Fish Tank 53
Interview with Hoshino Hidehiko
Translation: Lola

The main tour wrapped up on July 2nd in NHK hall but how did you find the tour went this time?
This time......I guess my answer would be that, it was simply a fun tour.

What have you been doing since the tour finished?
I rested a little and then went straight to song writing for a few days.

Already back to work huh.

So what did you do during your time off then?
What did I do.......? Well, I rested I guess.

And you've already begun recording as well.

So since when did you start composing Hide-san? Did you get ideas during the tour?
No, not at all. The tour ended, I rested and then I began composing just recently. Only a few days ago in fact *smiles*.

You've completed two songs but, what kind of songs are they?
One song is melodious and pop and well, I guess the other is the complete opposite?

And you've recorded one of your songs now so, which is it?
I recorded the one that's the opposite of pop.

So the other song you didn't record is on the back burner?
Yes. For now. Well, but if I get the chance to put it out, I will.

Imai-san's been composing too but, was the first time you heard Imai-san's song during the meeting we had the other day?
Yes. That was the first time.

And what was your impression of Imai-san's song when you heard it?
Hmm, it feels like you could dance to it. I think it's good, with his typical variations within it.

Even though it was unintentionally done, it's aiming to be released as a single right.
Seems like it.

So what's the situation with the upcoming lives?
These days we've been chatting about sort of arrangements to make for the stage plan. Soon we'll have to make the song choices too.

Do you plan on requesting certain songs for the set list Hide-san?
I do plan on requesting some......but I'm still thinking about which right now *smiles*.

You even went and did Nishikawa-san's event (1) but did you talk about that directly with Nishikawa-san?
No, I didn't. Well, we didn't really talk about it one on one you know...even though we know each other.

So now just as everyone wanted, you'll be doing a standing live tour along with FC only lives.
Yeah yeah.

So for that, you must um........
Think about the songs.

Yes! Right you must have to think about doing different songs.
Yes. We do have to think about that.

Did you hear that recently the other guitarist began his blog?
Yeah, I know.

Did you give it a peek?
I've looked at it, yes.

And what do you think of Imai's blog?
Since it's written relatively well, I thought ah, this is well done. It's like he's taking the opportunity to write while he drinks isn't it. And I think that style of writing is good.

And did you tell Imai-san that?
No, there's nothing really to say *smiles*.

Now...but wouldn't it be good if more than just Imai had a blog......?
What? You saying I should make one? *smiles*

No, well I just thought you might be interested?
Huh? Me? Noo *smiles*.

For this issue you devoted your corner to horumon(2) so you must like it?
Yeah, I do like it. It prevents summer heat exhaustion you know.

Did you pick some up at the store today?
It's the first thing I did today.

There are so many varieties of both beef and pork horumon so I'm looking forward to seeing that in your corner!

Finally, by the time this issue comes out you will have started the next tour but would you please say a word to everyone awaiting the next lives?
By now the standing tour has begun so I wonder, is everyone enjoying it? And since we have fan club only lives too, please come and enjoy those as well.

Notes: (1) Nishikawa's event was the Inazuma Rock Fest.
(2) Horumon usually consists of fried beef or pork giblets.