Fish Tank 52
Interview with Higuchi Yutaka
Translation: Lola

Looking back on it, how do you find the tour is going so far?
Quite smoothly. We haven't had any big problems either. But the meetings we had at the start were a pain though. We wanted to use various images and things this time around so we had to discuss all that. But other than that, it's been going smoothly. There's been a good feeling throughout. It feels like the various songs really blend together well. Even when we play older songs during the encore, they flow well with the others. The old songs sounded like they were current.

During your performance of [Memento mori], there were some large pillars of flame but how did that affect you Yuuta-san?
It didn't at all. The heat barely reached me. But, depending on where we were performing sometimes we couldn't use the fire...because some halls have rules against that.

During [Baby, I want you] in Chiba you kissed Sakurai-san's cheek.
Did I? Ah, there wasn't any real meaning behind that you know *smiles*.

Then once again in Chiba, right before [Coyote] Sakurai-san quickly did the member introduction and we were at last able to see your new upright bass in full.
In full yes *smiles*.

Since the lighting was rather dark during [Coyote] though we couldn't really see you play the bass very well.
But, it's better that way you know. Like if I had a spotlight on me I'd end up being so stiff like, 'Ok, gotta be good' *smiles*. And since I'd be so self-conscious with the light on me, it wouldn't look very cool would it? *smiles*

You first used that bass on stage in February for the special live in Akasaka BLITZ but, have you grown accustomed now to playing that bass on stage?
Yeah, I'm quite used to it now. But I have to treat it differently than my other basses which means I had to discuss the handling of it with the staff before the live in February. We inserted a temporary jack but it's an acoustic instrument so we had to treat it like an acoustic guitar. It was quite hard on the staff. Because it's such a delicate instrument too. So I'm glad I spoke with the staff before the tour about how to get the sound right.

Your last performance before Golden Week was in Shizuoka so did you bring the bass home from there?
We didn't really have any lives during Golden Week did we. Of course I kept practicing so as not to lose my familiarity with it. Because it's not at all like my other basses.

Even when you're backstage, the first thing you do is play that big bass isn't it.
It's the only one I've got you know. With the others there are always substitute ones backstage if need be but, the roadies can't check the sound of the big one. So I've got to quickly practice backstage as much as possible and then let them set it up for when I'm onstage.

You performed in the ARABAKI fest mid-tour but how did you find it?
It was just too bad we had such terrible weather you know. Anii and I were ok because we were under a roof but those in front were completely in the rain.

Did your hands go numb with the cold or were you ok?
It was fine as long as I was playing. But I felt it after. I didn't drink sake after but, that feeling of relief...when it spreads through you came over me. It's different from when we did events around the time of our debut though, now it's really a proper fest, it's become very much like festival. The fans and everyone get really into it. They'll even watch bands they didn't come there to see and in that way, it's like we can get through to more of Japan. It's good. And the more we're able to do things like that, the better we get at it too.

But the fest was mid-tour...
I think it was troublesome for the staff but, it was really easy for us to get into a fest mid-tour. It would have been hard for us if we had to do it mid-recording when we're working in the studio though.

We've also announced that you'll be doing a standing tour beginning in September.
That'll be quite interesting too won't it? While we can expand our performance quite a lot image-wise in a hall, even if we play the same set list in a live house there's this feeling that the five of us are equal with the fans. I think this album can really be performed in a variety of ways and that gets us excited too. I think if people come to see us in the live houses, they'll see that it's different even if they came to see us at several other halls.

The schedule for this tour has been relatively open but how do you find things are working this way?
I was anxious about it at first *smiles*. But, it seems to be working out quite well for us. Initially I was worried I'd lose that riled up feeling and that wouldn't exactly be good right. I'm able to rest, which is good but, not to the point of losing the feeling of the live. I don't know how it is for the other members though.

Finally say a word for everyone awaiting the upcoming lives.
It feels like we're really able to do some great shows now during this tour and I'm sure the live house tour will be good too so please, you must come!