Fish Tank 55
Interview with Hoshino Hidehiko
Translation: Lola

How did the show at the end of 2009 in Budoukan go?
Hmmmm, because it was just one show, we were able to make The Day in Question feel fresh. After it was over I heard from various people that they thought it was good....

So I'm glad. With the song choices too.

About the set list, were there any songs that you chose Hide-san?
I picked my songs of course. We ended up doing a few...that I thought I'd like to do like 'Barairo no Hibi', 'Miu' and 'Gensou no Hana'. There were a few others I think....

Did you give any thought to the fan club requests?
Yeah, I kept that in mind too. I had been wanting to do 'Gensou no Hana' even before that though. As for 'Miu' it was voted number one so I thought we should do it. And then......oh yes, and then there was 'Misty Zone' and 'Kyokutou yori Ai wo Komete'.

During rehearsals you wouldn't give up on using those songs so they stayed on the set list right.
Yes I was adamant this time *smiles*.

This time the stage was higher.
That was so the lights would fit beneath. So the stage had to be higher.

Imai-san said he wasn't overly fond of being higher but were you ok with it Hide-san?
Well, I didn't feel as calm and collected as I usually do *smiles*.

There were a lot of things going on for the show like with the lights, the fire and the snow. I felt the performance of 'Memento mori' was faithful to the way you had played it during the rest of the tour.
Yes. Because of course...that's the song that came to sort of symbolize 2009. So perhaps that's why.

The snow was nice too.
Yes it was nice having it snow in Budoukan *smiles*.

On the day of the Budoukan show, the single had already been announced to be released in March. So, because of that people were hoping that perhaps they would get to hear it.
Ah......I see.

Did you guys ever discuss doing it?
No, not at all *smiles*.

So when you were discussing song choice no one ever said, "Hey! How about our new song"?
It was never even mentioned. Unfortunately...*smiles*.

I ask you this every year but what did you do for New Year's?
I went out West.

Did you go snowboarding?
Not just that, I went to Kyoto and Osaka and just wandered around.

Did you go sightseeing?
I did go sightseeing as well, yes.

Did you go for your first temple visit of the New Year in Kyoto?
Yes, yes. I spent New Year's Day in Kyoto.

I guess you haven't had a chance to do that before.

Did you enjoy walking around Kyoto?
Yeah, well I didn't dislike it. It had been a long time you know.

Because even if you go to Kyoto during tours you don't really get the time to walk around right.

The single comes out in March but, how do you think it turned out?
Well, I think it's got a good vibe to it so that's good right.

And how do you find the figurines?
Right, the figurines. We weren't sure what to do for the single but then we saw the prototypes for the figurines and thought it would be fun. ......but is that really what I look like? Hahaha!

Now I have one question I've been told to ask you. Your manager would like to know, what is the progress of your composing presently. He said that since it's been over a month since the show at Budoukan and some time has passed he would like to know what stage of composing are you at?
What's up with that *smiles*. He's making you ask about the progress of my song writing?

Hmm.....well tell him I'm mid-preparation *smiles*.

So you're preparing to compose?
No, no. I am composing. I'm composing but I'm still working things out as I compose. It's important to spend time working out everything you know.

Because then you can polish up your ideas?
Yes, yes, exactly.

But the band's other composer is injured.
Ah, the manager told me about that. But all I could say was, "Oh, really?" *smiles*.

All the fans are worried about what you guys will do. Because by the time this issue comes out there won't be any news about lives or anything.
There's no news because we're make an album and then we'll go around on tour. I think we'll be able to see each other again this year so please wait for us till then!