In this issue the members of Buck-Tick will be joined by their stylist, Mr Yagi.

FT54: Q1


You're browsing through the shelves of a department store. While in the stationery section, you look down to find that a small object has randomly fallen and is lying at your feet. What will you do?

A. Pretend that you don't see it and move on
B. You pick it up and put it back on any nearby shelf that you deem suitable
C. You look for the spot those particular goods are kept in and return it to its rightful place

Sakurai: I'll kick it and send it flying!
FT: Please pick from these choices!!!
Hoshino: I'll look but...if I can't find the spot I won't simply put it back at random. *smiles* Wouldn't that be the most popular option though?
Imai: Say an eraser fell, if I find the spot right away I'll put it back. But if I really can't find it I'll put it back anywhere.
Hoshino: Well isn't that to be expected!
FT: Please pick one from these choices! *laughs*

Sakurai: C    Imai: C    Hoshino: C    Higuchi: B     Yagami: B    Yagi: C


The one thing falling from among all the shelved items represents failure at a social obligation. How you handle the fallen object will tell us how you relate to the rest of society, what your attitude and intentions are regarding work.

Sakurai: Kicking it *laughs* sounds good to me, let weak people put it back! *laughs*

A. If you pretend not to notice......You're a sloth. When work is hard or inconvenient you do everything within your power to avoid it.

B. If you put the item back on a nearby shelf......You handle the work that's assigned to you easily but you're the proverbial grasshopper: you plot and scheme if there's even a chance you could profit.

Higuchi: *laughs* That's kinda bad. It's cause I got confused between B and C.......

C. If you return the item to its rightful place......You are the proverbial ant: thinking that you'll improve yourself through work, you will search for work that only you are capable of doing and will give yourself over to it body and soul.

Sakurai: I'll pick it up however I'm a sloth by nature, I'd love to hang from a tree all day long. *smiles* (1)
Hoshino: That's right. I'm a hard worker!
Imai: Again with the big talk. And all I did was pick up an eraser. *laughs*
Yagi: Just don't slip it in your pocket.
Imai: Hahahahah!

(1) In Japanese if you write the word 'sloth' (namakemono) as 怠け者, it means a lazy person, a lazy bum, a couch potato. However when written in katakana as ナマケモノ, it means the animal called a sloth. So when Sakurai says that he's a 'ナマケモノ', he means the furry kind that sleeps in trees. ;)

FT54: Q2


In the room your party has been shown to stands a single, long dinner table. Where would you have your meal if you were free to take the seat of your choice? Please choose from the following.

Sakurai: I'm guessing this has nothing to do with the doors or walls...?
FT: It doesn't.

Sakurai: 1    Imai: 6    Hoshino: 10    Higuchi: 5    Yagami: 6    Yagi: 5


There's a strong synergetic relation between appetite for food and carnal desires. Seeing which seat you will have your dinner in when part of a large group, will tell us how far you'll go when flirting with your lover.

Sakurai: Ah, of course it's about lust!

Those who eat surrounded by others in the middle seats numbered 3 or 8, will flirt with their lovers without worrying the slightest bit about their surroundings. Those who prefer to eat in silence at the edge of the table will rarely ever flirt in public.

Sakurai: I'm like a Westerner though, I'm simply a kissy person, it doesn't matter where I am. *smiles* But alright, I'll eat stark naked right in the middle. How about that?! *laughs*
Imai: I was torn between 6 and 2 you know. But I wouldn't sit in 2 just like that if there's no~body else there.
FT: But you are sitting in the middle of our party today.
Imai: Cause that's the order in which I came in.
FT: So this time everyone choses to sit by the edge.
Hoshino: Because we'd be in big trouble if we all rushed to the middle *smiles*
Yagi: Maybe the members of Buck-Tick wouldn't get along with those who'd sit in the middle.
Imai: Yeah. It's a question of different upbringing.

FT54: Q3


Please write the letter 'E' on your forehead.
Which way did you write it?

Sakurai: *writes his E backwards*    Imai: E    Hoshino: E    Higuchi: E    Yagami: E    Yagi: E

Sakurai: Ah, it's backwards.......
Imai: I've been writing 'B-T' (on my cheek) for how many years now!
Everyone: Hahahahahahah!
FT: Of course. *laughs*
Hoshino: It's been more than 20. *smiles*
Yagi: But it'd be interesting if you wrote it backwards once in a while. *laughs*


So how will 'E' look when you write it on a part of your body that you yourself can't see? We can split people into 2 types according to their results.

Those whose 'E' looks backwards when read by others...You couldn't care less about how other people see you. To be honest, you're self-centered.

Sakurai: Hahahahahahah! Oh I care, I care so much sometimes I can't sleep but if I spent every day worrying so, I wouldn't be able to work. A~lright then, call me selfish. *smiles*

Those whose 'E' reads correctly...You're always worried about how you're perceived by those around you. Seems like you're trying to please everyone.

Imai: See!!! 'S cuz I've been writing 'B-T' all those years. *laughs*
Yagami: Huh? And what does it say if you wrote it backwards? (He's told the answer) Hahahahah!!!
Higuchi: Ha ha ha ha. (He too is told the first answer) They both suck. *laughs*

Translated by w_b