Fish Tank 48
Interview with Higuchi Yutaka
Translation: Lola

What's the current situation?
I supplied coverage in a magazine on the Hanshin matches I was able to go see. First I go to the Hanshin fan shop, then I go to the Open and finally, I go watch the game.

You don't usually get to go to matches do you?
Yeah. But that's because I can't go off to Osaka and Nagoya all the time. But when we were moving around Japan during the tour I did get to go to one game. That was good but it was just one.......

You wanted to go to more?
Yeah but I felt terrible because I had to go to Hiroshima so I couldn't be there to cheer them on *smiles*.

And what's going on with Buck-Tick right now?
I got Hide's completed demo tape. The song feels so manly.

Since you've got the demo, have you practiced the song?
No, not yet. I just listened to it. Because I only got it yesterday.

What did you think of the hot news when you returned home Yuuta-san?
*smiles* Ah yes, the hot news. I was surprised!

Did Imai-san tell you about his wedding before that?
No, no, not at all. But that's just how Imai is.

What about you Yuuta-san? Will we be getting a public report like that from you *smiles*?
Well then, should I start soliciting for potential brides in my FT corner?

What?! That would be dreadful *smiles*.
Well, then quit it *smiles*.

I'll wait for when you make a similar report Yuuta-san.
Ok then, I'll start soliciting *smiles*.

It's been a long time since I've seen all you guys together and yet amazingly, you all seem to be letting your hair grow.
Yes yes, because I don't know what to do with it.

When I saw you from behind Yuuta-san, I thought you looked like a girl...*smiles*.
I know, the other day when I went out for yakitori with a friend the shopkeeper said the same thing.

What?! He mistook you for a girl?
Yeah. Because I went with a guy friend so he thought we were a couple.

What?! *smiles*
He even said 'And what would the lady like to drink?'.

*bursts out laughing!!*
And so I was like, uuuuuuuuuh what? *smiles*

Did this happen recently?
Yes. But as soon as he noticed he was really apologetic. It's because I'm short. Then Katsumura-san said that I was only 120cm.

Uwah! That's tiny *smiles*.
But, you know, until then when I'd say I was short I used to think it was good because it made me stand out.

Yes, it's better being short! But maybe I stand out because I look like I've only grown halfway. Even during lives when I run around, people wonder 'what's that?'.

Because your steps sound like a little animal's.
Yes. For every one step Hide takes, I take about three so it's like this little shuffling sound*smiles*.

You've had a lot of free time lately so what did you do in early spring?
Well, I went to friend's lives but I always do that. But I went to ones that couldn't while I was on tour. Recently, because I'm good friends with Kimura-kun formerly of Zeppet Store (currently in hurdy gurdy) I went to his live and we drank together. Yeah...I think I went out drinking a lot with friends.

What was your daily routine like?
Well...I was nearly always out drinking so...

But what do you do all day long?
That's a good question *smiles*. But I might die for saying this. After drinking all day one day, I suddenly noticed that I ended up at some person's barbeque that I didn't even know *smiles*.

Huh? You didn't know who they were?
It was around Nikotama. But nooo, I didn't know anyone there, I felt so rude.... But then I saw an old man throwing out the garbage so I helped him out and we became friends *smiles*.

*smiles*. Is there anything you've been addicted to lately Yuuta-san?
Oh, my delicious chahan!

Oh, really? You're good at making chahan?

What kind of chahan is it?
Well~, there's flour, that's what I put in it *smiles*.

*bursts out laughing* I seriously believed you for a moment there. You know you don't put that in chahan right? *smiles*
I know. But I beat the eggs and stir-fried them all by myself *smiles*. Because I can't cook you know.....

But I'm sure it was delicious in a way *smiles*. Other than drinking, did you do anything at home?
Not really, no. Because I feel lonely at home. I hate being alone so I usually go out with friends.

It's early, but in this issue we've announced the fan club only lives.
That is really early.

We'll have to wait a little bit more before we can talk about in more details though.
Yeah, ok. Well you know, now we're in the midst of working. So I can't see people really, it makes me lonely. My house is lonely so I absolutely want people to come to the lives.

Don't you think it would be nice to do shows in little lounges?
It would! I'd love to do that. *glancing at what people want for the fan club only lives* What? They want us to do a talk show? Can I be the MC?

*smiles* A talk show with the other four as guests and you as the host?
Yeah. Can I have a little melody in the key of C? *while clapping his hands* Please put your hands together to we~lcome our guests!

If that's all you got as an MC...I'm not sure it's that great *smiles*.
It's not a good MC is it? *smiles* And then I'd steadily slip from my position *smiles*.

While the audience leaves *smiles*.

We continued to digress for awhile before the meeting for the fan club only lives started...I'm looking forward to the shows!

Finally...will you say something for everyone awaiting Buck-Tick's next work?
As always...when next we meet we'll have something good for you that we want you to come see so, from now on we'll work really hard on it for you all to enjoy it.