FT 51: Q1


Here we have an ace from each suit. Please arrange them in order of preference, starting with your favorite.

Hearts    Spades    Clubs    Diamonds

Sakurai: spades-diamonds-clubs-hearts
Imai: clubs-hearts-spades-diamonds
Hoshino: spades-hearts-diamonds-clubs
Higuchi: spades-hearts-diamonds-clubs
Yagami: diamonds-spades-hearts-clubs

Yagami: So I guess I'll be considered heartless if I choose hearts last. *smiles*
FT: You're reading a bit too far there. *smiles*
Yagami: I knew that because I'm an old man in his forties, not from the text. *laughs*


The order in which you placed the cards indicates the order of importance you would place the following in.

Hearts......heart    Spades......looks    Clubs......intellect    Diamonds......money

Sakurai: looks-money-intellect-heart
Sakurai: Figures I would be a bad person for not choosing hearts first. That's alright, we'll have a beauty contest. *laughs*

Imai: intellect-heart-looks-money
Imai: Wow. Seems I'm not such a bad guy. *laughs* Anybody choose spades first?
FT: For now we have Yuuta-san and Hide-san.
Imai: Yeah, I had that feeling, spades look cool. *laughs*

Hoshino: looks-heart-money-intellect
Hoshino: Looks are important, I've made choices based on looks before. I guess I'm not an intellectual then. *laughs*

Higuchi: looks-heart-money-intellect
Higuchi: Isn't there anyone who chose diamonds first?

Yagami: money-looks-heart-intellect
Yagami: Money, huh. *laughs* I like the diamond shape though. It's even part of the Higuchi family crest. *smiles*

FT 51: Q2


You went to a game center where you chose to play a UFO catcher game. You were trying to pick up a stuffed toy when all of a sudden you lost it. What will you do next?

Yagami: When I was a kid I'd keep at it until I got the toy.
FT: And now that you're an adult?
Yagami: I give up! *bursts out laughing*
FT: The exact opposite I see. *laughs*

A: keep trying until you get the toy
B: try just once more
C: move on to try an easier game
D: give up

Imai: But I think I'll quit once I've spent so much it stops being funny. *laughs* That's when I'll come around.

Sakurai: A    Imai: A    Hoshino: B    Higuchi: B    Yagami: D


We all get stressed when we can't have what we want. Your mentality in times of stress is expressed by your reaction to losing at the UFO catcher. We will now see how you cope when faced with rejection from someone you love.

A. If you decided to keep trying until you get the toy......you cope with stress through food, you're the type to gain weight when pining for a lost love.

Imai: Huh? Really??? *bitter smile* I don't...get fat, really!!! Ha ha ha. *laughs*

B. If you decided to try just once more......you'll forget forget all about your unrequited love with time, you're the type who never sticks to anything.

Hoshino: That's good? Or bad? Well, I guess it's good since I wouldn't drag things out. *laughs*

C. If you decided to move on to an easier game......you're the type to quickly set out on a search for your next love, like a hermit crab looking for its shell.

D. If you decided to give up......in public you'll put up a happy front but in reality you'll keep mulling it all over, you'll be the one to bear a grudge.

FT 51: Q3


You were surfing the net on your computer when suddenly a photo of one specific body part appeared on your screen. Tell us, which body part was it?

A. Chest
B. Ass
C. Feet

Hoshino: But I thought of hands....... There isn't much choice. Let me pick feet since I thought of hands. *smiles*
Higuchi: If not for the lack of choice, I would've said face.

Sakurai: B    Imai: C    Hoshino: C   Higuchi: A    Yagami: C


The computer screen is an expression of your curiosity. The image that'll appear unexpectedly on your screen will symbolize the secret object of that curiosity.

A. If you chose chest......you are secretly curious about love.
A chest, especially a woman's chest, is a symbol of love. Your love towards those whom are most precious is growing and it seems a certain curiosity about that love is budding within you.

Higuchi: I didn't expect that, the answer's nothing like the question. *laughs*

B. If you chose ass......you are secretly curious about money.
The ass symbolizes money and finances and it does seem that you are starting to grow increasingly interested in money. Maybe some dream or a vision of the future is starting to take shape?

Sakurai: I see, I'm about money money money. Money and looks.

C. If you chose feet......you are secretly curious about new frontiers.
Feet symbolize adventure and a challenge. These days, are you taking those first steps towards an unknown world?

Yagami: Well, I took up drums in my 3rd year of middle high so it'll be some 31 years now that I've been playing and they're still a strange world to me. *laughs* But should I master them, should I learn all there is to know then I think I'll retire. That'll be the end.

Translated by W_B