Fish Tank 51
Interview with Higuchi Yutaka
Translation: Lola

You had a few lives at the end of 2008 so first, how did the FC only lives go?
They were interesting. It had been a long time since we'd done any lives.

The fans designed the costumes that you wore....
I thought it was fun, as an idea you know. But at the same time I also wondered how it'd turn out. I think it was enjoyable. Usually, we decide the songs and so decide the direction the live will go in. But because it was FC only lives...we wanted to do something more special for them so we asked them to tell us what they'd like to hear. Asking is the best way to do it right. Seems like it turned out to be a good plan.

You played the new song [HEAVEN] during the FC only lives, how did performing the new song go?
I thought it all turned out beautifully. That we let people hear the song before it went on sale. And we let them see the video before the live too.

Right, you opened with a film showing the landscape of where it was recorded and then showed the new PV.
It's good because it was different than just regular publicity videos. It was a gift to let them hear the new song first and watch the PV for the new song before the live.

Then right after the FC only lives you had THE DAY IN QUESTION.
But you know we barely had any lives at all last year. I was glad because it meant that, that way we wouldn't really have an overlap of songs.

This time for DIQ, you went to Kyoto and Hamamatsu.
Yeah I was glad, it was fun you know. Since of course there are people who can't come to Budoukan for DIQ so, I wanted to go even just a little closer to them so they could see the show.

Yes and I believe you gave them quite the first impression.
Well like there are some places we can't go to on the tour because they don't fit the schedule so, when we can go, even if it's just for DIQ then I want to go to those areas.

How did the filming of the [GALAXY] PV go? You had the same director as you did for [HEAVEN] right.
It was interesting. I asked, won't this make the people who watch the PV dizzy? but, he said it would be done in a way to not be so dizzying.

You mean with the camera spinning round and round?
Yes, yes, yes. At first it spun slowly but, steadily it began to spin at high speed and as the camera spun, it made this amazing sound I would have never imagined you know.

Where you were being filmed you mean?
Yes. So I figured I'd check that when we were done filming, so I checked the video but...... When I watched it, it made me dizzy *smiles*.

How did you find the completed PV?
It was interesting. Because the image was so completely different from what we did with [HEAVEN].

It was a complete change from being in the great outdoors with [HEAVEN].
Yes, we were inside this time *smiles*. Because it fit [GALAXY] to be filmed completely indoors *smiles*. This way, if people are seeing our work for the first time, we'll create an impact with these two different works. We also wanted them to have an impact for those who know our work and when they look at the two, it's easy for them to see the contrast.

Both the singles and the album have a face on the CD jacket. It's rare that you do that isn't it.
Of course because that has an impact. Whatever's on the album jacket has to have an impact too right? I thought it worked out well.

The three works seem linked in that they take you up and down.
We said we'd use white, black and then for the last one we had Acchan's skull right *smiles*. We figured why not use an x-ray? *smiles* Since it's important to make an impact on people.

What's the current situation with the special invitation live in February and tour beginning in April?
We have to rehearse but, you know I think the songs will really be brilliant live this time. So I think it'll be interesting. Because Imai-kun's level of enthusiasm is different this time *smiles*.

Oh really, how so?
Because this time for some reason Imai-kun's already really excited about the sound! But if I say he's excited about it maybe he'll get mad at me *smiles*.

What do you think the difference will be between the show in February and the tour?
I don't really know yet how they'll be but, I think the tour will be better than the February live since the album won't be a new release anymore so I mean, I'd like the tour to be easy for everyone to enjoy you know? So we're thinking of various ways to do that.

You celebrated your 42nd birthday on January 24th but what kind of birthday was it?
My friend Kimura Seiji-kun (hurdy gurdy) celebrated with me. It was Fulton's (originally of BUG) birthday on the 31st too and another person's birthday on the 23rd so we decided to combine the birthday parties and have fun celebrating together.

A lot of people are born in January it seems.
I gotta watch it, I'm not getting any younger you know.

Huh? What do you mean?
Nothing, nothing.......

Finally, would you say a word for everyone awaiting the tour?
Right, even I'm psyched about this tour. It's going to be really good, and because we made an album with a band sound, I think the live will be interesting too and we're going to put absolutely everything it takes into it! *smiles* So, please come any way you can.