Fish Tank 52
Interview with Hoshino Hidehiko
Translation: Lola

Are you ok? It sounds like you have a cold today.
Is it a cold, or a sinus infection.......or is it allergies? I dunno *smiles*.

Looking back on the tour up till now, how has it been?
There hasn't been any big problems, I think it's been going very smoothly.

So you've made it halfway through without any major issues.
Yeah. No major trouble.

For the first time you have that sphere in the centre of the stage but how did you manage to come on stage with it there?
I came around from behind it. Anii and Yuuta passed through the middle. Then down the steps.

What was your impression of the fans from onstage?
During the main set it seemed like they just stared. But since we have older songs too for the encore people really seemed to get into it.

For a few years now some of you have grown beards but now once again, one amidst the group has grown a beard.
Hahaha *smiles*, and there are also some who have shaved.

Right. What was the logic behind it? Oh, if the guy next to me grows one then I'll shave mine?
Nooo, how to say, mm. I did it without giving it much thought.

I thought that this time both your costume and Imai-san's seemed to be part of a set, was that just coincidental? Or had you spoken about it beforehand?
Yeah, it just happened that way. It was because......we didn't have our costumes made, they were store bought and since they were from the same maker, perhaps they have the same feel.

During your performance of [Memento mori] there was quite the awesome pillars of flame but were you alright with the heat?
Well, it was really hot you know. Depending on where we were if the stage was narrow the fire would be closer to me right. I was like, I'm not gonna catch fire right? *smiles* But, well they took precautions for that so it was safe for me to be there. The heat of the flames was really intense though.

Once again it seemed like neither you or Imai-san could move.
Ah, because I was singing then. Actually, it was hot but that's not what you were trying to get at is it? *smiles* Well, some places also stipulated that fire wasn't allowed. And I mean really, they'd say we could use anything except fire but what can you do, that's how it is in some places right.

After that during the latter half of April you went to perform for the ARABAKI fest but, how did you find doing an outdoor show mid tour?
Right......that was nice. But, I thought it must have been terribly uncomfortable for the fans. Because of the insane amounts of rain there was quite a lot of mud outside and it was so bad you couldn't move in it. Like even if you wanted to take a step forward you couldn't pull your foot out of the mire, your legs were stuck.

Like when people plant rice.
Yeah, yeah. That's what it was like. So, I felt really bad for the fans. But, I think we gave them a good live.

I heard it was quite cold there too.
As cold goes yeah it was cold....... I arrived prepared and was all bundled up but, then I had to change into my costume right after *smiles*. But the live itself was ok.

You only had one rehearsal for the fest in between touring....
It was a nice diversion mood wise. Because the set list hadn't really changed from the tour. I think it helped us having that show in the middle of the tour. Because we were able to have fun.

It's been decided you'll be doing a standing tour as well but how do you think performing "memento mori" in live houses will be?
I wonder? Well, because a lot of the songs suit live houses, I think it'll be good.

Speaking of live houses, before the tour began you did a special live but how did you find having that one special show before the tour?
It was absolutely relaxed. Perhaps everyone felt it. Maybe because we only played about half the album........ We've never really done that sort of thing before. So we tried it out and it turned out to be extremely comfortable for us. I think it was rather good.

You had a little bit of a holiday with Golden Week mid tour so what did you do during that time?
Nothing really. During Golden Week...I was dead tired *smiles*. I have no idea how I got to be so utterly exhausted but......that's when I started being all nasally.

This time your tour schedule isn't too crammed, you have lives on the weekends then you get a little break during the week but how do you find it this way?
It's a lot easier than tours that are crammed with shows and have us running all over the place. It's certainly a lot easier on my body. It's even good for my mood because I can go home now and then, get some rest, feel refreshed and then I go do a live, it's really great you know.

Finally would you say a word for those who will be attending the rest of the tour, and for everyone awaiting the lives after that?
Even though we're still touring, we'll be doing shows in live houses too and I want them to be different and I want them to be enjoyable so please, you must come.