FT 49: Q1


The clear blue sky seems to cleanse even the depths of your soul. From the following please choose what you would consider the most appropriate or perhaps the most soothing background landscape.

A. a snowy landscape
B. a blue sea
C. green mountains
D. a vegetable garden

Sakurai: A    Imai: D    Hoshino: C    Higuchi: C   Yagami: C    Yokoyama: D


People become very honest in the presence of blue colors, and from that transparent and sharpened image emerge your hidden abilities.

A. If you chose a snowy landscape...your weapon of choice is intuition. You're very quick, you excel in analyzing then adapting to the situation. You're the type to say either "yes" or "no" very frankly.

B. If you chose a blue sea...you're a genius of persuasion and creative powers. You have great people skills: people will trust and be kind to you. Having gained everyone's cooperation, you will be able to obtain results superior to your ability.

C. If you chose green mountains...your expressiveness warms everyone's heart, you're able to dissipate all tension in an instant. Being yourself is what's most important.

Yagami: Hmph, that's me, Yuuta and Hide? So we're the foundation *laugh*. The results don't apply this time, don't they *laugh*.

D. If you chose a vegetable garden...the keyword is "intellect". You have superior knowledge, you're bursting with ideas and insights. You need to break free of stereotypes and delve into new fields. Within yourself you conceal infinite possibilities. You are cautiously working on expressing your feelings.

Imai: Hey, I'm being praised! How cool!

FT49: Q2


You took part in a TV quiz show and won an admirable victory. The prize is non-monetary, a trip around the world. Please choose 5 cities you would like to visit from the ones below.

Paris    Bombay    Sydney    San Francisco    Tahiti
New York    Nairobi    Moscow    Lisbon    Vancouver
Venice    London    Singapore    Vienna    Bali
Beijing    Los Angeles    Hong Kong    Geneva    Panama
Bangkok    Delhi    Cairo    Madrid    Hawaii

Imai: I require Dubai. Why don't you have it....
FT: That's just how it is.... *laugh*

Sakurai: Venice - Hong-Kong - Cairo - Madrid - Hawaii
Imai: London - Delhi - Tahiti - Bali - Hawaii - Then Dubai!
Hoshino: Venice - Los Angeles - Vienna - Madrid - Bali
Higuchi: Paris - New York - Moscow - Vienna - Geneva
Yagami: Paris - New York - London - Hong-Kong - Hawaii
Yokoyama: London - Sydney - Hong-Kong - Bali - Panama

We will ascertain your view on marriage depending on your total score after tallying the points from each city.

Paris 5   Bombay 1   Sydney 2   San Francisco 5   Tahiti 3
New York 1   Nairobi 2   Moscow 1   Lisbon 1   Vancouver 5
Venice 2   London 5   Singapore 3   Vienna 5   Bali 1
Beijing 3   Los Angeles 3   Hong Kong 5   Geneva 5   Panama 1
Bangkok 4   Delhi 2   Cairo 3   Madrid 1    Hawaii 5

Sakurai: 16 points   Imai: 16 points   Hoshino: 12 points
Higuchi: 17 points   Yagami: 21 points   Yokoyama: 14 points


And what we learned through travel abroad about your view on marriage is...

5 points to 8 points
You do not think that love=marriage. You have an extremely strong interest in the opposite sex but there's no way you'll marry since you find that marriage would impose restraints on both partners. Although if you did marry, you would want to be in a free relationship, where both parties are on an equal footing.

9 points to 13 points (Hoshino)
You have a strong admiration for the opposite sex, you're someone who'll fall head over heels in love at first sight. Even though you are careful with your feelings, inspiration will strike and suddenly it'll be great love. But somewhere in your heart you keep hoping for a dramatic life, a shotgun wedding to top off the great passion.

Hoshino: "Wishing for"? ...but I have it *laugh*. Least it feels that way to me.

14 points to 17 points (Sakurai, Imai, Higuchi, Yokoyama)
You take care of your spouse, just as you take care of yourself. You see your spouse as your "equal friend", your "brother in arms". And because of that, what suits you is "married life as a model of friendship", filled with a natural sense of friendship.

Higuchi: Hey, I think my points were raised or something!
FT: They went up in your favor *laugh*.

18 points to 22 points (Yagami)
You strongly admire great loves but the truth is, you're surprisingly timid and conservative. Frankly, in this group you're the one who dreams of marrying for love. Your wish is to thoroughly get to know your partner's good and bad sides during a long courting period, then lead a stable married life.

Yagami: I dream of a stable married life. But the problem is, that's ok for a band in their twenties but what can you do about a band that's in their forties *laugh*.
FT: I'm sure...it's better to get married *laugh*.
Yagami: But 80% of us are *laugh*.

23 points or more
You're a very serious person, and even though love and marriage go hand in hand you grow overly cautious. You don't want marriage to be a gamble so you keep meeting people with marriage in mind. On the other hand, you also do admire unique married lifestyles and unique spouses.

FT 49: Q3


You're alone, walking down a road on some mountain when you hear some animal rustling behind you. You turn around right away and a moment later you see a snake. Well, what kind of snake is it?

A. a huge python
B. a coiled snake
C. a rattlesnake
D. a slender snake
E. a white snake
F. a speckled venomous snake

Yagami: I'm pretty sure it'll be either D or F....... Or a thin speckled one *laugh*.

Sakurai: F  Imai: E  Hoshino: A  Higuchi: E  Yagami: D  Yokoyama: F


From this test we will learn of your sexual complex.

Imai: Hey, but I don't want you to know.

A. If you chose a huge python...your sexual complex is about physical strength. You're a weak type, the first time you make love you will enjoy it but if when your partner demands a second and a third, you will feel much more pain that pleasure.

B. If you chose a coiled snake...you essentially don't have any sexual issues. Far from that, you are quite confident when it comes to sex. You're from a school of technique that lets you adopt various styles to satisfy your partner.

C. If you chose a rattlesnake...when it comes to sex, you are full of issues. Your lack of experience especially is their greatest cause. By any chance are you still a virgin?

D. If you chose a slender snake...your sexual complex is about looks. You never fail to mention that you're fat or you're too thin. However, you should be more confident because people have very varied tastes.

E. If you chose a white snake...honestly! You are frigid. You have no interest in the sexual act. And it seems this frigidity has become your issue.

Imai: Huh, huh, huh, what?
Yokoyama: *bursts out laughing*
Imai: Don't give me none of your lip! *laugh*
FT: As of now B-T has two frigid members.
Imai: That's alright. Anii probably chose B or...A....
Yokoyama: *laugh* Enter the predictions!
Imai: And Hide probably chose A or C.
FT: We wouldn't know whether to print it if Buck-Tick were all frigid *laugh*.
Imai: If that was the case, we'd...cancel the quiz. Or something *laugh*. For the first time we'd have content that we couldn't print *laugh*.

Higuchi: Heeey, feels like you've been omitting me lately.......

F. If you chose a speckled venomous snake...you find no satisfaction in regular sex. Only abnormal play can make you burn, things such as SM and orgies. That is your complex. You're a slightly dangerous type.......

Sakurai: Say all that again, say it again *laugh*.
FT: Yes yes, and after that please just read it for yourself!!
Sakurai: I can read it myself *laugh*. (Reading the answers......) I'm happy I didn't choose the white snake~ *laugh*.

Translated by: W_B