Fish Tank 50
Interview with Hoshino Hidehiko
Translation: Lola

You were recording for the greater half of this year but, looking back at it, how did it go for you?
I think it felt kinda long. I wonder why? Since in essence it was the same as always. Maybe it was a little longer.

What about the single 'HEAVEN'?
Mm, I think it's easy to listen to. As always we have songs with relatively quick tempos on the album but this time for the single we chose a song with a slower melody and that's rare.

I heard that it was quite cold when you filmed the PV for 'HEAVEN' the other day. How did you find the filming went?
It was cold yeah......*smiles*. But the weather forecast didn't seem that bad, it's just that the weather can change when you're in the mountains so rain clouds came, but the rain was just a sprinkle though. After that, the wind got insanely strong though, that's the thing *smiles*.

So the strong wind.......
Made it colder, get it?

Yes. I felt it looking at the pictures and watching the making of the PV. You could even see that it was raining quite a bit.
But even when it rained it was just for a moment......I think it happened when we were doing the individual shots....... But since I was the first to do mine, mm, I had clear skies.

You had to meet quite early in the morning, or rather really late at night so......did you get any sleep the night before?
I thought I'd go to bed early but didn't end up getting much sleep *smiles*. But I slept the whole way there.

What did you think of the completed PV?
I feel good about how it turned out.

It's been a long time since you filmed outside.
On location yeah. It's true, we haven't done that recently have we? We've been on indoor sets a lot.

The other day you arranged for your second single 'GALAXY' to have the same director.
*smiles* Mm, yes that's right. But I don't think we'll film on location again *smiles*.

That's what I thought *smiles*.

In the last interview you were still in the process of recording but now even though you've barely finished with the chorus, I imagine you can tell what sort of album it will be as a whole.
Well, to be precise we haven't finished all of the TD yet and even things like the order of the songs can change the image of the album you know. In any case, there's a variety of songs on the album.

You've been recording throughout the seasons.
Not really, at least it doesn't really feel that way to me because we've been in the studio *smiles*.

Right, and it's always cold in the studio isn't it.
Yes, exactly *smiles*.

While you were recording, did you have the urge to do lives?
Not really you know? While I was recording......I was just concentrating on work, that's why.

There's only one month left to this year and you have lives during that time so how are you preparing in regards to that?
Because we have a basic outline of which songs we'll be playing, I practice those on my own before keep my parts polished *smiles*.

Did you see the results for the requested songs?
I did, I did. Now we've tentatively planned which songs to put on the set lists for the FC and the DiQ but when I looked at the songs requested for both, well it's difficult to make both shows completely equal. I'm still not sure which songs we'll end up doing.

This time there were quite a few old songs that you selected right Hide-san?
Oh, which are those? *smiles*

Huh? I thought you'd tell me today which *smiles*.
Wha??? *while looking at the list of candidate songs* Ah, I think we'll do some of these.......

(I look forward to learning which songs the day of the live) It felt like people voted for a lot of songs that are normally neglected so, how do you choose between them?
I think we'll do songs that have something special about them.

Are you aiming to surprise people?
Yes, yes.

Certainly I think that if the Buck-Tick of now plays these songs the impression will be completely different.
Right, I wonder how it'll turn out you know. Well, we'll do the old songs again during rehearsal. Along with the new songs too. I wonder if it'll be ok?

You know I think being able to listen to these songs now will get people excited.
Well, I hope so, I want them to enjoy it as much as possible.

So we also tried to have a costume design contest, and had designs submitted by the fans that you chose from the other day but how did you find the designs?
Well, there was some good ones......and some that made me laugh too. There was a lot of different patterns you know. These are from regular people right?

What do you mean? Well they had to be FISH TANK members to submit but maybe there were some members who are professional designers.
There were some amazing entries. And there were others that made me wonder what people are trying to say about me by wanting me to wear certain things *smiles*.

You all read the design specifications at the back of the picture right.
Because if they wrote it then it's probably important to the designer.

So, you selected three designs Hide-san.
Yeah. Just because, I felt like each design was truly different and I wanted to acknowledge that.......

Did you talk about them with Yagi-san?
Yeah, when I talked to him, I had already narrowed it down to one. But then the number grew again from there. And we thought maybe we'd change the color and the type of fabric used. Then we realized that oh, I don't have boots like in the picture. But well, even though I rearranged it a little I think they'll be happy that I wore it for the live.

I'd like you to look back at 2008.
Isn't it a little early for that? We have lives after this *smiles*. If I look back up till now, I think it's been a rather subdued year *smiles*.

Because you were just hidden in the studio the whole time.
Yeah. So I didn't get to see people very much. was a year of shadow.

And in 2009?
We have the tour. Beginning from the spring.

That's right. However, before the tour you have you have one show within the capital.
Right. Hey, isn't that soon? But I don't think we can do different new songs for that.

True. Please do what you can. Finally, would you please say a word for everyone who is awaiting your upcoming activities next year.
There isn't much of this year left but, have you all had a good year? Another album is coming out next year and then we'll be going on tour so, keep looking forward to it.