Fish Tank 49
Interview with Yagami Toll
Translation: Lola

Right now you're...
In the middle of recording.

You came in yesterday too didn't you? How much did you get done?
About two songs.

You're already in the final stages of recording aren't you Yagami-san?
Yes. From now on I'll probably be rehearsing since my recording time is done.

I found there was a lot of different patterns in the songs this time but is there anything about the drum parts that left an impression on you?
...not really...I mean Imai has compiled new stuff again so I have to practice *smiles*. Uwa-ha-ha-ha! Imai pulls stuff out that I didn't even know I could do.

That's typical of Imai-san's songs isn't it?
Yeah, it's like training. Ha-ha-ha-ha.

Did the recording itself progress smoothly for you Yagami-san?
You know I don't drag things on right. But still our manager Chiba kept after me saying "Wrap it up! Wrap it up! Wrap it up!" so *chuckles* ...

*smiles* Other people have said the same thing in their interviews *smiles*.
Did they?

They said he really rushes you along *smiles*. There aren't really any songs with everything in it yet like all the guitars, and all the vocals but what kind of album do you think it will be?
Basically, it seems the same as the last one only with a lot of variation within the songs but the feeling hasn't changed for me. Except that this time we decided amongst ourselves about what is the best sound for the drums. We thought something natural sounding would be good. And of course this time we have our old director and producer Tanaka-san helping us out.

How many years has it been?
Since we were with Victor so...since 'COSMOS'.

I imagine he can give you a lot of advice on things but how have you found having Tanaka-san in the studio?
Mm, it's fun. Tanaka-san has such amazing ideas you know and he used to give us so many during our days with Victor. When it comes to the sound quality of the drums, we do it the same but we process things completely differently now and that's what lets us have more variation within the sound I think. That's what will make this album interesting.

The other day when I was in the studio, you guys were deciding on which take to use and Tanaka-san had some ideas then too.
It was like we were together again. Tanaka-san is like Buck-Tick's big brother so having him work with us again, makes me feel like we can do an ama~zing album. That's really how it feels in the studio.

Is there anything new you'd like to try for this album?
New? Hn...well, musically as I mentioned in my corner, something like CCR with a country melody and a Latin style but that's hard. If I play it square, it's uninteresting but if I know how to make it good then I can just plunge into it, like every other time when I throw myself into it but it's like I'm always just getting it at the last moment *smiles*.

Isn't that what keeps things fresh?
You say 'fresh', I say 'difficult'. Ah-ha-ha!

I'd like to talk about the LA-PPISCH song 'Hamelin'. How did you find working on it?
Actually, we debuted on the same day with Victor, on the 21st of September, 1987.

LA-PPISCH debuted on the same day as you?!
Yes, so we also did some events together too and worked in the same places a lot so we became really close friends. Since Ueda Gen-san was one year older than me I secretly looked up to him as a leader. Gen-chan was a real funky guy.

Imai-san did the arrangement for Gen-san's song but how did you find actually performing it?
Of course by doing a cover I'm hoping it'll get people to listen. Then if they do...they'll understand the great talent that was 'Ueda Gen'. Of course it's a good song. He made good music.

When I listened to your version of 'Hamelin' I thought it sounded like a Buck-Tick song.
Ah, everyone's been saying that. I'd love to hear what LA-PPISCH fans will think. We recorded the same as usual but because it's a cover song, it's not a simple thing to do. We put our hearts into it and worked on it seriously so I hope that's something the LA-PPISCH fans will get...but I think they'll understand when they listen to it.

Up till when are you scheduled to record Yagami-san?
Hmm, until about the end of August I think. But that's just for my parts. The rest will go on through September won't it?

When you're done, although it's short you'll have a little break for Obon....
I don't think...I'll actually do anything for Obon...because I'll be rehearsing. But I'll go back to my family's home in September *smiles*.

During recording did you drink more? Or less?
Less!! Because I never drink when I have to record the next day.

I know you're preparing your body for performing. How does your life feel right now?
I don't know...I go to the studio at about two in the afternoon and finish around midnight...except for yesterday I stayed late until about 2am.

When do you usually get up in the morning, 10 am? 11 am?
Wha? In the morning? I sleep in till the last minute *smiles*. But since it's hot the moment I open my eyes I can't go back to sleep.

You don't have air conditioning?
I do but isn't it bad for you? I use it for ventilation and dehumidification. Lately it's been like 35 degrees Celsius hasn't it? So I put it on just for ventilation but then somehow it felt like the heating was on and I was wondering why am I getting blasted with hot air?! *smiles* But then when I checked the remote control it said it was ventilating.

*smiles* It was *smiles*. But it was because of the temperature.
Haha, because 35 degrees is already so hot, it felt like heating though when the air was circulating *smiles*.

I know you haven't decided on the songs for the live yet but we gathered a list of songs that people requested for the fan club only live.
Hmm...*while giving the list a glance* what songs are these, all ours? That's incredible isn't it, so many songs.

After that you have to decide on the Day in Question too which you'll be doing in Kyoto and Hamamatsu for the first time.
But we went to the Kyoto Kaikan during our last tour *smiles*.

You'll be doing lives from the latter half of November till the end of December but what do you plan on doing in the meantime?
I guess I'll probably be rehearsing. To prepare for the lives.

Finally, please say a word for all those waiting for the album and the lives.
We've been going back to our roots with Tanaka-san and I'm glad he's willing to work with us again. Even though the feeling has changed, I want people to enjoy it. We've returned to the starting point, working to do good again, isn't is strange that we've returned to that now? But I think it'd be good if we played lives as good as we sound on CD. I'm still not sure how we'll do it but, since I'm looking forward to it, I want you all to look forward to it too!