Joining the members of Buck-Tick for the first time is Terada-san, the tour manager.

FT 53: Q1


You accidentally spill the coffee you were drinking, staining the table cloth. Tell us, what is the approximate size of the stain?

A. It's barely a droplet in size
B. It's about the size of a coffee cup
C. It's about the size of a dinner plate
D. It's about the size of a cushion

Imai: Size of a pillow......that's the one.
FT: Well that's assuming you even have enough coffee.
Imai: Yeah, you're right. *laughs* You'd need at least one of those massive café au lait bowls, for that. *laughs*
Terada: You'll never have enough coffee in a regular cup to stain a whole cushion.

Sakurai: C   Imai: C   Hoshino: B   Higuchi: C   Yagami: A   Terada: B


This test will uncover how much of a gossip you are.

A. If your stain is the size of a droplet......You're incredibly tight-lipped. You will never divulge any of the secrets you learn of.

Yagami: My lips are sealed shut! Uhyahyahya!

B. If your stain is the size of a coffee cup......You are rather discrete. But if we were to confess our secrets, we would do wisely not to tell them to you.

Hoshino: I'm ok with keeping a secret to myself though. Oh well, I guess it's ok. *smiles*

C. If your stain is the size of a plate......You're quite the gossip. Your intentions aren't bad, you just tend to blurt everything out in the spur of the moment.

Sakurai: Whaaa, huuuuh...ooh. See, I'm not that secretive of a guy.
FT: Well I'm sorry. *laughs*
Sakurai: I simply have no one to talk to...Fuhahaha...No one but my cat.
Yuuta: Ahaha...Imai-kun's told me this very thing before.
FT: But both Sakurai-san and Imai-san chose the same answer you did.
Yuuta: Really? Ah, good good. *laughs*

D. If your stain is the size of a cushion......Honestly, you're the biggest gossip ever! By now you must have been told quite a few times that you're all mouth? No secret is safe from you, everything you hear you must pass on and that's how you get into trouble.

FT 53: Q2


You step onto a golf course. When your turn comes, you strike the ball with all of your strength. But since the golf course stretches far and wide, you completely miss the target and lose sight of your ball. Tell us, how long will you spend looking for your golf ball?

Hoshino: I'm not very familiar with the rules of golf though, if you lose your ball are you allowed a new one?
FT: You'll be penalized a point if you do that so it's important to look.
Hoshino: Is that so? Is this general knowledge?
FT: Why yes. And how come you don't know that???

A. Less than 5 minutes
B. Maximum 10 minutes
C. Over 10 minutes
D. You'll look until you find it

Sakurai: D   Imai: B   Hoshino: B   Higuchi: C   Yagami: B   Terada: A

Sakurai: If I don't find my ball then the people coming after me will snatch it so...I'll keep searching until I find it!!! Ahhahhahha!!!
Yagami: Perhaps...but what if it landed off the golf course? About 10 minutes will do I believe.


You need to be perseverant in your search of a lost object. Judging from the length of time you spend searching the golf course for a lost ball, we'll learn whether you have a higher tolerance for psychological or for physical stimuli. In other words, we'll find out just how much of an S or M you are.

A. If you decided to look for the ball for less than 5 minutes......Indeed you are a physical sadist, you enjoy inflicting pain on your partner.

B. If you decided to look for the ball a maximum of 10 minutes......You're a psychological sadist who likes using words to torment others.

Imai: Wha? I really don't get it. What? Is this true? *laughs*
Hoshino: *laughs* that fit? ......but I'm more of an M... *laughs*
FT: *bursts out laughing*
Yagami: What in the world are you talking about? You're no masochist.

C. If you decided to look for the ball for over 10 minutes......You're a psychological masochist, you can only take a little bit of physical pain.

Yuuta: Thank god I didn't decide to look for that ball till I found it. *laughs*

D. If you decided to look for the ball until you find it......You're a physical masochist, any pain you experience turns into pleasure.

Sakurai: Uhhahha....... But what about my game of golf? What happened to my ball?

FT 53: Q3


You can get 100,000yen just by winning at a game of Janken. Tell us, which hand will you play?

FT: Alright, we're going to play Janken. Rock is first. Here we go!
Imai: Hey, this really a psyche test?
FT: Yup. Here we go! Rock is first, Rock Paper Scissors!

Sakurai: scissors
Imai: scissors
Hoshino: scissors
Higuchi: rock
Yagami: scissors
Terada: paper


This test will show us how you will cope when opportunity knocks on your door. We'll find out how you'll face life's obstacles when you run into them.

Terada: Aah, I completely forgot this was for 100,000yen. I just did what I usually do.
FT: This is a psyche test! Pay attention to the question. *laughs*

If you played 'Rock'......You're a strong person who'll press on and conquer all obstacles.

Yuuta: I bet Anii played paper...Ahaha!!! I bet he had all the confidence in the world in his paper!!!

If you played 'Scissors'......You're an intellectual who builds theories to help solve your problems.

Sakurai: So I'm building theories so I won't get stuck? If only rock didn't break scissors.
Hoshino: That's exactly it! Because I'm the intellectual type. *laughs*
Imai: If Asaki-chan were here he'd back me up but, guys always pick scissors for the first round of Janken. But it's between us. Asaki-chan and me. Because it's for a stupid reason *smiles*. Maybe I should tell Asaki-chan about this, he'll have a good laugh. *laughs*

If you played 'Paper'......You're a timid person who prefers to avoid obstacles.

Notes: Janken is nothing other than a game of "rock, paper, scissors".

Translated by: w_b