Fish Tank 48
Interview with Sakurai Atsushi
Translation: Lola

Since there's nothing really going on right now, perhaps you should tell us about the various things you've been doing lately?
Hmm......right now is song writing time at work but......for me, personally, it's time to wait.

Because you haven't got anything from Imai-san or Hide-san yet?
Hn...not yet...

So there's nothing in particular you want to talk about Sakurai-san?
Hmm....I don't really have anything to say.

Well what have you done recently Sakurai-san? For instance, in regards to writing lyrics, do you have any poems you've been saving?
Ah...recently......because we have a tentative recording schedule up.....I've been thinking that I should start to gather some ideas for writing.

Like where you should draw your lyrics from? Do you think you'll try to go somewhere by the sea or in the mountains?
No...*smiles*. Well, you know......I can't really go where I want so, I'll try to go where I usually go. I think if I can feel refreshed then I can create better. Yeah, I kind of have to do order to work well.

So you're saying that, in order to create something, you need to be in a good environment right?
Yeah, and of course being in nature is good for makes me able to do different things..... it's strange how when I'm in nature, I have these moments of awareness, it's such a powerful feeling. I had those moments in the past but, I used to have to watch movies or read a book to get them. Mmm......but now those things don't work for me......

So you don't use those things anymore, even out of habit?
Not really, no......if I do it's usually just...coincidental.

Recently, other than waiting for songs, what have you been up to personally?
Mmm.......I've been......feeling the nature around me *smiles*.

Feeling nature around you? Anything specifically?
No, it's environment changed a little.

Which do you like better, the city or nature?
Um......right now nature is much better for me.

Now, unlike during the tour, you don't really have any time constraints so have you done anything different in your free time, like cook something?
Usually.......having nothing to do with my time would make me uneasy.......but I'm enjoying it now....

It's nice to not really do anything isn't it?
It is nice, yes.

When you're not busy, you seem so elegant and refined.
Ah...well that that just comes with age perhaps.

How do you find life now?
I feel like......I've calmed down.

So do you think you've found the proper and right way to live your life?
I think the rule to live by, is that there is no one rule. Mm, we all have our individual problems, we all have our personal hurts.

Do you think that has anything to do with the fact that unlike when you're busy, you don't go out drinking so much....?
You know when it comes to alcohol, the amount I drink will never decrease *smiles*.

Really?! But you've said before that you drink at home you know.
I don't really go out.

But perhaps I have an image of being the type who goes out to drink.

When really you drink mainly at home?
That's terrible, you're mean!!

*everyone snickers*......

You got a lot of alcohol for your birthday didn't you?
Enough to kill no, I'm really grateful. When I saw it all, I was so moved, it was the highlight of my day! Then I thought wow, I get to drink all of this and was so happy.......and frightened at the same time....*smiles*. But thank you to everyone who sent it......I'm really grateful.

So you're going to drink all that at home?
Well since I don't really~ go out.

In this issue we've announced the fan club only lives. It's been a long time since you've done fan club only lives but did you really want to do this?'s more that I wanted to do lives in a small live house.

Like some that you played in for 'Tenshi no Revolver'?
We only......played in a small live house in Okinawa though.

That's true. Only in Okinawa.
Yes......I'd like to capture that rock feeling we had on stage there in that tiny live house one more time. Playing that way again with everyone.......on purpose this time... is going to create a different atmosphere. At least...that's our plan, like if we do it this way, then maybe it'll turn out how we want.

You want to bring everyone together.
Yeah, yeah. I want people to be like 'Wow~ this was so wonderful, did it really happen?' *smiles*.

You've had people react that way.
I know, that's why......I touch more people like that.

In the last questionnaire fans answered, they wrote 'We want more fan club only lives from now on'.
*while looking over the form* Well some people even want us to go back and do meet and greets and live talks *bursts out laughing*. Mm......that's what the Q&A corner is for though *smiles*. Anyway, I am thinking about how to make everyone happy.

Seems like he doesn't really have anything to say yet in regards to the fan club only lives, we'll have to wait a bit more.......

In the part where we asked fans about what the best 10 songs were, you found out what they want to listen to but is there anything you'd like to ask the fans?
Hmm.......I'd like to know what they thought of me *smiles*.

Looking at the pile of letters addressed to Mr. Hoshino regarding his topic of 'Send me a message'.

Is someone asking him to go golfing together?

*everyone bursts out laughing loudly*

This one's good, it's about Bonsai......

You're just saying that because you like it.
Yup. Let's go work on Bonsai!

Why don't you make a Bonsai diary in your corner of the FT? *smiles*
Fufu.......I've been doing the same thing with pictures for a year now, so I guess it'd be good to do something new once in awhile *smiles*. But, I wonder if they'll think it's good......or if they'll just gulp it all up because it's something new! *bursts out laughing*

Will you please say something for everyone who is waiting to see you at the end of the year.
Thank you, always. Are your hearts well? The cicadas sing in summer but then, when it grows cold, we will meet again. Please, take care till then.