Fish Tank 47
Interview with Sakurai Atsushi
Translation: Lola

You continued to do lives during the latter half of 2007 but how did you find the last half of the 'Tenshi no Revolver' tour?
By the middle of the tour I was getting the hang of things so I was able to use the staging better and broaden my performance.

Was there any place that left an impression on you?
Yokosuka, it was my first time there. It's an amazingly beautiful place, and the feeling that came from being there was certainly good too.

Do you mean because the sound was good or something?
No, I'm talking about the good feeling that I had inside me. After that show...I feel it has now become my most beloved of all places.

After all those shows, there were additional shows on top of that but did you have time to rest for a bit in between those performances and rehearsals?
I had a little leisure time, but then we went along with the planned additional performances and the filming of the show at Budoukan.

How did the other performances go as an extension of the tour?
I was able to enjoy the shows in Nagoya, Osaka and Budoukan, they felt fresh.

Every year you are usually worried about song choice for The Day in Question show but you didn't have to worry about that this year.
Mm well, I still thought about it. We still thought about what we'd play.

You had a different stage than usual at Budoukan this time that you have not had before, how did you find it?(1)
Yeah I think it was rather interesting wasn't it. It was really a great idea.

So you were able to manage it?
I got the hang of it by 'Rendezvous~'...while Imai-san was all over it, hopping around, every time I'd look back he was there *smiles*.

It's true he was *smiles*. Other than Yagami-san all the other members used the walkway in the middle by the end didn't they?
I know but I thought it would have been good if Anii had used it too *smiles*.

Have you seen the recording of the Budoukan show yet?
Yeah but just the rough cut. I haven't seen it yet with proper editing.

How is it?
Hmmmm, as far as filming goes it's done in a fresh new way I find. Because of the new staging we used too. As always it's Hayashi-san who is in charge of film direction so he wanted to do something different again too, we want it to be something that even after watching over and over for many years, you don't get tired of it. Well, because we've tried various things up till this point with our work, now I want people to enjoy it.

After waiting nearly half a year, you finally did the show in January in Okinawa, how did that go?
For me it felt like...the atmosphere of the 'PARADE' tour had come back to life.

How did the live itself go?
Because we were doing songs from the new album in the live house, it felt very fresh for me. I thought the live house really suited the songs well and I'm just really glad we were able to go do that in Okinawa. We weren't limited by only doing things that were from 'Tenshi no Revolver' nor from 'PARADE' so because of that mix between the two I think it made for a great show.

During 'Sid Vicious~' Asaki-san was called on stage to sing but was it because of his voice?
No, I asked him to please come on because I wanted him to enjoy himself and do something he likes.

Asaki-san said it was a dream come true for him.
I'm just glad I was able to make him so happy.

Did you watch AGE of PUNK while they were on stage?
When I peeked from the side I could only see Kacchan *smiles*.

At the end of the Okinawa live you were able to meet up with several members of Glay, which is a rare occurrence isn't it.
Yes, they just happened to be doing lives in Okinawa too.

Were you able to talk with them for a bit?
It had been almost 10 years since I've met with Takuro-kun. He happened to be with the make-up artist Tanizaki-san, so it was fate. But even though it had been a long time since I've seen him he hadn't really changed, I was relieved.

Hisashi-kun came too and even though I haven't seen either of them in a long time they haven't changed at all. So we had a nice reunion in Okinawa.

So what's on your mind now?
With Okinawa done it finally feels like New Years for me. So now I'm really resting. Both my body and mind. Last year made me really tense so now I'm finally in the midst of recovering *smiles*.

But what do you have in mind after that? This comes out around the end of March so what do you think will be going on then?
Well, I think we'll be preparing to get into working again. Last year was so good and I think we want to have that good atmosphere again with something straight and simple but with some changes too, something that will have energy. For me some ways I'd like to recreate that feeling we had in the live house in Okinawa doing the 'Tenshi no Revolver' songs.

Because it wasn't like a big hall.
Yeah, that's just what I thought.

The B-T fest DVD has come out but have you seen it yet?
Yeah and of course when I watched it I thought all the people who performed for us looked quite gorgeous. The incredible high spirited atmosphere was conveyed through the DVD and I think it turned out really good.

And did you watch the bonus footage?
Oh the bonus footage, yes *smiles*.

What's that smile for?
Hm? By now it's been adjusted a little but, the first version was really too horrible *smiles*.

A little too close for comfort was it?
A little too much yeah. When I watched it I thought 'h-h-hey hold on! That's too much!' *smiles*.

But it's not made for you to watch.
I know, I know, I know. It's for laughing at with friends.

So how do you feel about it now with all the adjustments?
Well, basically the same as before *smiles*. But if the people watching enjoy it, then even if I'm a little uncomfortable, it's ok. But I always look so drunk throughout, it's embarrassing *smiles*.

Being able to see Buck-Tick backstage isn't something you're really used to is it?
No, how can I put it? Other people might be used to that sort of thing I guess. But personally, I close the door and hide. But in the end I still hear various sounds from all over the place. Like the staff coming and going. Then there's everyone playing their instruments, I hear the metronome (2) and the twang of guitars. Everyone's doing their own things before the live but because I don't really have to do anything, I want quiet.

So for you Sakurai-san, quiet and stillness is how you prepare.
Mm, yes.

Finally, would you say a word for all those who are awaiting Buck-Tick's next project?
I'm truly grateful for all the fans who have been with us over these 20 years. And I'm grateful to the staff for organizing such great events for us. Our 21st year starts here. And I pray you'll still be with us. Thank you. Let's meet again. With love.

(1)The stage had a runway coming from the centre for the DiQ show so that B-T could get closer to the audience. Usually, the fans are quite distant from the stage at Budoukan so this must have been really nice.
(2) If you've seen the dvd he's talking about that machine U-ta has. The one that Imai complains about because he uses it all the time. XD U-ta explains that he uses it to keep the rhythm of the songs because many change rhythm and he has to be able to keep up. Translated it as 'metronome' but Sakurai says he hears the 'pikopiko' sound.