Fish Tank 51
Interview with Yagami Toll
Translation: Lola

How did FC only live go at the end of last year?
During the FC live, it felt like it had been a long time since we had done a live.

True, in January 2008 you had the live in Okinawa but then after that there was nothing right.
Right, so when you think about it, it's been close to a year without any lives. So, that's why it felt like it had been so long. I thought it felt good to see the fans come out to see us again after such a long time. Because we had been shut in doing recording right. So having the FC live after that you can imagine a completely different feeling. Even I got super excited about it, it was weird *smiles*.

*smiles* Oh really?
Even more so because we did [TO-SEARCH]. But it's been quite a long time since we've played [TO-SEARCH] right. Meaning it's been a long time since I used my double bass drums. It's an old song so it's also an old playing style and because of that, when I wasn't moving my arms I couldn't move my legs either. Do you understand why? Because see, my body knows it's a different style of playing than what I do now.

You also played other old songs like [ROMANESQUE] and [FLY HIGH].
It was exhausting! *smiles* Even mentally. I mean of course it is, it's been almost 20 years since we did these songs. We were in our twenties when we made these songs. So of course my drumming has changed. And due in my growth as a drummer, it made the songs hard you know. I mean in those days, I did things with such vigour physically. Now I'd say it's more about developing my mental strength and finding a good balance between the two.

The fans designed the costumes that you wore for the FC only lives.
That was good too wasn't it. To have the fan club members participate. Doing that makes it feel like we're doing something together......and I thought it was great that we were able to do that. When I first was told about the plan to do this I wondered how it'd turn out given that it's the first time we've done something like this. But I'm glad we did it.

Yagami-san, you chose to wear costumes designed by the fans twice, both for the FC shows and the DIQ right?
Yeah. But I changed the colour of the costume for the DIQ.

Was it comfortable to play the drums in?
Yeah. A lot of the drawings I looked at failed in that respect but, because Yagi-san made them for me he took that into consideration and so they were fine. Usually we always have to think of the costumes but this time, people thought of it for us so that was nice *smiles*.

We also had a costume exhibit in the lobby, did you get to see it?
Yup, of course! But when I went to the lobby I put drumsticks in my mannequin's hands *smiles*.

That was in Zepp Tokyo wasn't it? When you gave the mannequin the drumsticks?
I did it for me personally. I thought how could I be there without drumsticks you know? So I moved the mannequin's fingers so he could hold them *smiles*.

I think everyone enjoyed the FC live as we wanted.
Yes I think so too. It'd be good to do the costume contest and all that again.

Right after the FC lives you had the DIQ.
We were even able to go to Kyoto and Hamamatsu. I was happy that so many fans came to those shows because I honestly wanted to go to more cities.

In December, and then in January you released two singles but what were the reactions of everyone to them?
Yes right, well when I had returned home for a visit my younger siblings told me they had seen that we were on the countdown on TV. Then an old classmate told me, "I bought them!" *smiles*.

Then you will be releasing the album in February too....
The title of the album, 'memento mori' is Latin and I think it means something like, 'never forget that what lives, dies' or so I'm told.

That's right. It makes you think of death.
We've had that sort of theme for a long time, it's us. Like in 'ONE LIFE, ONE DEATH'. How can I say's like, isn't that what being human is? To live and to die is the essence of being human. So you might say that Buck-Tick as a band is about fiction but, fundamentally the world we create is a very human one. That's partly why Sakurai Atsushi's lyrics are loved and also why Imai's lyrics are loved, because they have that amazing awareness of humanity.

On the day that 'memento mori' is to be released, you have the special invitation live but what's the situation with that?
Right now, honestly I'm just rehearsing by myself. The hall will be full of people who are by invitation right? I've made up my mind. It's going to be lavish show *smiles*.

I think the tour that begins in spring will have a good vibe to it but, have you done anything to keep in shape for it?
It's not just about physical strength you know. Because up till now there was no pattern with the songs we did, now we have to think about what will be the best for the lives. And because lives are about more than just the individual, it's about what's good for the ensemble so we have to think about what's good for everyone.

Finally, would you say a word to everyone awaiting the tour.
Yagami Toll always puts everything he's got into the lives. And I'm sure all the other members give it their all too *smiles*. So I guarantee the lives will be wonderful. So when we come close to where you are, you must absolutely come and have fun with us.