-A Compilation of the Secret Stories of B-T-
1rst major album, released November 21st, 1987. Mini album, released March 21st, 1988. 2nd album, released June 21st 1988.
Translation: Lola

This time we're looking back at 1987~1988.
We had songs for [SEXUAL XXXXX!]...during our Indies days. So, because of that recording was really easy. It finished without a hitch. But we recorded in a different place than we did for [Hurry Up Mode] so it felt like we were becoming a little more professional. We also had a better studio.

Did you feel that was in part due to being with a record company?
Yeah, we knew that was why. But you know, we really didn't expect to be so busy at that time. While the recording for [SEXUAL XXXXX!] went well, gradually...we had to do more publicity, we had to do a tour, and of course we still had to record. Our schedule was packed, that's for sure. We'd all freak out when we saw the schedule. Even those in charge of publicity and scheduling concerts. Everyone. Anyone in charge was running all over the place.

I imagine that was a huge environment change for you guys.
It felt like I never knew what was going on. I just figured, ok, I guess this is how it works. I don't even think the publicity people knew what they were doing either.... I think none of us knew what to do from the very beginning. And even the record company couldn't tell what would become of us.

So they couldn't decide which way to showcase you best I guess.
That's why we were on the borderline of becoming idols instead of a band.

There must have been a lot of things that made you begin to feel like pro musicians.
Yes yes, because I thought I want our stuff to sell, I'd go to businesses in the area, like record shops.

But who would you talk to in these record stores?
The shop people of course, and they'd request for me to sign things and I'd ask them to please keep buying our stuff. When I had the time I'd go to all sorts of places. For instance, I went out to Osaka's radio station you know, and then, in between segments I'd pop into nearby record stores. I'd also talk to people after concerts too. When the concert ended, I'd shake hands with the fans and ask them to please keep supporting us.

Oh my god, really?! What were you thinking in those moments?
Mm...I'm not really sure. It's not like I could do that all the time you know, depended on the situation.

So, how did recording go after that?
It was a mess. ...like we'd be recording a new album while at the same time we were still on tour for the previous album. The schedule just became insane and we had to move around even more so, that led to us regrouping all over the place. For a number of years we had an insane amount of lives to do too.

Are you saying that even though the regular schedule was decided beforehand, after they kept adding more and more to it?
That's exactly how it was. We even went to some places in Touhoku twice (1). That was our busiest time.

So these three releases came out in November, March, and then June right.
But you know what, [ROMANESQUE] came out in March right? But we actually showcased it for the first time on New Year's Day of '88, at a bandstand in Niigata. Then we returned from there to record it starting the 2nd of January. We did interviews and everything too which was amazing but, it was still intense you know. Victor had us do a video concert so, we filmed the videos for that too. Even while we were recording Victor had film crew around shooting us and so we had to have our hair up and make up on.... Then, because [ROMANESQUE] basically felt like a single, [ROMANESQUE] and [SEVENTH HEAVEN] are kind of like a set. Because we recorded both at the same time. Since they wanted us to have it all done in advance.

There wasn't much time for anything else in between then.
I even went to some record shops to let them know we'd be releasing stuff.

Where there any differences in the recording of your first major album [SEXUAL XXXXX!] versus [ROMANESQUE] and [SEVENTH HEAVEN]?
We did things differently, yeah. Because we already had the songs for [SEXUAL XXXXX!].

So I guess with [ROMANESQUE] it was your first time working on new songs with an established work period..........wait, did you guys even have a designated work period?
SEE? This is why it was a difficult *smiles*. I mean really, at that time, Anii and I would be in the studio while Acchan and Hide had to go to Sendai for some fan meeting, and then Imai-kun'd be left writing songs.

Oooh, yeah that is crazy.
Yes. So we did a fan meeting for [ROMANESQUE]. During which we shook hands with the people who bought our stuff. At that time we were still in the middle of recording [SEVENTH HEAVEN].

So you were at some of those fan meetings too Yuuta-san?
Yeah, I went. I went to Kawasaki and some record shop in Ogikubo. And quite a few others.

Around that time, you guys were making your way onto the television right? Did your TV appearances increase after you released [JUST ONE MORE KISS]?
No no, from [ROMANESQUE] onward we were constantly on television. We did it because TV performances are something that everyone can access but it's not really that easy for everyone in the end *smiles*.

For how long did you continue to do meet & greets after lives?
Mm.... I think we did them till about the time [TABOO] came out. We had were on TV a lot then too.

Huh? What was it you were on? Top Ten or was it Best Ten?
Ah, I think you mean Best Ten. That was the top show to be seen on. Even though before that we had been on a to~n of shows *smiles*. Things like Touhoku broadcasting or something, with people like Moritaka Chisato-san.

Moritaka Chisato-san was an idol wasn't she?
Back then. We seemed to be treated the same.

Is that so? So you did a lot of television performances, and continued to record and do events at the same time...without having a break?
None. But I'm glad because, I think it was by doing all those things that we got all the people around into what we were doing. Maybe if we hadn't done any of that we wouldn't be where we are now. I'm also glad for all the people who struggled with us, going around saying 'these guys are hot'. The staff from magazines, television, lives and recording, they all fought over Buck-Tick. There'd be exchanges like this *smiles*:
"It looks bad if your Star doesn't show, he's a Star now!"
"I'm sorry, but Acchan hasn't finished recording his vocals yet."
"Too bad, he's a Star!! So he'll go to interviews like a Star, and he can sing at night when he's done!"

That's hard to imagine, given how things are now.
That's really how it was. If we were told 'Go do a radio show!', we went.

What? But didn't your work start to get more urgent the more stuff they piled on you as you were recording?
Yes it did. So, once we were done with a radio show, we'd go back to the studio again to record.

That must have been hard for the studio staff too. Since they would have to wait for the band members.
Well, we didn't have that much staff then you know. So we'd just say, 'I'm going to do a radio show, I'll be back in a bit' and then we'd go, and then when we returned we'd continue what we were doing.

During that period, you kept your hair up all the time didn't you?
Yeah, because I couldn't wash it. I'd work till late at night, maybe about 3am and then the next day I'd have to be up at 5am. So even if I washed my hair, I'd just have to put it up again right after right? So I figured, forget it, I won't bother washing it.

That's rough. Was it always like that?
When I think about it now it wasn't that long really, only for about two years.

Do you recall anything particular about the recording?
[ROMANESQUE] and [SEVENTH HEAVEN] were really rough.

How did you feel about the shift in work from recording because you had songs ready, to writing songs because you had to record?
It was strange. Because we didn't even discuss it. Whereas previously we talked while we played together and worked on a song but then suddenly, the more we had to do, the less time we had to discuss it. Of course if I compare it with other times in the past, that was the least time we spent playing together and because we spent so little time together it made things awkward.

Sum up this period in one word.
Hm........it was busy. But it felt like ah, so this is how this industry works you know. I was beginning to understand it a little then. The public entertainment biz. It was a strange time when, if you were a musician, you were treated as an idol.

Notes: (1) Touhoku covers the areas of north-eastern Honshu (the main island of Japan).