Fish Tank 48: Q1 *new


You get home and step into your bedroom where you can finally relax. A single word leaves your lips without you even being conscious of it. "Ahhh~, *****"
Please pick which it is out of the following choices.

A. "That was funny!" or "I had fun"
B. "Man I'm tired" or "Glad that's over"
C. "I did it" or "It's perfect"
D. "Well that was scary" or "Man, that was painful"
E. "Right, I wanted to try doing ***" or "Maybe there's a message on my answering machine"

Yagami: I believe that's what happened last time I came back form Gunma. "A~h, I'm exhausted." *laughs*

Sakurai: D   Imai: C   Hoshino: C   Higuchi: B   Yagami: B

Higuchi: At least I think it's B....
FT: And just so you know, that's the same as Yagami-san.
Higuchi: Huh, maybe I should change mine then? *laughs*


This quiz will show us what color suits your heart.

If you chose A......Your heart is Yellow
You see things in a positive light, don't you. On top of that, recently something good happened to you, something that made you grin and anticipate the fun. Yellow is like an ever understanding friend, at your side in happiness and in sadness.

If you chose B......Your heart is Green
You're a kind and gentle spirit. You're sensitive to other people and feel acutely what's around you. Green gives you strength even when you're unaware, relaxes you when you're tense. It draws out your natural kindness and restores your sense of balance when you've overworked yourself.

Higuchi: I don't think that fits Anii, you know.
FT: You mean he's different?
Higuchi: Kind of.... *laughs*

If you chose C......Your heart is White
You're strict with yourself. You're constantly pondering how you should be living or worrying about flawless execution. We get the impression that a fresh start is what you absolutely need in order to go on living. So put down onto a blank piece of paper that which is inside your heart. Little by little the gloom will lift from your heart and your thoughts will clear.

Imai: What? What? What? Huh? ...suffering seems like the premise to me. And writing it out on that blank piece of paper's like self help.

Hoshino: Is that true? Well, I would like to make a new start. I'm of those who want that fresh start so that they can go on to the next beginning.

If you chose D......Your heart is Black
You are filled with creative power. As a child you dealt with psychological fears, so that now you are going through life carrying the burden of deep secrets. Also, you are currently under great pressure. But as long as you can find light, you will remain strong.

Sakurai: You got it! Yeah! Yes! It truly is amazing, I was led right to D....

If you chose E......Your heart is Silver
You're a person of intuition. You are inherently kind and possess the power of a healer, you impart love and knowledge onto others. You have no attachment to money. That is why you truly enjoy the process of thought itself.

Fish Tank 48: Q2


You decided that after work, you'd all go together to a restaurant. When you step inside the restaurant, you spot 4 empty tables. You're standing at the head of your group so which of the 4 available spots will you choose? Which of the following tables will you sit at?

A. by the window
B. by the back wall
C. in the middle of the restaurant
D. by the door

Sakurai: D   Imai: A   Hoshino: A   Higuchi: D   Yagami: A  


The restaurant at which you meet to chat and satisfy your hunger is a symbol of your carnal desires. Your choice of seat will tell us how you love.

A. If you chose to sit by the window......You chose a seat from which you can watch the world go by. You're the type who can fall in love with many people at the same time.

Imai: ......what......?!
Hoshino: Oh? Is that so? *smiles*
Yagami: Hahhahhahhahha. How terrible. *laughs*

B. If you chose to sit by the back wall......You chose a seat from which you can only see your table companions. You're the type who'll love only one for the rest of his life.

C. If you chose to sit in the middle......You chose a seat from which you can see the whole restaurant. You're the type to choose partners who complement you.

D. If you chose to sit by the door......You chose a seat from which you can see the people who'll come in after you. You switch partners frequently and without truly getting to know them.

Sakurai: Ah...I made a mistake. I was thinking of yesterday......Oh well, that's alright. *smiles*
(After reading the other answers) Sakurai: I even thought of B at first......Ah yes, that's it, it is B!!!
FT: Come on, you're taking too long. *laughs*

Higuchi: Um? What should I think???

Fish Tank 48: Q3


You've had a great time drinking with friends so you all decide to go to an afterparty. Your friends have no particular preferences so you're the one who has to decide on the location. Where would you go?

A. drink at another bar
B. go eat ramen
C. go to karaoke
D. go bowling or do other sports

Yagami: First we go bar hopping, with my band or others that I'm drinking with, but I ask them where they want to go *laugh*. And we don't stop drinking after doing one bar, right. Then after the third or so we might go to karaoke or bowling.

Sakurai: B   Imai: A   Hoshino: C   Higuchi: A   Yagami: A

Sakurai:'s that this isn't my real answer, just like the other time...
FT: What are all these excuses!!
Sakurai: Nooo no no... Aren't you curious about the answers no one chooses *laughs*? Usually I'll go drinking at another bar's ok, I'll go for ramen, I want to eat some *laugh*.


Have you decided where you would like to go after having fun talking, eating and drinking delicious alcohol? From the things you'll want to do after having thoroughly satisfied your initial cravings we can guess your hidden, secret sexual desires. Depending on your answer, we'll find out what kind of abnormal sexual appetite you have.

A. If you chose drinking at another like excitement, you're the aggressive sadist type.

Imai: asked about an afterparty, right? Once I'm done at the first bar...I guess usually I'll go drinking. What's this aggressive sadist thing about! I'd go drinking! As usual! Or to karaoke after the third bar.
FT: By the way, Hide-san chose karaoke and that one means you're the type who can easily lean towards homosexuality.
Imai: I guess Hide just wants to sing Monica? Just that badly? Hya hya hya.

Higuchi: I really am a sadist.
FT: You know anything about it?
Higuchi: I am a sadist *laugh*.

Yagami: ......S huh......hmm. That's alright because I don't like M *laugh*...

B. If you chose eating're a masochist, you'll unconsciously be cruel towards yourself.
C. If you chose you mood is everything, you're the type who can very easily lean towards homosexuality.

Hoshino: I see *laugh*. Homosexuality? Ah, it's all good *laugh*. I'll watch myself *laugh*.

D. If you chose bowling or other're the flasher, you want to show yourself off.

FT: So Sakurai-san is a masochist, Hide-san is gay, and the others are sadists. Higuchi: Thankfully we have no flashers *laugh*.

Translated by: w_b