Fish Tank 46: Q1


You're out drinking with friends and at the end of the night you decide to go to an afterparty. The afterparty is a bit far so you decide to take a taxi. Including you, there are 4 members going to the party. Where will you sit in the taxi?

A. In the back - near the door (behind the passenger)
B. In the back - in the middle
C. In the back - behind the driver
D. In the front

Hoshino: If I'm with friends then I don't really care....

Sakurai: D Imai: C Hoshino: D Higuchi: D Yagami: C


You trust the taxi driver to get you to your destination and putting your complete trust in another person symbolizes marriage. Depending on where you decide to sit in the taxi we can guess how you will be once you're married.

Imai: What? Marriage?'re saying it all depends on where I'll sit? *laugh*

A. If you chose to sit behind the will neglect your partner, you like keeping secrets, you are also most likely to get a divorce.
B. If you chose to sit in the will be able to balance both work and family.
C. If you chose to sit behind the will settle down after you marry. If you're a girl, you will be a housewife.
Imai: That's me *laugh*. A house husband *laugh*.
Yagami: *laugh* It's alright with me.
FT: But you're a man....
D. If you chose to sit in the will pursue your dreams even after you marry, you do not want to get tied down, you will go on trips. If you're a girl, you will not want to be a housewife.
Sakurai: Huuuh, is that good or bad? *laugh* I'm a man so it's good, isn't it? *laugh*
Hoshino: Is it?
Higuchi: Whaa? Is it? I don't get it.

Fish Tank 46: Q2


You're home relaxing on your day off when your friend emails you asking if he can come over for a drink. You say ok but your place is a mess. You still have some time before your friend arrives. How will you spend that time?

A. You quickly tidy up only the rooms your friend will see
B. It's the perfect occasion to clean every corner
C. You leave the place as is. It's your friend so who cares if he sees the mess.
D. There are other things you're rather be doing than cleaning so you decide to go out instead.

Imai: Guess I'd do a quick clean up.   FT: But Imai-san, friends are always welcome at your place.
Imai: But I do clean, me too! Even me *laugh*.
Yagami: Would I go out......or do a thorough cleaning......That depends on how much time I have.   FT: And if that happened today?
Yagami: Ah, I'd only clean what's visible.

Sakurai: C   Imai: A   Hoshino: A   Higuchi: B   Yagami: A


This test will uncover what it is you tend to overlook in life.

A. If you chose to tidy up only the rooms your friend will're one to miss the value that lies within things invisible to the naked eye, such as honesty or even human nature. You should take the opportunity to get in touch with your artistic and emotional sides more often.

Imai: I see I'm getting counseling *laugh*.
Hoshino: I thought I'd get this answer. It really is true though *laugh*.
Yagami: Crap...... *laughs*.

B. If you chose to clean every tend to forget what is important to yourself and who the important people in your life are. You should take up training or devote yourself to work or to a hobby.

Higuchi: Sure...... *bitter smile*.

C. If you chose to leave your place as tend to overlook the things that are necessary to your personal growth. Recently you have postponed something that was important to you.

Sakurai: What, golf? FT: What? *laugh*

D. If you chose to go out tend to dismiss both people's kindness and your own lack of emotion. Try to be a bit more understanding.

Fish Tank 46: Q3


Our planet's final day has at last come. The preceding evening, you and your soulmate decide to get a meal. Which of the following will you chose?

Yagami: Crab!   FT: There's no crab *laugh*.

A. Ramen
B. Rice with tea added (ochazuke)
C. Curry and rice at a hotel
D. A sandwich at a first class restaurant

Hoshino: That's it?

Sakurai: C   Imai: D   Hoshino: A   Higuchi: B   Yagami: B


This test will uncover just how determined and tenacious you are.

A. If you chose have many issues, you can't stop thinking about your past. You are both a determined and a tenacious person, so much so that you're strong enough to make the effort to get over those things.

Hoshino: Yes yes yes. That's right. Precisely.

B. If you chose're neither very determined nor tenacious, you value peace and harmony between you and others.

Higuchi: Hmph.
Yagami: I don't want to go all that way to a hotel or a restaurant. I want to stay home and take my time.

C. If you chose curry and rice at a hotel......generally speaking, right now you're trying to live life to the fullest. You're extremely determined and even if you're driven up against a wall, you'll show them all by climbing over it. You burn with the will to fight.

Sakurai: Yup yup yup, that's right!

D. If you chose a sandwich at a first class're unusually determined and tenacious and you have a tendency to show off. You easily fall victim to people because you're susceptible to flattery.

Imai: That's cause I can't grow without praise *laugh*.

Translated by: W_B