Fish Tank 48
Interview with Hoshino Hidehiko
Translation: Lola

Since there's nothing going on right now that we can talk about, what have you been doing lately?
What have I been doing...recently? I did the live in January in Okinawa, then I was on vacation for awhile. After that I began song writing and...that's about it.

Have you given a demo to the other members?
No, not yet. I haven't shown anyone yet because I want the song to be really~ ready.

Before you work on a song, do you have some image that you're aiming at and that's what you want to be true to?
That's it..., we want to keep it relatively simple like last time, that's what we said when we were drinking.

Now, as you're completing the song, what feeling do you think it has?
Like last time, we're continuing with the guitar sound, it's a simple song.

So it's a song that focuses on the guitars.
That's right. It all comes from the guitar.

So, now are you going to give people the demo?
But it's not quite right yet to show them. Even if it's done, there are still a lot of things I have to do before showing it to them, like I have to give them a version to practice with. And I haven't done that yet.

What do you mean by a version to practice with?
Like with two guitars and vocals, then I just have to put in a few different things for Anii and Yuuta to practice with.

Then while the rhythm section listens to that...
They can practice with that version.

Do you do things this way every time?
I do it every time. Then I put the bass and drum parts together, and I already have the part with the two guitars and the vocals so then I just balance it so that it's easy to understand. I do that each time for every song.

But the demo you let us listen to when its complete is a different version too isn't it...?
Yes. So that's the process I go through to show it to everyone.

So then, from now on you'll be doing all that with the song you've completed...
But I haven't done it yet because it's a lot of annoying work...*smiles*.

Tell us what you've been doing other than music. Compared with during the tour, you have a lot of time to yourself now so, what have you been up to, what's your daily routine?
Daily routine? I don't have one~. Let's see, what have I been up to~. This is like that 'Ongaku to Hito' interview I did where I really had nothing to talk about, it made me nervous *smiles*.

Were you able to move around to shake it off?
I wanted to move around but I wasn't able to because of where we were.

Composing takes a long time but, in the time that it takes to work on songs, do your methods change?
Fundamentally, things never change. They don't change but, due to limited time I have to do what I can within that period.

I know you're still working on a song right now but usually how long does it take for it to really feel completed?
Sometimes it can all come together in a day, and other times it can take close to a month. There's no definite answer but, on average I guess it takes about one to two weeks? I work in different patterns when I'm composing so it's hard to say how many days go by...... But before all that I have to think about the image I want. Like I have to think about what sort of scene it will be, what sort of picture it will paint. Once I know that, I can play guitar to suit that image.......well, and other various things.

And that's all the things you do to create a song. Other than song writing though, have you gone to any events?
I guess going to see the cherry blossoms is considered an event. I went to a place close by and invited a lot of people. Like Imai-san, Yoko-chan, and Miyoken who plays guitar with Kiyoharu-kun. Kiyoharu-kun couldn't come but......Nishikawa-kun came and then he sang 'Dress' in karaoke after *smiles*.

Wow, you called quite a lot of people.
Yes, I did. I invited the members of GLAY too but they couldn't come......but there were a lot of others there and we ended up being close to 20 people I think.

Did you get a nice spot to view the flowers, and get a picnic blanket and bento and drinks?
Yes, yes. Went to the store and got beer and rented one of those blue sheets (1).

You went all out didn't you?
Of course, you have to, to do it properly. But then, it started to rain that morning and I wondered what we should do, I didn't think we'd be able to meet up.

You sound like a teacher in charge of a school picnic *smiles*.
I know, I know. I had to be a little firm and make the decisions.

Did the rain stop while you were there?
Yeah, it stopped. It stopped sometime in the afternoon so everyone came. So our first party was outside, viewing the cherry blossoms, then the after party was held in an izakaya (2) and after that I arranged for us to go to karaoke.

You made the arrangements Hide-san?
Yes, I did *smiles*.

Wow!! So you were at the heart of all that activity, like going drinking with everyone and all that?
I didn't really want to be you know but it just felt like it was up to me to get things going this time. Also since it was close to my house I knew places to go to.

So you were the coordinator.
Yes, I arranged everything.

In this issue, we've released information about the lives. It's been a long time since you've done fan club only lives.
Like in small live houses.

Yes. So, we have a lot of planning to do now for the shows.
*while looking through the different ideas for the lives* I think it'll be interesting.

We have to have a little meeting to plan things out can be sure the lives will be fun!

In your corner of the FT fans sent you messages, so how did you find reading them?
It was just as I thought it'd be~, they were fun to read. I'm not sure how to explain it, but I was so glad. I'm not really good with words but......somehow, it felt like they really understood me.

How do you plan on spending your birthday this year?
Huh? This year? This year I'm song writing *smiles*.

There's nothing going on right now but, would you please say something for everyone who is waiting for lives and the next album?
We've been quiet for quite awhile now *smiles*. Gradually now, songs are coming together so look forward to what's coming! There's a loooooo~ng way to go but please wait for it.

(1) Blue sheet refers to a sort of...plastic like tarp that Japanese people use for hanami (cherry blossom viewing). Some people bring blankets, in Japan it's these blue sheets. Pretty much everyone uses them for hanami.
(2) I know I explained izakaya before but just in case, for those who are new and might not feel like going back to check a different interview; an izakaya is basically a Japanese style pub. A place where you can order various foods but the main point of going is to drink. The food there generally is meant to me a compliment to the drinking.