FT 50: Q1


You've made a doll that looks just like you. However, the next day a mouse bit off one part of your doll. What part was that?

Sakurai: Its tail.      FT: What? You made this doll to look exactly like you.      Sakurai: I wonder if I shouldn't say tail......hmm?

Imai: You mean that area with the hair?

Hoshino: It'll bite the head off! That top right part.

Sakurai: nether regions      Imai: head      Hoshino: head      Higuchi: head      Yagami: hair

Yagami: Maybe that's proof that I'm worried about my hair *laugh*.


The part that was bitten off indicates a part of yourself that you have issues with.

Yagami: Now isn't that the truth. *laugh*

Sakurai: Ahahaha! Really? It's because sometimes it slips out of place.      FT: .... *annoyed*

Imai: I'm...slow!? *laugh*

Hoshino: Hahaha. Do they mean my brain? *laugh*

Higuchi: Ahaha, I'm glad that I didn't say 'hair' *laugh*.

FT 50: Q2


You have decided to move into a new house. Near which of these places would you choose to move?

A. A department store
B. A school
C. A friend's house
D. A park

Sakurai: B      Imai: D      Hoshino: D      Higuchi: C      Yagami: C


This quiz will uncover the hidden side of your personality.

A. If you chose a department store......you keep an eye on fashion in secret. Surprisingly, you seem to follow every new fad.

B. If you chose a school......you're an extremely honest person. You might put on a tough act but on the inside you're earnest.

C. If you chose a friend's house......to say the truth, you're a bit of a coward. And sometimes you're like a spoiled kid.

Higuchi: Huh... Oh really...? I'm not so sure you know.

Yagami: That's not true! I was being honest. Do you understand why I chose that? That department store, the school, the park, they're places made up of strangers, aren't they. A friend's house is the only place that's shaped by me. That's my theory.

FT: That's deep!!

Yagami: Look at me, seems I say smart things now that I'm an old man *laugh*. I've been thinking about my priorities.

D. If you chose a park......the truth is you're a wild guy who wants to live free and by himself.

Sakurai: I get the feeling there's a park beside that school.

Imai: What!?

Hoshino: Wild!? Well, let it be then *laugh*.

FT 50: Q3


You're on a trip, having a leisurely, solitary stroll through the area. In this perfectly unfamiliar place you're suddenly asked for directions. What do you do then?

A. Ignore the inquiry
B. You refuse to help because you're not a local
C. Only answer if you can consult a map
D. Stop and ask another person

Sakurai: C      Imai: B      Hoshino: B      Higuchi: D      Yagami: D

Yagami: That's actually what I would do if I were asked.


You could say that being asked a difficult question by a stranger in an unfamiliar place symbolizes an obstacle in one's relations. And from how you deal with such a situation we can learn what type of person you hate.

A. If you chose to ignore the inquiry......you hate people who don't respect others' privacy.

B. If you chose to refuse to help because you're not a local......You hate the unchaste types who give themselves to people other than their one special partner.

Imai: Doesn't everyone hate that? I think people try too hard! Here, I said it. Didn't make any excuses *laugh*.

Hoshino: I see!! It's ok *laugh*.

C. If you chose to only answer if you can consult a map......you hate people who don't know of the proper etiquette when it comes to hierarchical relationships.

D. If you chose to stop and ask another person......you hate people who disturb the peace and do not cooperate.

FT: You chose the same as Yagami-san again.      Higuchi: Huh... You don't say.......

Yagami: Well, that's cause I don't like people who can't read the atmosphere. They'll always ruin the mood when I'm in a group with them.

Translated by W_B