Fish Tank 53
Interview with Yagami Toll
Translation: Lola

Looking back at the main tour, how did you think it went?
Hmm...well it was good at first, but by the second half my form was a little off....

Your physical form you mean...?
Not my physical form, my drumming form. It felt like I was a little off, my drumming form fell apart...a number of times. Of course, it's no good if I end up straining myself right. Even if it's just an accidental strain.

I would have thought by midway through the tour you would be used to it......but you strained yourself recently?
Well, the thing is I felt ok during rehearsals, I felt good...but I guess it was an illusion. Because for instance when I was hitting hard it felt strangely weak to me.

That's something you felt Yagami-san but that's not something we can see right?
Mmhm, exactly. I think it's because...we did the event in Sendai and rehearsed right, and that's where we rearranged the structure for the show again.

I see. So the main tour has ended with the show on July 7th at NHK but, in the Q&A you wrote that the show that incited the deepest emotion for you was NHK so what was that like? That final moment?
Something like, 'Yeah s'over!'.

Did you feel relieved?
More like I had done my duty. That's how I felt throughout but especially on the last day.

Since you had about a month after the tour ended, what have you done in that time?
For now I've done absolutely nothing.

Do anything vacation-like?

You've begun recording recently. Have you been rehearsing on your own?
Yeah, to get my body used to it a bit beforehand. That way, no matter the type of song I can handle the variations within it.

It's a way to warm up beforehand. How long was it...between getting the demo tape and recording?
Six days I guess? That's how long I practiced for.

Did you practice with Yuuta-san too at that time?
Yeah, but not the whole time though.

You and Yuuta-san have actually finished recording now actually but how did it go?
It wasn't tiring because it's two songs unlike with albums when there are a number of songs and while we're recording, Imai's writing them right? So then it's like how many songs are there? When are we going to be finished recording? *smiles*

You certainly do have a lot of songs to work on...for albums.
And since now it's just two songs, it means that I'm calm mentally.

Because you know once you've recorded those two, it's finished.
That's it.

Did the recording end smoothly then?
Yeah, we were done in a day.

And afterwards you'll continue touring so what have you been doing for that? Like have you thought about your costume?
I spoke about my costume quite recently with Yagi-san.

This time you'll be doing the standing live tour alongside the FC only lives but, have you given any special thought to the content for the tour and the FC lives...?
Ask Acchan about that *smiles*.

Sakurai-san said he'd also like to gather ideas from the other members. Last time you guys even played a song you don't normally do, [ROMANESQUE], so what could you do this time for people to look forward to....?
If we play it again then we won't be doing it at the end of the year ha-ha-hah...gotta do it in small doses *smiles*.

Is there a song you'd like to do Yagami-san?
I wonder, we haven't asked anyone recently right? Like with a popularity vote?

No we didn't do a "BEST 10" poll.
Well now, it's not like people only vote for songs they want to hear, they also vote for songs because they might have a greater understanding listening to them at a different age. Like in their twenties, thirties or forties. They'd think about the song differently right?

Certainly, there is a difference. In the way people think at different ages.
And they prioritize differently too don't they? Like with their inclinations and actions! *smiles*

I understand what you mean *smiles*. Recently Imai-san began his blog but have you given it a glance?
I looked at it. Now Imai don't be divulging our secrets...hahahah. Usually a blog has people's daily routine in it but Imai's doesn't have that at all.

It's good like that isn't it. Have you said anything to Imai-san about it?
I haven't.

Did you bookmark it?
Ah, yes on my PC.

Finally, please say a word to everyone awaiting the live on September 10th.
I'll do my best!! A-ha-ha-ha!