Fish Tank 49
Interview with Imai Hisashi
Translation: Lola

Please tell us about how recording is going.
Recording huh, well we're about half finished recording the rhythm parts. We should have the vocals finished by today...for about 3 or 4 songs I think. And I think I'll be done my basic guitar parts for 3 or 4 songs too.

So recording is going smoothly for now?
Well yeah, it's going well. It's just, we've got a lot of songs though......tha~t's the thing.

Are all your songs completed Imai-san?
No, not yet. Out of the two songs I have left one is finished but parts of the other are still temporary.

Have you written lyrics?
I have! But I haven't completed even one song yet.

Everyone: *laughs*

About that, did you tell Sakurai-san, "I'm going to write lyrics for this song so you don't have to"?
Yes, yes. After I told him, 'I'm going to write the lyrics to this one' he answered right away saying, "I thought you would" *smiles*.

How did Sakurai-san react?
Hm? As always.... He's a pretty understanding guy you know *smiles*.

That's good *smiles*. At this point in time, you're still composing Imai-san but is there an image that has been taking shape in your mind?
There is for the single. ...but I don't think I want to put the songs from the single on the album.

How do you decide which songs will go on the album?
I don't just happens like that! *smiles*

Huh? What do you mean it just happens?
I don't know. When I'm trying to complete an album, I might think that some songs are good you know. But then when we're recording then I might see that, 'hm I don't think we need this on it'. I ponder things like the length of the song...its atmosphere. And various other things like its heaviness...and its depth. Whether it's too verbose or not...too. Then if a song is too dark, I'll pull it out.

At this point, what kind of album do you think it will be? I'm not's upbeat makes you want to listen to it but.........that's how I always feel. But I guess......the main thing is that it's simple, really. And catchy.

When I listened to the demo, I found the songs covered a wide breadth.
The two songs coming out now are completely different from each other too. One goes in one direction. While the other goes in a more......melody oriented way......I think.

Tell us about how you came to do 'Hamelin' for the Ueda Gen-san tribute.
At first I didn't agree with the choice made because I didn't put the title together with the actual song in my head. But it was the song I liked best from the start. Anyway, when Chiba (Buck-Tick's manager) informed me we'd be doing it, he told me that when Gen-san's wife requested that Buck-Tick take part in the tribute, that she'd like us to do 'Hamelin' but I didn't realize what song it was so I felt like how could I do something I haven't heard. Then when I listened to it I said, "Oh! This song! This is my favourite!!". So then I told Chiba right away, "We're keeping Hamelin!".

Other people could have chosen it otherwise.
Yes, exactly! I mean...the song is kinda creepy, like being in an amusement park in the dead of night...that sort of morose feeling you know.

Did you do the entire arrangement yourself Imai-san?
Yes. But that's because when I love something I really want to do all the work on it myself. So...I even omitted some lyrics because I felt they weren't needed. I ended up completely changing the make up of the song from the very beginning.

Um...didn't you put in sounds from a music box? How did putting that in work with the original song?
I didn't put it in.

I thought I hadn't heard it when I first listened to it.
Aah~ yes, because it was hard trying to get it to fit into that melody. When I was in the studio...I thought I wanted to put in the melody of a music box. Then when I used the melody from the music box for a certain passage in the song I realized that hey! I can put this melody in with my guitar.... At first I had a hard time getting my guitar to match it but by the third bar I could get it exactly so I thought 'Ah! This is good!! I'm using it'.

I heard the demo for the single relatively quickly this time around. Do you find you're working faster?
I dunno. It's not that I worked faster than usual. At first when I began working on 2~3 songs, until they were relatively complete, I felt like I had to keep working on them... It was something like...because I couldn't accept how things made me want to do a new album.... With the band sound but, different than before while still being simple and rock. Something uplifting, that will make people listen.

So you weren't under the impression that you were working quickly?
I guess it was...rather fast. Since I didn't just do one song, I did 5 or 6. But that's because our manager is impatient and hurries me along saying, "You're still not done?" and then I say, "I'll do it. Look, give me until the day after tomorrow" and then I finish fives songs in one shot.

Previously, you used the WEB to announce your wedding but it seems you got booed for announcing it so late.
Ah~ yes. But I thought that might happen, really. I just didn't think to use the home page earlier.

Did you get congratulatory messages from the other members...?
I did by e-mail. They must have wondered why I took so long though, so many months had passed. But honestly, it was because I wanted to announce it at the same time...with the cards I sent out and the public announcement. And in order for me to do that........... what should I do? *smiles* Then I realized that oh! people usually use the homepage for this kind of thing. I turned so red after. Hya-hya-hya. I mean it's not really a bulletin is it.

I thought you said you'd start a blog after too......
Yes!! I wanted to but you know.

You think you'll start once recording is finished?
But I wanted to start while I was recording.

So we just have to wait a lit~tle longer?
Yup.'s ok...I'll start.

So you've got some lives coming up too. We asked people what songs they'd like to hear for the fan club only you think they'll be able to hear some new songs?
I have no idea. *looks at the songs people voted for* ......that's a lot of songs isn't it.

*smiles* It is.
But I have to decide out of these right.

I think that was the idea yes *smiles*. Because we asked people to vote on which songs they'd want for a FC only live and this is the result.
But there are some people who want to hear songs that didn't get the highest votes too you know. Doesn't their opinion count too? This isn't really fair to everyone.

Yes. Well, it's up to you to decide.

I'd like you to tell about your upcoming plans.
My upcoming plans? After recording? ......there's Lucy.

The live?
I'm doing something!! I'm doing something...because I want to.

Finally, would you say a word for everyone awaiting the album.
Umm~, the new songs are extremely upbeat and melodious. Well, it's going to be a cool rock album so please try to give it a listen. And look forward to it.