Fish Tank 47
Interview with Higuchi Yutaka
Translation: Lola

During the latter half of the 'Tenshi no Revolver' tour, was there any place that left an impression on you?
It was my first time in Yokosuka and I thought the hall was sooo pretty.

Was there any place that you thought had good sound or an echo?
Well you know this time we had a computer beside us so...when you compare it to the past, there's no real difference between good sound and bad sound.

So there's wasn't really a place where the sound worried you then...
Well there was a place where the sound was so luxurious it made me go 'huh?!' but when compared to the past there really wasn't anything bad, no.

After the show in Kobe you hung out with the staff at the end too didn't you?
There was a sort of hush after that show as there usually is at the end of something you don't want to be over *smiles*. It wasn't like 'Oh nooo, it's over!!', it was just this generally surreal feeling

You didn't feel like you had to wait until after the additional performances?
Not really...... We weren't really excited about that you know. It was the end of the tour but it also felt like the end for my body, even if we're used to it, it's still tiring.

After the main tour, you had one rehearsal then you did the additional shows in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka but how did they go?
We didn't really change the contents. The tour was long this time but we managed to create...quite a good feeling with it and since these other three shows weren't 'THE DAY in QUESTION', they were an extension of the tour we wanted to continue with that feeling we had created and show it onstage. At first we didn't know what to do, and we weren't sure if we should change things up but after all the hard work we had put in, we wanted to go with that good feeling so that's what we did...

Without really changing the content.
Yes, yes, yes. Well, we changed the encores of course but we thought it'd be better not to change the original set.

During the last of the additional performance, for the one in Budoukan, there was a walkway coming out from the centre of the stage...
You're wondering how it was?

Yes, I saw you come forward and use it so how did you find it?
I could only use it a little bit but Acchan was on there a lot, and I think it was great that he was able to do that.

I already asked you how you thought the album would be live during the time of recording but how do you feel now?
Ah yes, of course I think it went well. Even the flow of the tour was good you know. It was the kind of tour that makes you move a lot and I think by the end our bodies we're getting used to it. Plus we also had events and we were al~ways doing lives you know. So I really feel complete now.

How did you spend the end of the year after the Budoukan show?
I spend.......every New Year's Eve at my friend's house so that's what I did. That's it really.

And how did spend the beginning of the year?
By doing absolutely nooooo~thing. I feel so out of it now from doing nothing. It's a nice feeling of relief.

Then after having to wait for nearly half a year, you had the show in Okinawa on January 20th. When did you start preparing for that?
No but we didn't really, just rehearsed for one day.

What about individual rehearsals?
Nope, none. Usually I do when I'm going to play something but for the Okinawa show I was lacking the motivation or something. Perhaps it was a good live but......that doesn't mean it was fun you know. It really felt like an add-on performance to me.

With both the fest and the album tour over, you didn't find it fun to do a live with AGE of PUNK?
Because it felt like more work. I go out drinking a lot with AGE of PUNK and we're really good friends you know. So of course the show was quite fun. This is going to sound a little strange but it felt more like it wasn't just about seeing Buck-Tick. I can say that for the whole of the 'PARADE' tour in June and July. And I think that's what made it the best.

The set list was completely different from the shows in June and July but how did you come to the decision to change it?
We thought it'd be better to have a mood that was easy to get into, so we went with that.

During 'Sid Vicious ON THE BEACH' Asaki-san was called to the stage, how did the session with him go?
That was fun. And I think he had fun too so I'm glad.

What memory stands out for you about Okinawa?
Perhaps...that friends came to see our live. On top of that, these are friends who I went drinking with in Tokyo the day before going to Okinawa *smiles*.

How did you find the change in temperature between the cold of Tokyo and the Okinawa heat?
But it wasn't as hot as I thought it'd be. I actually thought it'd be a little warmer.

Because everyone was going on and on about how huge a difference in temperature it was. So I thought it'd be a lot worse. Clearly my idea of what it's like down south is completely different from most people's. So...yeah. But then when we were going back to Tokyo, I was scared of returning to the cold.

With the live in Okinawa over, what are you doing now Yuuta-san?
Absolutely nothing.... Ah, but I have gone drinking. With friends who I couldn't go drinking with while we were on tour. So I guess now you could say I'm doing stuff that I didn't get to do while touring.

Any plans for this year?
Yes, I don't plan on being spaced out forever, I'll do my best and practice playing bass.

Are you still practicing the classical bass you spoke of before...?
I am~. I'm still a little shaky on it so I have to go back to it.

Because you couldn't play it the whole time you were on tour. Anyway, this report will come out roughly around the same time as the DVD of the B-T fest.
I watched it! I saw a lot of the live because it was on tv you know. Along with some backstage stuff *smiles*.

How did you find it? Having cameras backstage during the whole 'PARADE' tour?
It was fun *smiles*. But at one point when Acchan's talking you just see me blabbing away and cackling in the background *smiles*. Well, if everyone thinks it's funny then it's all good.

Well if you think it's a good point about it then that's ok.
That it's funny? Isn't it a good thing? It's not a negative thing is it?

No it's good *smiles*. When I watched the bonus footage it was fairly normal so I thought there'd be more.
But if people enjoy it then it's good.

Since it seems like there isn't really much going on with Buck-Tick right now, will you please give a message to everyone who is awaiting what you'll do next?
We want to try to meet you again as soon as we can so in the meantime please watch the DVD of the B-T fest while you wait.