FT 52: Q1


You and 3 friends of the same sex leave on a trip to an onsen. You reach the ryokan after a few hours' drive and after checking in, a serving lady shows you to your room. You all enter the room in high spirits. Once inside, which part of the room do you check out first?

Sakurai: I'd check out the serving lady!
FT: Please choose from these options!!

A. The view out the room's window
B. The yukata, the TV or other room furnishings
C. The sweets set out on the table
D. You don't check out the room at all, preferring instead to go straight down for a nap

Sakurai: A   Imai: A   Hoshino: A   Higuchi: A   Yagami: A


The moment you're shown into your room at a new ryokan, you're bound to show some curiosity and doubt as to the excellence of the accomodations. In everyday life you'll exhibit some of that thinly veiled curious doubt the day of your first date with a potential partner. Now, what you check out first in that ryokan room will indicate which side of your partner you'll inspect first.

A. If you chose "the view"......you'll first examine your date's appearance, their looks.

Imai: Uhh, but you know I'm already married now so, I really don't care *smiles*. Mostly all the other members are married too so......to be honest it's kinda pointless! Hahahaha!!
FT: *dejectedly* I sort of half expected you to say that but still......
Imai: Hahahahahaha! Was it a terrible blow?
FT: But the quiz was designed for you to reveal your true nature so.......
Imai: Hahahahah! Touché *smiles*.

B. If you chose "the furnishings"......you'll first evaluate your date's influence, the power of their finances.
C. If you chose "the sweets"......you'll first pay attention to your date's feelings and personality.
D. If you don't check the room out at all......you're the type to put your desires first above the partnership of love.

FT 52: Q2


You decide to have a sandwich for lunch. Which do you choose from the sandwich shop's menu?

A. Tuna sandwich
B. Ham sandwich
C. Egg sandwich
D. Veggie sandwich
E. Mixed sandwich

Sakurai: B   Imai: B   Hoshino: E   Higuchi: D   Yagami: D


Your taste in food and your personality are closely related. We can easily read your behavior pattern from the differences in your preferred sandwich.

A. If you chose a tuna sandwich......generally speaking you're very picky, you're a prudent person who'll think things over before they act. People tend to see you as very proud and you can also be a bit of a pervert.

B. If you chose a ham sandwich......you're not one to dwell on things, you're an open person. You always try to accommodate other people and you adapt easily to new things.

Imai: So that's what having a ham sandwich means *smiles*. So now I'm only going to eat ham sandwiches when I'm backstage (when there are snacks).
FT: Are you just going to take the ham out of the mixed sandwiches?
Imai: Only the ham! I don't need egg in my sandwiches.

C. If you chose an egg sandwich......sometimes you feel that you want someone to rely on, someone who'd take care of you. But you're both a serious person who'll patiently endure almost everything, and the owner of a kind heart.

D. If you chose a veggie sandwich......you like to take things easy and in moderation. Even when you want something, you're good at keeping your desires hidden. But even though you seem like a meek person, you're very hardworking and determined at heart.

Higuchi: What, really? That's not true.
FT: But I thought it was right on.
Higuchi: Really?

E. If you chose a mixed sandwich......you like being with people and have a great social life. You excel in adapting to new situations and are careful to try everything in moderation. No matter where you are, no matter who you meet, you'll soon strike up a conversation.

Hoshino: But I'm not that sociable....... But well, I am in a way so, I guess it works *smiles*.

FT 52: Q3


You promised your friend you'd go out together. However when you meet up with him, you find out he's brought a younger friend of his along. You've never met this friend before. What will you call that friend?

A. -san
B. -chan
C. if you learn their nickname, that's what you'll use
D. you'll address them without any honorific

Imai: I wonder why they don't have [-kun]?
FT: And what if the young friend was a girl?
Imai: Ah, that never crossed my mind. It could be a girl huh......so I'd say [-chan] then.

Sakurai: A   Imai: B   Hoshino: B   Higuchi: B   Yagami: B


In reality it's a reflection of yourself you'll see in that younger person you've just met for the first time. Depending on what you call them, we'll find out what kind of child you were and how you were brought up.

A. If you chose "-san"......you were an honors student respected by those around him.

Sakurai: An honor's student? Perhaps 'no honorific' would have been better.
FT: That means you carry within your heart the wounds from a dark past.
Sakurai: That's incredible isn't it, what using no honorifics means *smiles*.

B. If you chose "-chan"......you grew up loved by everyone around you.

Yagami: Thank you, that is true. It's ama~zingly accurate. When I was a kid I always had my buttons done for me and I always seemed to have help getting my shoelaces tied.
FT: When was this roughly?
Yagami: Like around the time of kindergarden...and even while in kindergarden I think. It was the same for Yuuta too.

Higuchi: Um, no~.
FT: Yagami-san said it was the same for you though.
Higuchi: He's wrooooong *smiles*.

C. If you chose to use a nickname......you were an individual who stood apart from other people.

D. If you chose not to use an honorific......it seems you still carry within the wounds from a dark past....

Translated by: Lola & w_b