Fish Tank 49
Interview with Hoshino Hidehiko
Translation: Lola

We're doing the interview in the studio today, what are you working on?
Today we're recording the rhythm section but we're also checking the guitar parts on one song.

Did you verify with Imai-san before recording?
Yes, to confirm for the guitar.

Would you tell us about the recording situation right now?
Right now it's...somewhere in the middle stage? I think we're at the looping part?

On the whole, how is your guitar recording going?
I'm about half done...just at little more to go....

And what about the recording of your songs Hide-san?
All the music is mostly put in, after that...I'm just waiting to put in the vocals. But before that I have to put together the recorded parts of the rhythm section and the singing is really towards the end so things are in pieces right now....

It's like things are all over the place isn't it?
All over the place *smiles* yes, yes that's it.

Has the recording been going smoothly for you this time Hide-san?
I has. Well, it's pretty much the same as always....

So you didn't have any difficulties with Imai-san's songs or anything like that?
...oh yes...well when it comes to's always like that I think...but I wouldn't say...that it's especially difficult or anything.

Other than your guitar parts, are there other parts that you're actually present for when it comes to recording your songs?
Ah, yes for the rhythm parts, the vocals and the chorus.

Ok. So I guess that means you have quite a lot of reasons to come to the studio then?
Yes...well, it doesn't seem like that much to me though...hahaha. But I guess it is quite a lot....

Like for instance, if you just had to come in and play guitar, then all you'd have to think about is guitar but since you're the composer, you have to think about all the recording and the producing....
It's's really playing...and everything else too.

Yes. Speaking of everything you have to do, I've noticed lately that since you are a composer and a guitarist, you've been quite busy...trying to balance everything *smiles*.
Well...I can't be everywhere at once.

So what do you do when you're not playing?
When I'm not playing...I do things like...decide on the type of sound for the rhythm parts...because there's a lot of different sounds you can make with drums so if I'm not getting the ideal sound, I have to think about how to change it....

And then go from there?
Yeah. I start with that usually.

You don't write lyrics right Hide-san. So did you have any requests for Sakurai-san to write this time?
Not really...occasionally~ I'll ask him for something but...for the most part I leave it up to him. It has to be something easy for him to sing matter what.

With Sakurai-san's lyrics in the demo, it changes the impression of the song...had you thought about that, that the content of the lyrics would change it?
It's true...that changes it too...but when I have an image in mind, I usually tell him about it doesn't really change that much....

You don't have the vocals done for your songs yet do you Hide-san?
I have some temporary vocals done but nothing definite yet.

At this point in time what kind of album do you think it's going to be?
Hmm...I think we're drawing from the flow of the last I'd say it'll be easy to understand.

Have you tried to do anything new for this album?
This time...we've gotten the assistance of our old Victor era director Tanaka-san.

How's that going? Recording again with Tanaka-san?
It made me feel so nostalgic because we used to rely on him a lot you know. He gives us good ideas, and is a good judge of what works, I think it's thanks to him being here that things are going so smoothly.

The other day you finished the TD for the La-PPISCH song 'Hamelin' did that go?
When...I listened to the original song, I thought it was rather unique I thought yeah, I'm happy to be participating in this tribute.

I thought it really sounded like a Buck-Tick song, did you?
It's true. I thought it really sounded like a Buck-Tick song too, but I guess that's what made it easy for everyone to work on it right?

How is working on a song that isn't Buck-Tick's?
We did it for hide-kun too...but well we just did that because we wanted to.

When you're recording a song by another artist, is there anything that worries you?
No...I don't really worry about it.

I'd like to hear Buck-Tick play the song live.
Live?! *smiles* Who knows, maybe we could? I don't know yet.

I know you just finished the TD for 'Hamelin' but until when do you think Buck-Tick will be recording?
Until when? *smiles* I'm not sure...until mid-September? I guess.

You have a little vacation during recording for Obon so what do you plan on doing?
For Obon...well...I thought perhaps I'd return to my parent's house.

For a proper Obon.
I'll try to have a proper Obon. And pay my respects to my ancestors.

How does your life feel right now?
Feels normal to me *smiles*.

Do you find working in the studio has turned your afternoons and evenings upside down?
It used to but, lately I've been finishing early. Even if I stay late, it's only until 1 or 2 am. And you know...I think I get up around 9 am usually.

And when do you go into the studio?
I think I go in for 1pm most days.

That really is normal *smiles*.
It is~.

In regards to the lives...we have some requests from the fan club members...
Hmm...*looks at the songs* ...Oo...look there's 'Cream Soda', that makes me happy.

We also announced the 'Day in Question' shows in this issue, which you're having in Kyoto and Hamamatsu this time right?
That's good isn't it. Because we can do something at the end of the year with everyone who has been busy...I hope those who can come see us, do.

So do you have a message for everyone who is awaiting the new album and the upcoming lives?
We're steadily completing the album. So there will be new the year's end....

Can't wait to hear it! But before you release it to the world, I'd like you to play it for the fan club members!
I guess we can do that right? We usually do, don't we? ...I think they'll be able to hear it but...since this year we only have lives at the end of the year, they'll be wondering now when we're going to announce its release. ...please wait a little longer.