Fish Tank 47: Q1


You have in front of you a germinating potted plant. What kind of plant will it be when it matures? Please choose the answer that is closest to what you imagined.

A. The plant will bloom with fragrant flowers
B. The leaves and fruit will be edible
C. It will be covered in tiny flowers
D. It'll have thick, luxuriant leaves

Mr Yuuta promptly answered "B" without even hearing out all of his choices.

Sakurai: C   Imai: C   Hoshino: D   Higuchi: B   Yagami: A


The growing plant is a bud of possibilities. That is, it will show your hidden talents.

A. If you chose a plant blooming with fragrant flowers......A frangrance might be invisible but it leaves a strong impression. In other words, you have the power to comfort people with your mere presence.

Yagami: Wow, is that so? But, isn't B better? *laugh*

B. If you chose a plant with edible leaves and fruits......If you picked fruits and vegetables then you're a reliable person. Your genius is in being able to remain calm and take action even in a time of crisis. In other words, you're the leader type.

Higuchi: Wooow, that's really not the case *laugh*. Okuno-san (Mr Okuno Atsushi, in 2004 him and Mr Yuuta formed "Wild Wise Apes") would so often be the producer and I'd just observe him.

C. If you chose a plant covered in tiny flowers......A myriad of tiny flowers symbolizes a myriad of possibilities. You possess the seeds of many talents.

Imai: No, we've just gotten the hang of these things over time *laugh*.   FT: You're so devious *laugh*.   Sakurai: Thank you!   FT: But Imai-san said you've learned the trick to these things.   Sakurai: He's being childish *laugh*.

D. If you chose a plant with thick, luxuriant leaves......If leaves were the main focus of your imaginary plant then you must possess an openhearted personality. You're the type to always seek out something fresh, you have the ability to make new discoveries and think of musical concepts that others wouldn't think of.

Hoshino: What do you think? Does that fit? What about the other ones? (he listens to the other results) Well, I guess it fits *laugh*. Let's say it does *laugh*. I mean, everyone got fitting results right.

Fish Tank 47: Q2


There's a 2 minute intermission in the live radio broadcast you're taking part in. What would you do during this limited period of time?

A. eat or have a drink
B. check yourself in a mirror
C. talk with the people around you
D. look over your notes and prepare for the next part of the broadcast

Imai: Eh? There's no toilet?
Hoshino: I'm not sure whether it's A or D...

Sakurai: A   Imai: D   Hoshino: D   Higuchi: C   Yagami: D


What you'd do during a commercial break in a live broadcast shows your initial thoughs and reaction to a difficult situation. From your behavior during the break we can guess how you cope with unexpected events as well as your reaction to betrayal.

Sakurai: That's pushing it *laughs*.
FT: I thought you'd say that *laugh*.

A. If you choose to eat or have a're very straightforward about what you want and always cry in emotional situations.

Sakurai: Kukuku, am I a baby *laugh*?
FT: So it sounds familiar?
Sakurai: Nooo, that's not true...

B. If you choose to check yourself in a'll maintain you never did anything wrong and will bear a one-sided grudge against your partner in self-defense.

C. If you choose to talk with the people around're the insensitive type, you'll find someone else no matter who leaves you.

Higuchi: I'm insensitive? I've never been betrayed so I wouldn't know *laugh*.

D. If you choose to prepare for the next part of the're the masochistic type, trying to think if you did something wrong.

Imai: Masochistic???
FT: Some people were saying you would choose B...
Imai: What? D, I chose D!!
Hoshino: Well, introspection is a good thing, isn't it.
Yagami: Ooo. Call it being masochistic but well, personally I'd wonder what it was that I did.

Fish Tank 47: Q3


At a party, a dish is set out that you have neither tasted nor seen before. Maybe it's because it looks weird but it's unappetizing and no one is trying it.
The dish is passed around the table before coming to you. What will you do?

A. It looks interesting so you're willing to give it a try
B. No way you're eating that
C. If someone else eats it then you'll give it a cautious try

Sakurai: A! ......oh, it's disgusting, I guess B after all. B, I won't eat that.
Hoshino: Oh, it's gross so B, I'm not eating it! (upon hearing the question again) Hm, if it's at a party......alright, I'll take C.
FT: What!? Did you just change your answer? *laugh*
Hoshino: If someone beside me tries it then yes. Alcohol will give me the strength *laugh*.

Sakurai: B   Imai: A   Hoshino: C   Higuchi: C   Yagami: A

Imai: Ah, but if it tastes gross I'll spit it out *laugh*.


This test will uncover which abnormal type of sex piques your curiosity.

Imai: *bursts out laughing!!* What? Who chooses these quizzes?   FT: We choose which ones to use but they're sent in by fans.

A. If you're willing to try the dish......If you want to try strange dishes then you're the type who wants to try things for himself, who thinks for himself and who likes a challenge. You're an extremely curious person. Furthermore, you're an advocate of experience, of personally trying out the things that interest you. You're driven by your impulses.

Imai: ............ Buh?
Yagami: It's true. I agree. You hit the nail on the head! But don't you find it boring, hating something without ever trying it?

B. If you refuse to try the dish......It is your powers of imagination that are superior. You're not into the usual things and at first glance you seem the taciturn, daydreaming type. But even though you seem a bit slow and mostly uninterested in sex, you're a maniac whose thoughts would put most perverts to shame. However, even though you secretly read dirty manga and novels and write dirty stories, you haven't really experienced those things yourself.

Sakurai: *bursts out laughing!!* Did you know what I'd say? *smiles*
FT: No, I just picked it because I read it was a psyche test *smiles*.
Sakurai: Great and I'm a total pervert!!

C. If you decide give the dish a cautious try......You're a gullible type and it takes very little for you to get completely addicted. But you look as if sex and perversion do not interest you at all. People secretly doubt whether you enjoy sex at all because you yourself seem to have a lot of issues with it. A person like you can become completely addicted to something if only given a chance to try it.

Hoshino: What do you think? It seems pretty normal *laugh*.
FT: That's because you haven't been given that chance yet.
Hoshino: I wonder, haven't I? *laugh* Once again I get the normal result. Seems I'm the only normal one here *laugh*.
Higuchi: Heeey, this sucks *laugh*. Ok, I'll be careful.

Translated by: W_B