Fish Tank 50
Interview with Higuchi Yutaka
Translation: Lola

It seems like most of this year as been taken up with recording but how did you find it went this time?
It's true yeah...this time you know, we didn't rush into anything right, it felt more like we were going steadily a very slow pace but because it didn't take much time......I think that's felt a little different than usual.

Did that make things easier? Or harder?
I'm not sure...usually if all goes well with the rhythm section, it's about a month and a half from start to finish but, this time it took three months. So even when it was done, it was like what? this is taking forever~ you know, which wasn't a bad thing but it felt like are we there yet? are we there yet?

What kind of feeling do you think the songs selected for the singles have?
Well they were candidates from the beginning you know. They both sounded like they'd make good singles. Because they're good songs. This album is, as I've said before, kinda pop to me. And because Imai-kun wrote lyrics this time...that adds to the album too. But I don't know how it'll turn out yet, because it's not fully finished.

Were there any songs that gave you trouble during recording?
Trouble......this time there weren't any problem songs no....

Previously you said you would use your new bass for this album....
Ah, the big one you mean?

Yes. Which songs did you use it for?
Just one. 'Coyote'. But I hadn't planned on using it because I thought it would be difficult...then during synchronization...I thought maybe it'd be good.

The other day you finally began putting things together for the CD jacket and filmed the PV. What do you remember about filming the PV?
It was cold! *laughs*

When I first saw the photos of the landscape I wondered if the photos had been combined or altered...because you guys and the grassy meadow were photographed so clearly!
It's amazing isn't it...that's just the kind of PV [HEAVEN] is....

Have you seen the completed PV?
From what I saw of it, you could really see that the weather was fine where we were you know, and that the wind was strong, and that once in a while we'd get some drizzle even though the sky was really so blue. Which reminds me, when we were all gathered around the monitor at the end to check the PV, I was afraid the tent was going to get blown away by the wind.

The day the PV was filmed you had to meet insanely early so...did you get any sleep the night before?
You know for that time, I don't know how it happened but, somehow it ended up being fine. Because I usually wake up late at night, like at 2 or 3 am.

Well then, guess it was just right for you wasn't it?!
Yes. But I did get tired from the ride up there.

And what were your thoughts upon seeing the PV?
I was a good PV you know. With a pretty image.

With the fan club only lives and the Day in Question approaching, how are things progressing for you regarding those shows?
Mmm...I've got the songs out. Now, it's all about remembering and know *smiles*.

How did the selection go for the costume design contest?
It was hard. I looked through everything...everyone wanted me to wear such cute costumes. So......I had to think about it thoroughly. Even though it's pretty obvious, that's what I did.

How was 2008, looking back on it?
I think things came about slowly, up till now things have felt a little different but in a very good way. We didn't have a lot of stuff going on but, after you know, we can do good things with that extra time, and I think maybe it's good like that, keeps the fire under your ass, maybe things were completed slowly...but put simply, I think things came out well.

I guess you were concentrated on recording right?
That's right, but I had a little break after.

Then during the last month of this year you have a wave of lives....
Yeah...I hope they go smoothly....

How did the song selection go?
This time we got to see which songs everyone likes but not all of them really match in tone so....... We haven't had rehearsals yet either so I don't know how it'll turn out in the end.

Any plans for the end of the year and the new year?
Nope, none *smiles*. Oh, I'll do lives!!

You mean in the new year?
You know I haven't really thought about anything else to do yet in the new year.... Because first, I have lives.

You have had a rather free year so how will you get back into the feel for lives...?
I'll try to rehearse with everyone first and then from that I'll get a feel for it I guess.

It's been decided that next year's tour will begin in spring. Are there any places you're looking forward to visiting Yuuta-san?
All of them *smiles*. Of course I'm happy if I can go. As for the Osaka Kounen hall (1), we said we wouldn't go but turns out we are after all.

Are you worried about being in shape before the tour?
No, because we have shows at the end of the year too right so usually I can tell from there how things will go.

This is a little off topic but, since when did you quit smoking Yuuta-san?
Smoking? *smiles* Since September.

Did something prompt this?
No, not really.

So now including you Yuuta-san, four members have already quit smoking. Is that what encouraged you to stop smoking? Or....
Well the thing is, already it wasn't like I wanted to smoke, I just hadn't tried stopping up till now. For example, usually after I eat I drink a cup of tea, so it was like not drinking tea after. You get it? After I eat I have to have tea! Oh! It's like......I need to have my tea but I stopped having it. And for that to become a habit it's better if I go without drinking tea at all. If I have that one cup before going to work, well...then, that's just too much of a pain...

So now what do you do to fill up the time when you usually smoked?
I don't do anything. Just sigh...and remember what it was like.

Didn't you feel it was hard to quit smoking?
Mm. Not really.

So it didn't even bother you when the people around you smoked?
Mm. You mean like when Anii smokes in my car *smiles*. No, I'm not the kind of person who hates people who smoke just because I've stopped.

What's changed for you since you quit?
Ah...I've become a little more sensitive to smell. Like now I can smell the food when I enter a restaurant. ......and some perfume smells bad to me now. But my sense of taste hasn't changed.

Finally, would you say a word to all the fans who have been patiently waiting.
Things will be starting again......, ah, but we're always doing something ...ha-ha-ha. The album coming out is awesome and so I'm really looking forward to the tour too. I think the lives will be interesting so please look forward to it and wait.

(1)Osaka Kounen hall is an abbreviation for Osaka Kouseinenkinkaikan.