Fish Tank 51
Interview with Hoshino Hidehiko
Translation: Lola

Since when did you change your beard?
Since the beginning of the year.

It really changes your look.
Is that bad? *smiles*

No no, it's good, you look rejuvenated.
Then I'm glad *smiles*.

How did the FC only live go this time?
This time we asked people to design costumes for us and........well, we used them but it was a little tough at times. Like for my pants, we didn't have any striped fabric. So in the end, Yagi-san had to spray paint them on for me.

Oh really. So Yagi-san hand painted those stripes?
Yes, yes, he did it by hand *smiles*. He painted the stripes onto the plain fabric. Because we couldn't find any fabric that matched the colour of the stripes exactly. And the shoes were hard to move in too *smiles*. So it was quite a struggle but it was interesting.

You played some old nostalgic songs during the live as well.
We hadn't played [ROMANESQUE] in over 15 years. So that was really nostalgic for me.

There were a lot of people who said it was their first time hearing it.
I think most people probably hadn't heard it before.

Then you had DIQ right after the FC only lives.......
We changed the set list so it would differ from the FC lives preceding it.

Even though it was announced in December, when the second single went on sale in January, it made it to the top of the Oricon chart.
I know, I'm so grateful to everyone for supporting us. An acquaintance told me that we made it on Ogura-san's chart on the morning show too. He even said we were "Radical".

Speaking of him, isn't he from Gunma too.......?
He's Hide-chan (Nakayama Hideyuki) to me, since he's my kouhai *smiles*. (1)

People always show a partiality to those who are from the same areas.
A partiality yes *smiles*. Because we went to the same junior high.

Oh, you're not just from the same town, you're also really from the same junior high school too?
Yes, yes, we went to the same junior high and he was one year below my grade.

Well then, that's even more reason to show favouritism *smiles*.
A bit more, yes *smiles*.

How did the filming of the [GALAXY] PV go?
We filmed indoors so, there wasn't really any big change performance wise. But the camera spun all around us over and over.

Did it make your head spin?
Yeah it made my head spin *smiles*.

Then you have the special invitation live in February......
This right! *Mr. Hoshino points to the planned set list*

Yes, yes that's right.
I'm practicing *smiles*.

There are a lot of songs aren't there.

Compared to the usual number of songs for lives, it's quite full......
It'll be a full set but I mean, we've already done half from the album. Well, because the live is on the release date of the album, we're not just doing songs from the singles, but also doing new songs from the album. Plus there are some people who are coming from far away expressly just to see us so, well, it'd be nice for them if we could do that.

So, is the picture in your corner of this issue a picture of the preparations you're making for this live?
For this live, we're doing songs from the album we recorded and the basis of the songs when we made them was for doing them live.

Are you thinking about tour goods?
Yeah, I'd like to design some again. They didn't release them for the DIQ but I did design some stuff.

You designed goods that haven't been announced yet?
Yeah. A few things. They're cute *smiles*.

Oh really?

Have you been having meetings regarding the tour that begins in April?
These days we've been meeting to discuss the stage plan and to think which direction we want to go in. We've also started figuring out which equipment to use to get the right sound.

Once again, 'memento mori' was different from previous works, it's such a full album isn't it.
It is, yes. There are a great variety of songs on it. I think there's a lot of songs that will be brilliant live this time too. So we have to keep rehearsing.

Because you'll be doing a lot of new songs right.
And because I didn't expect they'd be so hard to remember *smiles*.

Please say a word for everyone awaiting the tour.
From when the album goes on sale until the tour begins, I imagine you'll all have a lot of time to listen to the songs so, let the songs be deeply ingrained in you and please come see us.

(1) Kouhai simply means lower class man. Meaning Hide was in a higher grade than Mr. Nakayama.