Fish Tank 53
Interview with Higuchi Yutaka
Translation: Lola

The main tour ended at NHK on July 2nd but looking back on it, how did you think it went?
I think up till now there's been a greater feeling of completion. We might not have had shows everyday but, we were able to keep that feeling of enthusiasm. And that's the greatest and most important be able to have that feeling for lives.

It's the greatest and most important because it makes the shows good.
We've had that feeling before but, it's like more and more that's how we want to do things so that the time we're able to be together is precious...mmm, it's kinda explain....

After the show at NHK, what was going through your head when you said, "It's done!!"?
It was a long tour but, even so I felt like, 'Aw~, is it already over......?'. No one gets me though. It's like, I feel there's so many more fun things we can do~.

Will you continue with that feeling for the standing tour?

Since the tour ended, you've had about a month off so what have you done in that time?
I didnít do anything. ...I guess I rested a little bit.

You started recording since yesterday so how did that go?
Surprisingly smoothly...ahaha!! I thought it'd go differently see.

This time both Imai-san and Hide-san have one song each but, what was your impression of the demo when you first heard it?
Right......I thought they were both kinda rock. And since we have to do lives right after, it seems the assumption is that we'll play them, which I can kinda see as a possibility. Like they've got a great vibe...but I can't really say more than that.

Right. It feels like the type of song that you'd want to do live though. Perhaps during the standing live tour?
Perhaps we could~. But we haven't even decided on a release date yet *smiles*.

With lives comes a lot of decision making about the lives. Like what sort of tour goods will be put out?
I haven't put out any yet~. But, I think I'd like to put out something interesting~.

Do you have anything planned?
I thought I'd make some kind of accessory again.

You know the accessories you design are always popular Yuuta-san.
Right, now I have to do it. I'll try my best to design some accessories. Please buy them!!

You wear the stuff usually too don't you Yuuta-san? And since you even wear them in off shots it makes the fans who have them happy.
Because we match right.

The other day the DVD that was only available to the fan club members came out.
It's good isn't it. I got one too and so they even printed my name on it, "Higuchi Yutaka" ahaha!! It was written on the box, "Higuchi Yutaka"!!

Even the members get their name printed on it *smiles*. Fans really loved the idea of having their names printed on it as well.
I'm happy to hear that. We tried to do something extra special for the fan club so, it's fun that we were able to do something like this for them.

By the time this issue comes out you'll be doing the standing tour along with the fanclub only shows.
I'd like to do something fun for them again.

Like doing something with the songs....
I'm thinking about it!!

A little while ago, Imai-san started his blog.
Yes he did~.

Imai-san told me that you bookmarked his blog Yuuta-san.
Yup, I did *smiles*. I look at it, I do!!

And what do you think of it? The idea of band members making blogs?
It seems fun doesn't it? I thought I'd like to make one too~ but since I'm such a kid I'd probably grow bored with it pretty quickly in the end...or maybe I wouldn't grow bored so much as never update it you know. And I wouldn't want everyone thinking, oh my god he's not dead is he?! just because I didn't update. Because I've been guilty of that before you know...uwahaha!! I'd be a repeat offender!!

Finally, a word for everyone awaiting the standing lives tour.
Round one of the tours ended on a good note, we haven't come out to see everyone yet but, since we're al~ways moving about with this gre~eat feeling I think that's what we'll put into the lives. And since I want the lives to be absolutely amazing again, I'll be sure to enjoy myself too!!
Oh, which reminds me I met Toba Ichirou-san(1). On the Shinkansen(2). Just remembered now!! *smiles* That's a memory from the main tour *smiles*.

Notes: (1) His real name is Kimura Yoshira, he is a Japanese musician.
(2)The Shinkansen is the bullet train that runs through Japan.