Fish Tank 53
Interview with Sakurai Atsushi
Translation: Lola

The main tour has come to an end but how did you find it this time?
While we were doing it I felt the rhythm of the lives were getting steadily better, even for myself. So we were able to end the tour at NHK with our most seasoned performance. Well, because by that time we had collected quite a variety of experiences so the live at NHK was a little different...from the others up till that point. And well, of course the Tokyo finale will feel slightly different in the end because it was filmed and that poses some restraints. It's hard because I have to maintain concentration.

Of course it must have felt a little different doing shows at NHK hall compared to other venues. There was also a lot more staff around at NHK because it was being filmed right.
It was the same as usual though because it was just one show mid tour I guess. But I think it went well because we got to do a variety of other things there. So...that's what made it feel a little different. But the whole feel of the tour has been really great. The other members and I have been working really well together too. It made me want to do more.

I happened to notice that during a meeting over dinner after a live in the first half of the tour, you guys talked about changing the song order but, is that something you discussed throughout the tour?
Really, I just say "Wouldn't it be good if we tried like this"...because I don't really want to complain and feel like "I hate it this way" and the others feel the same way so it's more like..."Since we're doing it like this today, we'll try the other way next time" and this way, everyone gets their say right. If we didn't do that...well you can imagine. It has to be good for the audience. And if there was tension, then that's something that would come through immediately during the show. If we have a good live, then that amazing energy comes directly back to us in turn from the audience.

During the filming at NHK, you were even filmed when inside that sphere in the beginning weren't you.
We couldn't do that during the actual show though so, on the last day of rehearsals a very flushed Hayashi-san and I were in it together *smiles*, because we thought maybe it would be kind of interesting to see from my point of view in there.

Was that the first time you had someone in the sphere with you Sakurai-san?
No, I've been inside with some of the staff......and the first day of the tour, the director and I embraced within it....

......right. Anyway, with the tour complete have you had any good drinks?
I have...but seems I always do after a tour.

I heard that at one of the after parties you sang a duet with Issay-san from DerZibet.

That wasn't filmed was it?
I don't think it was. Would be fun if it had been though.

It's been a number of years since you've done something like that, I think it was after Budoukan last time right. Since you've sung [Itoshii no Rockstar] together in karaoke.
Issay-san always comes to see me. And when he does we get all excited remembering how things were when we did that like "Ah you remember that time we did that~"......and then it just happened that we went somewhere again with a karaoke machine. It was completely by chance! And he just happened to be with me too!! And there also happened to be two mics!!! So we said something along the lines of, "Ah~ well, shall we do a duet?" *smiles*. Aah~ that was so much fun. Issay-san really got into it for me too *smiles*.

You don't usually sing Buck-Tick songs in karaoke do you Sakurai-san?
I don't, I don't want to either.

I thought it was unusual for you to do that.
Because that's my one condition for karaoke usually right *smiles*.

With the tour over, you had a little bit of time for a summer holiday so, what did you do?
No~ I didn't at all really......I didn't get to do anything...... It's been one thing after another since recording "memento mori" and after the tour I've been rather......exhausted so...ahaha yeah.

So what's been going on lately?
Very recently we've done a little recording. We haven't completely decided on what we're doing yet with that but, we recorded a few songs in August and it was good timing because the record company thinks it would be good for us to release something again so, we recorded a number of songs.

You got the demo tape from both Imai-san and Hide-san but what was your impression of the new songs when you listened to them?
Hmm, I can't really say anything just yet but~ if you grasp what this series of tours for "memento mori" has meant, like there's this feeling of wanting to cast away your burdens almost and I think the new songs seem to have that same feeling in various parts.

Have you worked on lyrics?
That I am working on now though.

But you can only do so much for now.
Mm. It's like, I've completely forgotten how to work ha-ha-ha. You know, by the time I get my room ready to work I'm completely exhausted *smiles*.

During the meeting the other day, you guys talked about the next tour right?
Yeah. We talked about things like the staging for the live house tour and which songs to play. And we talked about the one show at the end of the year.

I heard you've decided on a stage plan for the next tour but what kind of feel will it have?
The live house tour, on the whole is about focusing on the greatness of everyone coming together isn't it so, it's basically a simple idea. There are some extremely small venues as well as some large ones like Zepp. We will be focusing on the human factor for the lives.

You're doing standing lives alongside FC only lives this time too right? So what did you discuss regarding that?
Oh~ right. Ah, we haven't discussed it yet. But I feel at ease knowing the staff has various ideas for those shows.

We'll do our best. What about the songs?
We've thought of various possibilities throughout August. With great care of course.

The other day the DVD from the FC only live from last year came out and since for the first time it was a DVD available only to fan club members the number of copies sold quite exceeded expectation.
I'm so happy about that. Everyone, thank you so so much!!

Imai-san has started a blog but have you looked at it?
I haven't....

You haven't?!
I haven't!! Should I have~? *smiles*

Don't you care? *smiles*
Not at all!! Ahhahah!! But you know, I still don't get it. Is a blog a sort of diary?

Yes, that's right.
Perhaps if I looked at Imai-san's blog in secret I'd seem like a creepy lurker ♥.

But wouldn't the Buck-Tick members just write about Buck-Tick stuff?
For the other members to see? Uwahaha!! Well that's not really good. Is it? Just to those who are interested. Besides, if Buck-Tick members wrote about Buck-Tick news wouldn't I already know about it? If I already know, why look at it? But I see how making a blog like that would make fans happy of course.

So I guess it's unlikely there will be a Sakurai blog right?
I'm not interested in that at all. And I don't even understand how it works. So I just can't be bothered.

Finally, do you have a message for everyone awaiting the tour?
Thank you so much to all those who have come to see us during the live house tour and thank you to all those who think they'll be coming to see us later. You've brought me such happiness by coming to the lives and I'd absolutely love to return the favour by giving you energetic shows.