Fish Tank 47
Interview with Hoshino Hidehiko
Translation: Lola

What?! Your beard's gone!!
Well, I felt like a change.

When did you shave it? You still had it in Okinawa didn't you?
I did.

Huh, so is that why you answered 'beard' in one of the Q&A questions?

It feels all smooth now doesn't it?
Yes yes *smiles* that's why I thought I'd shave for awhile, besides I can always grow it again right away *smiles*.

So you think you'll grow it again?
Well, if I feel like it.

During the latter half of the 'Tenshi no Revolver' tour, was there any place or live that left an impression on you?
The opera house in Yokosuka. That really left an impression. It was like Budoukan in a way. But the second and third floors were surprisingly close. I thought it was really made well. And because the fans were close I could see them and I think it was easy for them to see too.

Did you have any equipment trouble or was everything ok?
You're asking that because of the time we didn't have sound during the 'PARADE' tour right?

I don't think there was any...big problems no.

After the show in Hiroshima you had additional performances added to the schedule, how did those additional shows go?
It went as planned, even though we didn't change the main set list. We discussed it beforehand and decided to only change the encores for the additional shows.

How did you find the walkway coming out of the middle of the stage at Budoukan?
At first......I was just going on it for songs that I had decided on beforehand but after a while I just went with the flow of the show.

Well for instance I planned on going on it for my guitar solo during 'Cream Soda' then after I thought it'd be fun to go on it during 'Spider' too. Things like that.

How did you find having the stage run through the middle of the fans?
It made me a little uncomfortable you know *smiles*. They were quite close.

You've already told me during recording how you thought 'Tenshi no Revolver' would be as a live album but generally speaking, how did you find the tour?
My impression is that many of the songs really come to life during lives.

During the album tour you were always playing in concert halls but you wanted to play in smaller live houses didn't you?
I was going to say that, yes *smiles*. Even though everything had been decided up until the show at Budoukan, I thought it would have been good if we had some shows in little live houses too. Like the ones we do fan club only lives in.

I see, you haven't really been able to fit in any fan club only lives into the schedule during 2007. But you usually do at least one a year.
Yes. But I think a show in a small live house would have been good too....

So you had a little break at the beginning of the year and then after nearly half a year of waiting, you had the show in Okinawa in January.
That was fun.

Did you feel it had that live house feeling you were just talking about when we were discussing the 'Tenshi no Revolver' tour?
Even though we were doing songs from the 'PARADE' tour it was good I think, but we talked about doing some songs from the 'Tenshi~' tour for the Okinawan people too you know so in the end it felt like a mix of the two.

Usually there's no one centre stage for 'Sid Vicious~' but this time Asaki-san came out for it.
He was so happy wasn't he *smiles*.

He seemed quite nervous though too.
Yeah, he told me right before going on. He said 'My heart is racing so much!' *smiles*.

How did you find the Okinawa live?
I was glad that it finally felt like a proper finale for 'PARADE'.

When it was over you drank with everyone from AGE of PUNK right?
Yes, yes, yes. And GLAY were there too.

For some of them it was only the second time you've met right, so did the reunion deepen your friendship with everyone?
It really was a reunion of friends. I spoke with Takuro-kun quite a lot. He came to see the fest but he had just come that time to stop in and say hello. It's been how many years by now since we met? Sometime around GLAY's debut I think. I think they were there at the end of one of our shows. But it's been a long time since we've really talked since meeting then. And yet in all that time they haven't changed at all *smiles*. They're the same GLAY! One of them told me 'In Hakodate, 'Hurry Up Mode' was the first album I absolutely had to buy!' *smiles*.

Were you ok with the sudden change in temperature in Okinawa?
It...was hot there wasn't it. While we were there it was snowing in Tokyo and people were wearing coats. But it was around 20 degrees in Okinawa wasn't it?

It was over 20 degrees actually.
It's hard to believe it's all in Japan *smiles*.

What did you do after the live in Okinawa?
I think I was just relieved it was finally all over. I haven't really done anything. Just want to chill out.

How do you feel right now?
Right now...I'm thinking little by little about what to do next.

Have you been playing around with your guitar and your Mac?
Not really with my Mac. But I've done a little...with my guitar.

Just a little? *smiles*
A little *smiles*. Some wild ideas and concepts.

The DVD of the summer fest came out but have you seen it?
Yeah, I did. I watched the extra stuff on disc 2.

That's on the limited edition of 'PARADE'.
Yeah. I was surprised by the amount of stuff on there. I don't think we've ever really had anything like that up till now. So I think it'll be pretty interesting for people.

No you haven't done anything like this. That's why it's all on this one disc.
Yes, everything's on there, it's almost an hour long. But maybe it won't be so interesting once they finish editing it.

How do you feel Hide-san, about letting fans see things about you they normally wouldn't?
I feel *smiles* it's good to let them see things now and then.

I thought it was something you never wanted to do in the past?
In the past, I used to avoid these things as best as I could it's true.

How did you find constantly having cameras filming backstage? Did it worry you?
No, not at all *smiles*.

Certainly, when you watch the DVD, in the end it's just how you guys always are right.
Well, yeah *smiles*.

So what do you have in mind from now on?
I'm wondering what we'll do this year. I think we'll work on an album. Right?

Right *smiles*. Finally, would you say a word for everyone who is awaiting Buck-Tick's next activity?
I think perhaps it feels as though we're in hiding this year but because we'd like to work a little more before doing fan club only lives and things please wait a little longer. Please watch the DVD while you're waiting!