Fish Tank 49
Interview with Sakurai Atsushi
Translation: Lola

You're in the middle of recording right now but how do you feel about working Sakurai-san?'s like I have to drag myself to go...a-ha-ha-ha.

*smiles* Perhaps you're feeling the listlessness of summer?'s more that my days and nights are upside down...and I can't sleep......because I'm feeling anxious, I haven't slept in two days.... In the current phase that we're in...recording the vocals is the last part...but at this point they're only 1/4 done.

With vocals only 1/4 done, how is lyric writing going?
That is, well because I can see the end in sight, it's going faster....

Right now have you finished writing lyrics to the songs you've been given?
......there's been relative progress with 3 or 4 songs.

With lyric writing too right? Imai-san said he's been making progress with composing.
Mmhm. Before it took me a considerably long time to keep up with each song ...but now we progress at the same rate. Because I can see that all the songs are different...I can do it.

Imai-san told me that after giving you a song he told you that actually he would write the lyrics for it and you said, "I thought you would".
Ah...I did say that. These things happen so, I just play it by ear.

When I listened to the demo this time, I found that there were various facets to the songs so did you find that hard to work with or did any song surprise you?
I wouldn't really say......that they were hard to work with, nor was I overly was more like ok, what can I do with this?...and then I'd get a lot of ideas.

I'm sure once you've put in your lyrics Sakurai-san my impression of the demo will change completely.
Because a demo is just a demonstration if I say it won't really change, that would be problematic...*smiles*. Of course my lyrics will embody me but because Imai and Hide tell the other members and I what sort of atmosphere they expect the song to have, I can go from there...we all have our own ideas about where we think a song should go with the it's a bit of a showdown at times...and you wonder if you'll win or lose. So it's both nerve-wracking but worth doing at the same time.

At this point in time, what kind of album do you think it's shaping up to be? know, I can't really say until I've sung it. Usually, once I sing the songs that's when I see that oh ok, it's like this or like that.

So even if you've written the lyrics, you can't really tell until you've tried to sing it?
Yes see, even if I imagine it a certain way in my head, then when it's time to sing...and I'm in the studio standing in front of the mic it's like 'Huuuuh? But that's not how I wanted it to sound!' or 'Ah yes, this is good stuff'. can't really judge Imai and Hide's songs right now but...they are very melodious. They've been writing such amazing songs I feel pressured *smiles*. But perhaps part of what makes it worth doing is, how it changes? And that change is something that they can't predict. Even if they can, their way of guessing is part of it too. .....keeps it interesting.

Will you try to do something new with this album?
With....the singing, awareness...the stance I take, my way of wording things, the way I sing... are, but what I want is for all that to be even better than before...

You've already finished the TD for La-PPISCH's song 'Hamelin' so I'd like you to talk about that.
Well...the song and La-PPISCH's outlook as a band...weren't what I thought they'd be, and you'd think I'd know more since we're old acquaintances but...when I listened to them again I honestly thought, 'Ah, just as I thought, a good song from a good band'.

What did you think about taking the song in a different direction while you were recording?
Hmm...that was like undergoing a special ceremony, I really...was over thinking it so, I think it would have been better if I hadn't.

Even though I knew the original song, when I listened to your version I felt like I was listening to a Buck-Tick song, I was surprised.
Uwahaha! Imai joked about that too saying, "Maybe I should steal this song".

People who don't know will think it's a new Buck-Tick song when they listen to it because it matches in style.
Aww~, but I thought it was our song *bursts out laughing*. It'd be funny if I became famous for it after.

Is it just you doing the chorus for 'Hamelin' Sakurai-san?
No, I did it with Imai...we did the eerie 'aaah's and 'lalala's together.

I think the arrangement really added to the song and showed the progression from goodness to misfortune in a really amazing way.
Of course because that's part of the original song so, I'm hoping that what we did will please Gen-san's family and Magumi-kun's along with the original members of La-PPISCH. At least I hope a few of them will think it's good....

Yes that would be good.

Until when are you recording Sakurai-san?
Yesterday, when I looked at the schedule our able manager put up...of course I do the vocals right, and those are at the end so my September is really I felt like aww, no~ but I don't wanna~ *smiles*.

Did you have anything planned for Obon?
As is expected of Sakurai-san...I had homework over the summer...since I know I can't escape the music I decided during the festival that, I'll do it!! And scribbled away at my desk.

Have you been drinking less during recording?
You know Sakurai-san's drinking hasn't decreased...even though he hardly ever has the opportunity to go out to drink anymore.

Do you drink sake in the evening at home?
But drinking in the evening is what makes you have old man least it seems that way...but I haven't reached that point yet...Uwa-haha. I'm an intense drinker. I write lyrics best when I'm alone you know. I end up drinking from the middle of the night until morning and then what do I hear...Ca~w! Ca~w! The caw of the crows is so loud isn't it *smiles*.

*smiles* But the prize at the end of the night is that when it's over you have your lyrics...
That's not a prize, it's a bad habit. It throws me off balance and like today I only got two hours of sleep.

What! Really?!
It's draining. If I think I can still do more I sort of push myself to stay awake to do it and as a result, my mind and body are off balance....

Have you had a look at the songs people wanted to hear for the FC only lives?
Yes yes yes. Hmm...uwah! this is what people voted for...there's quite a few dark songs. Huh...I wonder which...we'll try to do? *chuckles*

People also said they wanted to hear new songs too.
The ones we're working on now? Can we? *smiles*

I know you have a lot of vocal recording left to do for September but what are your plans after that?
Always after recording ends, campaigning starts...I'll have to put on my Budweiser outfit *smiles*.

*smiles* Finally, would you say a word for everyone who is looking forward to the lives and the new album?
The moment you get the CD, I want you to carry it with you always. In your car, by your bed, in your bag.... The live will be fun to do and fun to watch so I want you all to burn until you're exhausted...I want you to taste life.