Fish Tank 52
Interview with Yagami Toll
Translation: Lola

Please be aware these interviews contain spoilers about the memento mori tour.

How do you find this tour so far, looking back on it up till now?
It's quite something in its way.

You've changed the set list a little along the way but, was that something you discussed?
I think it wasn't flowing right before. [HEAVEN] wasn't part of the main set at first. Until we had [HEAVEN] as part of the main set, it felt like when the show ended it was completely over, that's it, no more. But, if we didn't play it during the encore, then people wouldn't have the chance to hear it *smiles*. I think it's good now. Because playing it at the end of the main set, makes the story feel complete. That way even though the encore isn't a bonus track, it ends up feeling that way. So I'm glad we changed the set list.

The fans were asked to sit a number of times during this tour weren't they? Did you find the atmosphere different when they sat and listened?
No, not really. It doesn't make a difference. It's just that nowadays, people are used to standing the whole time aren't they? In the past even if you stood because you couldn't see, people wouldn't stand up completely. Perhaps if everyone remained seated, they'd be able to cheer from their seats. But if one person stands in the front then people complain, "I can't see! I can't see! I've got to stand!".

When you were in Gunma you passed the mike and said, "This is my town!".
Yeah, at the end. That's because see, I was in a good mood, we were in my area! *smiles* I might have said this before but, in was in the Takasaki music centre that I first entered a choir contest when I was in about grade one or two...ehehehehe!

You haven't had any major equipment trouble or anything during this tour have you?
Not really, it's been ok. There has been absolutely no equipment trouble so far. There was something really annoying during the ARABAKI fest though, the ambience mike was left on. So since it was left on I could hear everyone chattering. That's how I knew it was left on. So the sound balance was completely off.

How did you find your first time doing the ARABAKI fest?
It reminded me a lot of the Rising Sun Rock festival you know. Didn't we only do about seven songs? And since the encore was only about three minutes long, I could relax.

I heard it was rather cold outside.
My cymbal was shaking in the open air *smiles*. Maybe because it contracted in the cold? It felt like my arms couldn't stretch to hit it *smiles*. And I think for the first time.......I didn't sweat at all while drumming. No matter how much I moved, I couldn't get warm. I kept telling myself, just a little more till it's over *smiles*.

'And then I can get warm~'....
Exactly! And then while I was telling myself, just a little more, it ended.

How did you feel about having to do a show for a fest mid-tour?
It didn't really bother me. It was a special event. And since it wasn't like we were playing twenty songs or anything, it was easy you know. Plus, events like that are motivating in a different way, so your feelings about it are different. Like you know, for that show those who came to see us weren't just people who bought tickets to see Buck-Tick on tour. So, because the majority of fans weren't there for us specifically, there were some people for whom it was their first time seeing Buck-Tick. It's interesting seeing how those people will react. At first they just watch you know. But then by the end they got really into it so I felt like, "Yes! We nailed it!". Even though they didn't know us, they got excited for us.

How did you feel after, physically?
Even though I caught a cold I didn't notice! Since mood plays a part in illness. *smiles* Of course it was because I ended up straining myself. But mostly I think I caught a cold because I didn't take good enough care of myself after during my time off.

Your schedule for this tour isn't really rushed but how do you find it's working out?
Yeah, I'm comfortable with it *smiles*. I'm grateful it's not rushed. This way I'm never exhausted! The truth is, moving around after playing really drains me you know. So, this schedule is great for me personally.

Have you still been doing your stretches backstage?
I have, I have! It's getting hard given my age though. Because I feel weak from the start. But I've changed my ways a bit since turning forty~ *smiles*. So of course I do different stretches now.

We've announced the standing tour but how do you think performing "memento mori" in live houses will be?
Motivationally speaking it won't change anything for me. But the acoustics in a live house are absolutely different though, because it's so narrow inside. It's easier for the fans to listen that way isn't it.

Finally, say a word to everyone awaiting the latter half of this tour and the standing tour.
We're all in great form so, if you happen to be close by you must come and see us! Buck-Tick will be good as usual.