishikawa-kun's band again? Oh, abingdon boys high school!!! I remember the high school part *smiles*., it was fun drinking with them.

Before the B-T fest, how was your first time participating in the Rising Sun Rock Fest in Hokkaido?
It was cold. .......the temperature I mean *smiles*.

I heard it was really exciting being on stage.
Yeah, I was a little tipsy that time too *smiles*. But I was really glad, the mood was good.

So you did the Rising Sun Rock Fest, then the B-T fest, then the album 'Tenshi no Revolver' came out and now you're mid-tour. Actually, how do you find this album live?
Our previous album '13kai~' was much more of a show....there was a lot of emphasis placed on the staging and the set. But this time is the complete can I say it? This time is more...a shared experience.

People can get into it and really enjoy it.
Yes yes yes. Mm, that's what I think. And that makes it easier for people to feel the sense of unity.

What are you thinking about doing next year?
Buck-Tick doesn't have to do any lives really early in the year....but I think I'd like to work on something. But I haven't really decided on anything yet.

You're not taking a break?
No. This isn't the time for taking a break.

I ask you this every year but what are your plans for New Years?
Get some people together and drink. Just something like that.

But you still have one show from 'PARADE' left. How do you feel about getting into 'PARADE' again?
Mm. It's 'PARADE' but it's different because...I'll be doing the songs I want to do *smiles*. With AGE of PUNK. Doing this show in Okinawa in January feels like something I absolutely have to do.

To conclude, what are your aspirations for 2008?
Well, to do even better next year with Buck-Tick without taking a break, I want to go and do something even more energetic. I want to do an album that's even better than 'Tenshi no Revolver'.