Fish Tank 47
Interview with Imai Hisashi
Translation: Lola

Even though you didn't do a THE DAY IN QUESTION show at the end of the year, you had some additional shows for the 'Tenshi~' tour, how did those go?
Yeah, I really like how the songs from that album came out live.....But yeah, I think that even if we had done 'The Day in~' it wouldn't have been that different. It's just a different name. .......I still would have done most of the new songs.

For the Budoukan show, there was a runway coming from the centre of the stage. That was the first time you've had something like that right?
That was fun. But there were times when I'd go out to the front and my wireless guitars would become unreliable. I don't know why though......But I did think the shape of the stage was interesting from the start. What's more, this time the concept, or rather the theme we went with was relatively focused on the show element of the performance and somehow that meant our vocalist, Sakurai-san was at the heart of it. So that's how I saw it.

With both the tour and the show at Budoukan over, what did you do?
At the end of the year? I stocked up on things *smiles*.

And what did you stock up on this year for New Years?
The same as usual I think. I stocked up on gyoza (1) again. Then I made potato salad and....oh, I made yum woonsen(2) too.

Oh! That's what you made in your corner of the FT too. So did you do the first shrine visit for the New Year?
I went to one close by. I was wondering if the one nearby was good so I went to see and it was...

So did you offer a greeting to the god that watches over the neighbourhood where you live?
Yeah, I did.

How long did you celebrate for?
Until about the 4th or 5th I think.

When did you start making preparations for Okinawa?
Roughly the day before rehearsal, I was rehabilitating at home *smiles*.

Rehabilitating? *smiles*
Yes, for the live. So that we could just do rehearsals in one day~.

Was one day enough?
Yup! I can usually tell from the mood during rehearsal how the show will go. We weren't doing anything too different from usual either so I knew the performance would be easy. I felt comfortable with it.

You were on stage with Asaki-san so did you rehearse for that?
No, Asaki-chan was there on the day of the rehearsal with us but I didn't rehearse 'Physical Neurose' with AGE of PUNK.

So after a half a year wait, you had the 'PARADE' show in Okinawa.
They waited a long time didn't they, well we made them wait.

Um...because it was in Okinawa, I imagine you had to take a plane...
Ugh, yes. *annoyed*

And since you hate planes, how did you manage Imai-san?
Hm? It was ok, I was tipsy. But I guess I should say that it was warm in Okinawa, I was surprised.

It was certainly comfortable just being in a t-shirt, meanwhile they said it was snowing in Tokyo.
Yes, yes, when I returned to Tokyo it was that cold. I kinda didn't wanna go back to it. I fell in love with that feeling in Okinawa. And the temperature too.

Right but you went there for a live so how did that go?
It was a little suffocating you know. I needed oxygen *smiles*.

Unlike a hall, there's not much air in a small live house.
It seemed like that yeah, like the air was thin.

And how did your session doing 'Physical Neurose' with AGE of PUNK turn out?
It was fun.

Even though it was your first live with Buck-Tick in 2008, how did you find it on the whole?
After half a year.......we did an 'ON PARADE' show *smiles*. And we did it with AGE of PUNK which is highly irregular...I love that *smiles*.

After the show there were other artists in Okinawa too.
Ah, you mean the members of GLAY? seems you drank together until morning.
Yeah, we did, we did *smiles*.

GLAY's live was two days after Buck-Tick's right?
Yes, their live was on the 22nd.

And then you guys met up after Buck-Tick's show on the 20th.
Yes. Then we also drank together the night of the 21st. But I thought you know, they wouldn't come because they had a live the next day but they came very readily *smiles*. And so we drank until morning.

Since you've returned from Okinawa, have you been resting?
Yeah, I have.

So what's going on now? Or are you still resting?
I'm still resting but I've been playing guitar too. I haven't recorded the sound for the demo yet or anything but I am deeply immersed in thought about what songs to do next and the next album.

This comes out at the end of March, do you think if you try really hard you'll have a song written by then?
Yeah, I guess that's possible isn't it?

A Buck-Tick song right?
Huh? Yes.

I'm asking because I thought you'd want to do Lucy soon.
Ah. Well I've thought about doing Lucy too......but I don't plan on doing a full album or anything soon. Well, maybe just a few lives or something.

So what do you plan on doing from now on Imai-san?
Well, I'll just do things as fast as I can......but I don't think it'll be that quick, still, I want to do another Buck-Tick album.

Do you already have an idea for the theme of your next work Imai-san?
Mm......well...well......perhaps I do.

And have you already discussed it with Hide-san and the other members?
I haven't told them anything yet. Well it's always like that. Can't really decide on anything until I have more details right. But I'll be a good album. I think it'll be something even more simple.

Better than 'Tenshi no Revolver'?
Mm. Yes.

Have you already seen the DVD of the B-T fest?
Just for verification but it made me laugh.

It's unusual to have cameras filming backstage isn't it?
I had it one time before with Lucy. But how can I say's not really my strong point. Even so, I think in some respects we all wanted to see it......actually.

What was filmed?
Yeah. It made my heart race(3) but it was interesting *smiles*.

The bonus footage had parts people don't normally get to see didn't it?
Because it was all backstage stuff. Ah, and it shows the stuff we do everyday, it's always the same, well, ordinarily. Like Yuuta teasing Anii. And guitar playing in the background. .......I thought that was kinda annoying actually *smiles*.

Huh? What's annoying about it?
Repeating the same thing day after day *smiles*.

Finally, would you say a word for everyone awaiting your next work?
I want to make a cool album as fast as I can because I want to be able to touch people so, please look forward to it and wait.

(1) I'm sure you all know that gyoza are dumplings but...just in case.
(2) It was featured in his part of the FT. It's a Thai seafood salad dish which looks good and makes me hungry~
(3) This is a cuteness note. He said he was 'dokidoki'. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Ok. I'm sorry. I just had to share that because some cuteness doesn't translate as well as it should. Alas.