FT55: Q1


You were very deeply moved by the film that just ended. Tell us, how long will you remain in your seat before heading back?

A. You leave the moment the movie ends
B. You leave during the credits
C. You wait until the credits end and the house lights go up

Sakurai: A    Imai: C    Hoshino: C    Higuchi: C    Yagami: B


How long you stay in your seat at the end of a film is indicative of how long the film's afterglow will last. What the length of that afterglow will tell us is how long you will carry the pain with you after something bad happens.

A. If you chose to leave the moment the movie ends......You are exceptionally fast to recover.

B. If you chose to leave during the credits......You'll be OK given some time.

Yagami: To be frank, I absolutely believe that when you reach a certain age the past becomes just that; the past. What has gone will not come again. That's why now I try to take things as they come...but I was pretty stubborn when I was young. You might say I was somewhat of an ass towards women. But I'm only a man after all. It was a time of ignorance *smiles*. I haven't forgotten about it but I get that you cannot live in the past.

C. If you chose to leave only once the credits end and the house lights go up......You will never recover or let go of your pain.

Imai: Doesn't that hold for most people? Pretty much everyone leaves after the lights go up, you know.
FT: They're all troubled individuals.
Imai: Huh? So everyone's in pain *laughs*.

Hoshino: That isn't the case for me though *smiles*. But if we're talking about a film that moved me then yes, I'll want to go back to it.

FT55: Q2


A young man is crying. What do you believe is the reason?

A. He fought a friend and lost
B. He failed an employment examination
C. His lover was stolen by a friend
D. He proposed to his lover and they said yes

Sakurai: D    Imai: A    Hoshino: B    Higuchi: B    Yagami: A


Through this test we will uncover your weakness.

A. If you chose fighting with a friend as the reason......You are easily moved by honest and open hearted people. That's why you're absolutely unable to deny those people's requests.

FT: So, what's your reaction......?
Imai: .......
FT: I know it's true though, that's what happens when I whine at Imai!
Imai: That's not true! *laughs*

B. If you chose failing an employment examination as the reason......Your incredible sense of duty is your weakness. It's enough that you think of the relationship or past event linking you to another person and you're ready to fulfill any of their requests on the spot, even if they lack common sense.

Hoshino: I don't think that's the case! *laughs* I try to keep my cool, if possible. I'll judge the situation calmly.

C. If you chose having their lover stolen by a friend as the reason......You have a weakness for following the path of reason. Swayed neither by your duties nor by your emotions, you always take the side of logic.

D. If you chose their lover saying yes to a proposal as the reason......You're emotional and easily moved to tears. You can't help but sympathize when told stories of sadness and misfortune.

FT55: Q3


You haven't had your fill of fun yet so you decide to go to karaoke with a few friends of the same sex. The four of you enter the karaoke booth. When would you like to have your turn with the mike?

A. First
B. Second
C. Third
D. Last

Hoshino: If I 'haven't had my fill of fun yet' then I'm probably still rather sober. And in that case, I'll go fourth. If we're only at the second karaoke bar, then fourth as well. Now by the third or fourth bar I'll go first but I mean, usually it's because they'll make me. Because I'm always forced to sing against my will *laughs*.

Sakurai: A    Imai: B    Hoshino: D    Higuchi: C    Yagami: C


When you're having fun singing karaoke with friends of the same sex, you're likely to chat about what it is you really want out of love. What this shows us is your attitude towards the opposite sex. Whether you are in love or not, the order in which you prefer to sing will tell us what kind of person you turn into around the opposite sex.

A. If you chose to sing first......In order to get your way you play the shy lover who is unable to show his emotions.

Sakurai: That's what it looks like to everyone...when you're shy...but it's not true *smiles*.
FT: I've never seen you sing first yet.
Sakurai: That's not true~. That's the real issue when you're a singer. I get pestered if I don't sing or if I go last, wouldn't you hate that? So I sing before they can say anything.

B. If you chose to sing second......Singing second symbolizes a dual nature, a nature of complete extremes. To be perfectly straight, you're a flirt.

Imai: Well that's because Kacchan usually goes first *laughs*.
FT: It's decided from the start? *laughs*
Imai: The moment Kacchan comes in nobody else gets a say *laughs*.
FT: So then you go second and Asaki-san is third *laughs*.
Imai: And we make Yoko-chan go last, hyahyahyahya!
FT: Ah, I can just imagine what it's like in there *laughs*.

C. If you chose to sing third......Going third is a symbol of cooperation. You're the friendly type who treats men and women equally.

Yagami: I guess I don't change in my interpersonal relationships with people?

Higuchi: Whaa~? ...no way me and Anii should get the same! *laughs*

D. If you chose to sing last......You see every single member of the opposite sex as an object of love and are always scheming how to get a date.

Hoshino: I don't know anything about scheming but I do see women as women.

Translation: w_b & Lola