Fish Tank 51
Interview with Sakurai Atsushi
Translation: Lola

How were the FC only lives that you did towards the end of 2008?
We wore costumes from the fans right...and my white costume was beautiful but it was hot *smiles faintly*. Thank you to the designer. If I use it again I'd like to shorten it.

Other than that, we also tried something else for the first time by playing the filmed clip before the opening was done so that those who came to the live could get the first sneak peek.
After the FT only live people said they wished they could have seen the film again to see the images clearly. So Hayashi-san said, "Of course they want to see more, we did a good job. We worked hard at it you know." *smiles*. Then he said that perhaps it'd be good to show people us men at work.

It's something the fans never get to see so I'm sure it would make them happy.
Everyone in the staff gave us such great ideas for the FC only live so we had a lot to work with. They were the ones who thought to display the costumes in the lobby, and show the designs of those who participated, they thought of the song requests and on top of all that, it was the staff who thought to show the clip before the live. So more than us, it's the Fish Tank staff and the tour staff that did all this to bring joy to the fans. Thank you.

No no, please it is we who should thank you. It is thanks to everyone's combined effort that the feeling of the FC live was a warm one.
True. No~ but I'm really glad for that. Because the people themselves you know, they don't know to what great an extent they've helped...because they're shy and humble about it. So I'm glad we were able to actually put their ideas into practice.

You did new songs before they went on sale too.
We showed the PV for [HEAVEN] before the live and I was happy with how that worked out too. Because it's been some twenty years since [TO-SEARCH] we decided to just do this for [HEAVEN].

Yes. You also did various older songs.
Because we had the FC live and the DIQ, we wanted to choose songs for the FC only live that would really make the FC members happy. So, songs like [ROMANESQUE], [TO-SEARCH] and [FLY HIGH] among other older songs were done during the live for those in the fan club.

You even wore a costume designed by a fan for the DIQ show.
Thank you to the designer. When I watched the clip from the Budoukan show, I thought I looked quite sharp and fresh. Somehow, it made my legs look long.

What?! *snickers* .......
I looked damn hot.

Uh? Are you trying to toot your own horn? *smiles* good? Well, I was joking *smiles*.

*smiles* I'd like you to tell us more about the songs.
By the time of DIQ, people were aware of the single and not just the FC but a great deal of other people who came knew of it as well. Every year there are more and more songs so we get a bit lost trying to decide which songs we'll do *smiles*.

And how did the filming of the PV go for the second single, [GALAXY]?
It went smoothly *smiles*. It's just that the camera spun around super fast and they told me, Sakurai-san please follow the camera, it made my head spin to the point where I felt drunk *smiles*.

This time both of the singles made it to the TOP 10 chart in a row....
I don't really care about ranking. Because I was pleased enough with how things went during the recording. But I am happy they made a good rank. I honestly am delighted.

The jackets for the singles have close ups of your face Sakurai-san. Seems like it's been awhile since we saw any member on the cover.
That's because see, the person in charge of making the jacket basically asked, hey why aren't any of your photos on the jacket? He said that it's not just about enjoying the songs by listening, but it should also be a pleasure for the eyes. So that's why this time we thought of it from the point of view of the fans, and so we went back to the way we thought about it early on. Which lead to me telling the record company people that we should put a member's face on the jacket.

It was your idea Sakurai-san?
Yeah. And the record company people agreed that it was the best and proper way to do it.

And that's what lead to your skull appearing on the cover of 'memento mori' right?
Yes, that's right. I really thought it'd be cool if they took an x-ray of me *smiles*.

And they accepted to use the skull idea.
Yes. It was kinda like the model white face we used for the album 'SEXY STREAM LINER'. Happened in the same way.

How was it the same?
Mm, the situations were similar. Just as with 'memento mori', when we met to decide the CD jacket they said, "Wow! Is that what you'd like to do? Alright, we will take your recommendation".

You have a full set list for the special invitation live don't you.
I think the amount of songs goes with the length of time of the show so it's fine. Well, we'll see how it goes after rehearsals.

What's the situation like in regards to the tour?
Right now we're discussing various ideas we'd like to try out for the stage but I think by the time this issue comes out we'll have something good planned.

What are you doing for the tour?
Because I think the lives will be rather fevered in excitement, I'm running so I won't end up worn out.

Finally, would you say a word to everyone awaiting the tour.
Come see me on the weekend!

Umm, you know you have shows on weekdays too.
*bursts out laughing!!* Weekdays too huh......well then, come see me on the weekend (and on weekdays too)! By Hamashou. (1)

I'm really going to write that you know *smiles*.

(1)Hamashou is Hamada Shougo's nickname. Born in Hiroshima, he is a Japanese singer/songwriter in the rock and folk music genres. I'm guessing the joke here is based on a line from one of his songs.