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Pseudo Blog 11/03

Today is the [Ongaku to Hito] event, MUSIC & PEOPLE, and I performed with Lucy which I haven't done in a while.

Yukihiro-kun of 'acid android' (1) was there...by being solid & dense, their sound is stoic (there are three guitarists), and that industrial flavour is what makes them a good rock band. Yukihiro-kun isn't the drummer for that band, he's the vocalist!
my SCHAFT mate Fuji Maki-kun's unit 'Suilen'(2) ...by being dark and harsh, the sound has a charm and depth that you feel in your gut. In one word, they were amazing.
We played one after another with our three bands.
it was time...for the secret performance! SCHAFT.
With Yukihiro-kun on drums. (Thank you! Your drumming was amazing.)
We only rehearsed that very day but the excitement was wonderful.
I missed the sequence with the bridge for one song and unfortunately had to plug in something else.
But, that sort of noise is unforgivable.
I just couldn't hear the sequence.
But, well, the drummer saw that so it was ok.

It's good to play with SCHAFT once in awhile too you know.

Pseudo Blog 11/03 Part 2

So, then there was the after party when the show was over, after the finale.

I drank my red wine slowly, so as not to get too wasted.
I was joined by my band members and Shirosaki Jin-kun (3) who talked about everything from band stories, to cooking, to food.
When I watched Tamori Club (4), Jin-kun's cooking looked so delicious.
After that, I felt like I wasn't even close to being that good.
His cooking makes me wanna drink. *laughs*

After that, we all moved to a bar.
And I played darts with the members of Lucy.
Kacchan has insanely good aim~. If you lost you had to do tequila shots.

My team was Fuji Maki-kun, Yukihiro-kun, Kanemitsu-san and me.

That's roughly what happened that day.
Good job everyone~.

...but you know, I had to wait for such a long time backstage...

Note: Lucy's bassist Eikittsan(5) played for all three bands for this.

Pseudo Blog 11/05

Today I didn't even put one foot outside till night...I spent almost the whole day in bed reading, and indulging in indolence.
But I did go down the lane 2 or 3 blocks away for a good energizing supper.

I picked up boiled salted cow tongue and small intestine.

This is 'Gold Fish'.(6)
Just as it appears, it is a cocktail with a refreshing tang that is easy to drink.
But, I'm not allowed to have too many....

Pseudo Blog 11/11

Today I went to Roppongi for a film festival.
Before that,
I was starving so I had a chilli burger and fries.
I was sorely tempted to have a Heartland Beer but I had a ginger ale. (...otherwise I'd have to pee!)

Then, while watching the movie I ate Half & Half popcorn (caramel and salt, with a ton of butter), chocolate, jujubes and although I was constantly tempted by beer...I turned away amazingly and bought hot coffee instead (because it'd be too sad if I was sleepy!). Then I when I looked around me, I saw that there were people drinking beer as they watched the movie....
...well, they'll have to go to the toilet during.
So the movie starts.
The movie I saw today was like watching a cool PV where everyone is stylishly dressed like from a fashion magazine that seemed to go on forever. The images were exquisite though and once it really started it was enjoyable.
It was delightful.
There were even some parts that made me laugh.
Just like that.

For supper I had oysters, razor clams and white fish.
And instead of having beer, I began with sparkling wine then downed some white wine.

...huh? I just noticed now but, I didn't drink beer today!

Pseudo Blog 11/13

Today I was in a meeting all morning.

Once it was finished in the afternoon, I went to BIG BLACK MARIA (7) where our accessories are made for us.
I went for soba.
After picking up a few things, I thought aw man! Why is it night already?!
And went to my friend Billy's bar for supper.
Because after that, I'd be meeting with four people from BIG BLACK MARIA.
This girl is Billy's niece, Hadi!(8)
Today is her first birthday!
Too cute!
Until she goes past three and a half!

Pseudo Blog 11/14

Had a meeting with BMG. We decided the direction we'd go in for the GALAXY PV and the CD jacket for the single. And we checked the photos for the photo book and calendar.

After going home, I went to eat at a good izakaya that I like.
I had tachiuo(9) sashimi and vegetables, I ordered mushrooms.
Then I got a text from Kiyoshi so I had to change restaurants to meet him.

After that, we went to my house and I made him listen to Buck-Tick's new songs and we talked about this and that over wine.

It's about time I went for that maintenance. But I don't have an appointment.

So for now, here's a T. (10)

Pseudo Blog 11/15

I've begun making the guitar arrangements for the Fishtanker's only live and the DIQ.
And since I've changed my home studio system, it's easier to use and yet it's confusing.

And since we're doing quite a few old songs, it's kinda annoying but it's ok, it's interesting too.

Pseudo Blog 11/17

Last night I had a meeting with our stylist Yagi-san about the costumes for the lives & we ate.
This is the first time we're trying this. People sent in their drawings for costume designs and they've given me a lot of ideas for things I like.

B-T tooth maintenance is complete!
This makes me want to try various things out too.

Notes: 1-I think having tequila and champagne made Yagi-san in a bad state to go home *laughs*. 2- Please wait a little longer for my real blog.

Pseudo Blog Extra

10/20 I had a photo shoot & a meeting, then I had dinner with everyone that night and then as the next day dawned, it was the 21st, my birthday! And they celebrated with me.

Notes: (1)acid android
(2) Suilen.
(3) Shirosaki Jin is a radio personality.
(4) Tamori is a comedian whose real name is Morita Kazuyoshi and he is the host of a music quiz show.
(5) Iwai Eikichi.
(6) He's referring to a picture he posted in his blog of a drink but alas, I have no scanner to include it. However, I can tell you, a Goldfish cocktail is made of gin, goldwasser, Cointreau, and fresh lemon juice. It's a citrus drink.
(7)BIG BLACK MARIA jewellery.
(8) There's a picture of Imai holding a little girl~ and Imai looks so shiny in it.
(9) Tachiuo is scabbard fish
(10) There's a picture of the letter T.

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