Fish Tank 51
Interview with Imai Hisashi
Translation: Lola

How did you find wearing costumes designed by the fans for the fan club only lives?
They were comfortable. Even though I was adamantly opposed to the idea at first. But once I tried it I enjoyed it.

What about the design that was made for you?
I re-arranged it a little but nothing big. You know the picture is drawn so well it can be misleading. When something's that leaves little to the imagination. Looks like I picked it just because it was drawn well though.

Are you planning to do this again?
Well, yeah, I'd do it again.

After you went to look at the costume exhibition in the lobby right?
Yeah, I went to see, the costumes were on mannequins. But you know, what was up with the height of mine?

Everyone had their own mannequin......
Yeah so, didn't you find the costumes looked weird? Like, the pants were too short? *smiles*

I looked ok.
It was good to showcase them in the lobby. For the FC only live.

Before [HEAVEN] went on sale, we showed the PV before the live and then you performed afterwards....
Yeah, that was a good idea too, at least I think it was good.

Then you played some older songs like [ROMANESQUE].
Ah. ......but I don't think people knew it was [ROMANESQUE] we were doing.......

Huh?! *laughs*
*smiles* I don't think people knew what it was we were doing because, when it came to the guitar arrangement, I changed it quite a bit. I made it a little more complex. But now I wonder you know, what did the people who came to see us think? I thought they'd get really excited about it, didn't really seem to turn out that way *smiles*. The reaction seemed more like, 'the hell is this? I don't know this song'.

I think most people felt like they were hearing a new song for the first time.
Yes well, let's leave it at that *smiles*.

Right after the FC only live you had the DIQ shows.
Yeah, they were fun.

You also played the new song [GALAXY].
It's got a light mood so it makes it easy for the band to get into.

You had the same PV director for [HEAVEN] and [GALAXY] but how did the filming for [GALAXY] go?
For was interesting how he made the camera spin round and round. We filmed with the camera spinning at different speeds but, well you know you saw how fast it was when we checked the PV right. It wasn't clear at all at first, it was way too fast *smiles*. After that when the camera went behind me, I figured it didn't really matter what I did since I wasn't being filmed. So I'd just try to be good when I knew the camera was coming *smiles*. I kept thinking about the timing.

And how did you find the completed PV?
I'm satisfied with it.

So how are things progressing for the February live?
I'm rehearsing the new songs myself. It's so annoying though. Like I did I play guitar like that?

Huh?! But you wrote most of the songs yourself and you managed during recording right?
Yeah but......I forgot! Everyone forgets. It happens!!

How frank of you *smiles*.
*smiles* Yeah so, I have to find the right sounds again and ah, because of the way I do things after I have to try to figure out my own thought process. Then from there I can get the right image again and remember the complicated way I came to get to that certain musical phrasing. If it's my song that is *smiles*.

So you have to copy yourself? *smiles*
Yes, yes. And since we have 15 songs this time I feel like, damn that's a lot of songs, s'gonna be a lot of work *smiles*.

Well, you wrote them.......
I know but still......*smiles*.

You also have a live radio broadcast open to the public in February.
The same day I'm doing Hotei-san's show.

You're recording Hotei-san's show the same day?
Yeah. It's a double header. It's like I'm the special guest....... It's a little odd for me *smiles*.

How was it decided that you would be on Hotei-san's show?
Hotei-san wrote to me directly. He said, "Won't you come and participate in the show?". So, yesterday I had my rehearsal for his show. And since he told me he didn't mind how noisy I was, well, it's going to be noisy.

You've never shared a stage with Hotei-san before have you?
No. Hotei-san noticed too and said, "Hey I just realized, this is our first time performing together isn't it".

What's going on in regards to the tour?
We've been planning what to do for the set and we've basically decided on the image we'll go for.

From your impression of the album, don't you find the mood for the tour will be a good one?
Yeah. I'm hoping it will be. Well, because mood plays a big part.......

Finally, would you say a word for everyone waiting for the tour?
You can get into it and it can lift your spirits, you'll be able to enjoy the lives with all of your being so please, you must come.